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Found 13 results

  1. I installed a second hard drive into my Alienware M14x by replacing the optical drive with a caddy. I installed lion on the second hard drive, and it boots fine, but it's really slow after it boots. Sometimes when I click on anything, it just hangs for about 10 seconds then loads, but it's pretty inconsistent - sometimes its fine, sometimes it hangs. It's odd because I had lion working perfectly fine in the primary HDD bay, but when I move it to the optical drive caddy, it's slows down. I was having this same problem in Windows, but I fixed it by installing Intel's Rapid Storage Technology drivers. Is there some sort of equivalent Kext, or something else that I should be doing to make it work properly? System Information says it's got an Intel 6 Series chipset. I know the optical drive port is only SATA 1.5 Gbps, but I don't think that should really affect it as much as it is.
  2. Hi everybody. I'm trying to install El Capitan on an Acer Aspire E5-573, but I'm stuck in installer, which is not showing up the internal hard disk. I already installed the system with the hard drive connected into a USB case, but when I try to boot it without the USB Case, the boot get stucked at the "prohibited" logo (I think this is getting 'still waiting for root device'). I suspect that the main problem is the Intel9 Series SATA Controller, which is not being recognized by the El Capitan. I already tried 3 types of kexts for activate the SATA controller, but no lucky at all. The system specs: Acer Aspire E5-573 Processor Intel Core i5 5200U Integrated Graphics Intel HD 5500 (will fight with that {censored} later) Intel 9 Series Chipset 12GB RAM Wireless Atheros AR9565 (will be replaced) Ethernet Realtek RTL8168/8111 Audio Realtek ALC255 So I'm bumping my head into the wall through the last 5 days with no luck to get this machine up and working. Any help will be welcome! Thx.
  3. Hey guys! I have already got Snow Leopard 10.6.8 installed on my Desktop PC, and now I would like to install it on my laptop. Laptop data: Motherboard: Clevo M7X0SU Front Side Bus: Intel GTL+ (64 Bit) Chipset: Intel QM67 (afaik) CPU: Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3200 (2000 MHz) RAM: 4GB BIOS: Phoenix BIOS (from 10.02.2008) Graphics: NVidia GeForce 9300M GS SATA HD: FUJITSU MHZ2320BH G2 ATA Device (298 GB) Disk drive: MAT{censored}A DVD-RAM UJ870QJ ATA Device The laptops hard disk is connected over SATA and has three partitions: - On the first partition theres GRUB as bootloader and the Windows 7 partition (NTFS) - On the second theres the System Reserved partition for Windows 7 (NTFS) - On the third partiton theres Fedora installed (HFS+ i think) I am trying to boot with iB00t 3.2 and the retail Snow Leopard 10.6 disk. I want to remove Linux, format its partition and install Mac OSX instead of it. The problem is that it says Still waiting for root device when booting in verbose mode, so I think it does not detect my hard disk drive. AHCI Mode is on! Do you have any idea what I could do? Here i've uploaded screenshots of the BIOS, Chimera and what Darwin verbose mode tells me. When using a distribution like iAtkos L2 its exactly the same. Thank you in advance! Max
  4. Hello everyone, So I am trying to install OS X on my PC and I can not seem to enable AHCI mode successfully. After I enable AHCI my hard drive is not detected. I can not even access BIOS until I unplug my hard drive, then I have to change back to IDE mode in order to make drive detectable again. Tried changing Sata port on the motherboard and reflashing the bios, no luck. I had hackintosh installed on this system a year ago and it worked just fine, cant seem to figure out whats wrong now. Btw it has no problem auto-detecting a sata dvd drive. I have Asus P5Q SE and Western Digital 500 GB hard drive Any help will be appreciated
  5. Carlos Gustavo Piva

    Instalar sem AHCI

    Eu fui tentar instalar o Snow Retail só que ai ele ficou no Still Waiting for Root Device, e na minha BIOS não tem a opção de AHCI. Fui tentar instalar com o Hazard, já que eu vi aqui (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=215028) que na Hazard tem a kext ApplPIXAATA que deixa ele instalar sem ter o AHCI, só que em -v ele também fica preso em Still Waiting for Root Device. Eu não sei mais o que fazer. Hardware: Mobile DualCore Intel Pentium T3200, 2000 MHz Wistron 360B 3GB de RAM Intel ICH9M/M-E Family 4 Port SATA AHCI Controller
  6. DonAmalio24K

