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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys! From what I've seen, I posted on the wrong forum. Now I think it's on the right one. So, here I was searching around the forum trying to find a "copy" of a mac mini (not the one