    Respaldo Bios VIT m2400

    Buenas tardes, Tengo un problema grande y complicado, solicito la ayuda de una persona que pueda darme una mano. Resulta que tengo una VIT M2400 plateada y por estar leyendo que habia una actualizacion para la bios le di instalar y ahora se desactivo la opcion "ahci" y no puedo ni volver a instalarle Win7 ni 10. He tratado de conseguir activar la opcion por ms-dos con symcmos y consegui ver la lista de codigos pero entre casi 300 o mas codigos no se cual activar y no quiero probar activar uno por uno por miedo a empeorar la situacion, he buscado en internet alguna backup y no he dado hasta ahora con ninguno, he conseguido multiples programas pero con la actualizacion en formato "WHP" ninguno logra abrirlo. logre conseguir dos imagenes bios pero no tengo la seguridad si me podrian ayudar o dañar la laptop. La pregunta es para saber si alguien que posea una laptop de igual modelo me podria ayudar haciendo una copia de su imagen bios y asi yo poder seguir con la creacion de una hackintosh. yo logre hacer el usb boot y se instalo pero por el error de la ahci no pude disfrutar del sistema por unos panic kernels los cuales no les consegui solucion en ningun lado. Agradezco de antemano la ayuda de la persona que pueda ayudarme. Si alguien puede ofrecerme una ayuda le agradeceria de corazon ya no se que hacer tengo bastante tiempo tratando de solucionar el problema pero no lo consigo.
  7. Hello Every Body, UPDATED FOR 10.6.8 LATEST VERSION. Need Testers for 10.7 & 10.6.x This is my first Topic, and i hope this can help. I decided to install a vanilla OSX in ASUS P5KPL-AM SE. But i found a lot of problems here Then, The only way to do it, it's to fixe the DSDT, this is my FIXED one for you. Fixes for most problems for Snow Leopard 10.6.* and LION 10.7 not Tested BIOS VERSION 702 Sleep/Wak, SpeedSteep, UHCI/EHCI, SATA/PATA, RTC, and mooooore. Please : Test it and give back, we need confirmations and/or problems to be fixed, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAC MODEL : Mac Pro 5.1 OS Version : Latest Snow Leopard 10.6.8 Bootloader : XPC UEFI Bootloader. The only one tested. Kernel Flag's : -v npci=0×2000 PCI DEVICES DETECTED : N10/ICH7 Serial ATA Controller. nVidia GeForce 210 OpenGL Engine -1Gb DDR3- (in my case). Kexts Used : Only 3 Kexts for now Sound not tested yet but it seems works with Ptached AppleHDA and 888/887 Kexts, or Use VoodooHDA, Or an older Patched AppleHDA Only. fakesmc.kext Not Needed but it's preferable RealtekR1000SL.kext in S/L/E VoodooHDA.kext in S/L/E IOATAFamily.kext / patched IOPCIFamily.kext / patched but need one that can works great on 32 bit this work perfect on 64 bit. NullCPUPowerManagement.kext Please Remove AppleTyMCE if you Got Kernel Panic. Sorry for my bad english. -------------------------------------- UPDATED : 11/01/2012 Added Somes SMC devices (ALS0 And SMS0). Added Somes DATA to SATA Device. Sound Fixed and now fully implemented, Works Great with VoodooHDA in S/L/E AND/OR ALC 887/888 Kexts in XPC Extra_Kexts Folder. OnBoard GFX ADDED. NEED to be Tested. P0P1 Changed to PEGP and External GFX Works like a charme Now, in my case (nVidia GeForce 210 OpenGL Engine -1Gb DDR3-). HDAU Device for GFX HDMI Injected and works Great. MCHC Device Injected for (Intel G31/G33/P31/P35 Chipset - Memory Controller Hub) with all Infos RTC Only single RAM Bank (128 bytes). Removed. No More pcixxxx,xxxx Devices in IOReg Dump, All Devices are detected. P0P4 & P0P5 Changed to PEX4 & PEX5 for more Compatibility. Ethernet Device Chanded From GIGE to LAN (it's not a Gigabit One) Fast Ethernet Cottroller. And a lot of Fixes and improvements in this build. -------------------------------------- UPDATED : 24/12/2011 SMBus Device Controller Added like a real Mac. Bug's fixed on USB "UHCI/EHCI". Bug's fixed on ATA/ATAPI & SATA/AHCI fixes end improvements. Some Devices are changed for Mac compatibility, HUB0/LPCB. P0P2 wrong Adresses fixed to P0P1. HDEF now are great and complete, and fixed Store (Package (0x1E) WARNING. it must be 0x14 PCI0 corrected for 10.6.8/10.7. Fixed some Sleep issues. And a lot of Fixes and improvements in this build. -------------------------------------- UPDATED : 27/12/2011 Shutdown Fixed. RTC works Great. DTGP Method added. Some Mistaks Corrected. SpeedSteep Fully working. Sleep/WAK are Fully Fixed. A Lot of USB Problems Fixed. LPC fixed, Dev & Ven ID Injected. All Devices Changed Like a real mac. IDE are fully working without problems. Added some Devices For full compatibility. Fixe the Network and all related things. (Injected and it's a GIGE now) Sound injected by adding HDEF device for ALC662 ALC887/888b (not tested yet). Corrected (Kext Load's now and pin's Detected) Fixed some things in UHCI/EHCI and SATA/PATA (IDE0). (Ven & Dev ID's injected). The Full Working HPET implemented no more needs for hacks. -------------------------------------- NEXT : FIXE ALL BUGS IF WE FOUND IT. RELEASE A BIOS READY TO FLASH. -------------------------------------- NEED's : A Perfect 640 x 480 BMP Apple Splash Image with 300Ko Only. I Have it with 301Ko DIMM / What you think about the best Apple Product that we can use with this mobo? (iMac,Mac Pro OR ...) And what version can we use. (I Use MacPro5,1 & it Works Great) -------------------------------------- Network Added just wait i will be attach it soon here. DONE DSDT_FIXED.zip OSX.bmp 600ko.bmp
  8. LucasBTeles

    Confusão na instalação

    Olá povo bonito, venho aqui porque ando lendo muito na internet sobre hackintosh e eticéteras. Em grande parte de tutoriais na internet diz para antes da instalação ir na bios e mudar as configs para iniciar o computador pelo cd ou usb. Até aí tudo bem. O grande problema é que também diz que é necessario configurar a bios para trocar o modo do hd de ide para ahci ou de ahci para ide, uns dizem uma coisa outros outra. Na minha bios simplesmente NÃO TINHA essas opções de IDE, AHCI e etc. Atualizei a bios e NADA. Mas e aí? Vai funcionar sem trocar essas opções? Vai dar problema na inicialização? Tá tudo de boa e não precisa mexer em nada? O que eu faço?
  9. I have a Kingston HyperX Predator PCIE-SSD (model: SHPM2280P2H) matched with an X58 motherboard (legacy bios). The card has a Marvell 88SS9293 controller with an Option ROM which allows it to be detected on my motherboard as a bootable drive - listed as "IDE: Kingston SHPM". As my BIOS is non-UEFI, I assume the Option ROM presents it in IDE mode instead of AHCI. I use Clover legacy with BiosBlockIO to get around this, and it works well - Clover detects my drive and allows me to install macOS onto it and use it as a boot drive. macOS detects the drive correctly as a SATA AHCI drive. I guess Clover correctly detects (configures?) the Option ROM into AHCI mode and presents it as such to macOS - getting full speed read Read/Write performance. All is well. Except waking from sleep. When waking from sleep, depending on clover config options + dsdt, I either get an immediate reboot or hang on black screen that requires hard reset. I eventually realised that nothing after entering sleep mode is recorded in the logs, its completely empty until next boot up. This makes me think that on resume from sleep, macOS isn't seeing the drive anymore (hence can't even write to logs). My assumption here is that the Option ROM is presenting/configuring the card in IDE mode, which is not what macOS is expecting. This post describes the problem: and also has a solution: in dsdt, simply write the correct values to 0x40, 0x41, 0x42 (which must be the BAR0 register?) to configure Option ROM to use AHCI mode. But I have no idea what address BAR0 is on the Marvell 88SS9293 - there appears to be no documentation whatsoever on this controller available online! I managed to dump the ROM using Linux sysfs, but don't have the skills to disassemble/decipher the binary to find the correct addresses. Anyone with such experience able to help?? I've attached the ROM dump and lspci output. Thanks in advance! rom.bin lspci_output.txt

    Inicio e modo AHCI - Dúvidas :(

    Eai pessoal, blz ? Estou 'estreando' tanto aqui no fórum como no Hackintosh, então não sei se meu tópico está na área certa e não estranhem se eu disser algo n00b demais hehehe Vamos lá, a minha configuração é a da assinatura (acho que exagerei em detalhar heheh) e sempre usei várias versões do Windows, como Vista, 7 e 8. Essas sem poupar nenhuma frescura gráfica e nunca tive nenhum tipo de travamento ou lag por conta de efeitos. Me tornei fã da Apple quando adquiri meu iPod Classic 160GB e virei um verdadeiro fanboy depois do meu iPod Touch 4g 32GB e sempre quis instalar o MAC OS X, nem que fosse pra testar e de uns dias pra cá estive convicto de que quero largar o Windows hahaha Mas meus problemas começaram quando descobri que minha placa-mãe não tem suporte para AHCI, mesmo assim me aventurei a instalar o iAtkos L2. Ele reconheceu e começou a bootar mas parou na tela da maçã sem a bolinha girando em baixo (deixei uns 30min naquela tela e nada). Creio que seja por conta do maldito AHCI. Vou tentar com o Snow Leopard by hazard, mas e se não der certo ? O que devo fazer ? Desde já agradeço, abcs..
  11. Thiago Rocha

    Ajuda na instalação do MAC

    Olá pessoal, estou abrindo um novo tópico, porque, honestamente, eu estou a 3 meses tentando instalar o Mac, mas eu não posso. Meu pc tem a seguinte configuração: Mobo MSI G41M-S01 (MS-7592) Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66Ghz DDR3 de 4GB GeForce 9500 GT 512MB Nvidea 500GB HD Windows 7 Então, queria saber como fasso para rodar Mac OS X Mountain Lion ou qualquer SO Mac no meu PC. E qual usar o ibot, ibot legacy ou o Nawcom Mod ja que acho que minha placa mãe não suporta ahci ?
  12. ok so i have a dual booted system with windows xp and ubuntu. i download iatkos L2 and i could not boot the disc. however, switching my hardrive from SATA to AHCI mode allowed me to boot the disc. does this mean that osx lion only runs on AHCI? if so what happens if i install it? that's means i can't boot to XP then and i would have to go to bios each time if i wanted to switch to xp or lion since xp runs only on SATA for me and lion would run only on AHCI??!?!?!? HELP ME NOOB
  13. I'm planning to upgrade the SSD in my Z68 to something bigger and have been tempted to go PCIe by the speeds of the Samsung XP941/SM951. These drives don't have any bootcode and rely on a UEFI driver in the BIOS. Now, I've seen posts where people have added the SAMSUNG_M2_DXE uefi driver to their BIOS and successfully booted the XP941. However, the SM951 is newer, faster and in some places cheaper than the older XP941. Modding my BIOS isn't a problem, but from reading some forum posts I'm not convinced I'll be able to boot the 951 with it. My Z68 can boot UEFI but there's no option to disable CSM and some posts suggest this is required to get Windows installed. When I had Ozmosis on this board I had no problem loading it or the HFS driver so I'm not sure if disabling CSM is a required step to load a UEFI driver in general. I currently dual-boot 7 and OS X via Clover and plan to do this with the new drive as well. So, the question is, has anyone actually done this yet? The alternative is to get a regular SATA drive as the speeds of the other PCIe drives aren't too spectacular (apart from the bigger and more expensive Intel 750). I'd like to try PCIe just for a change but at @ €200 for the ssd and adapter card I can't take the risk of it not working.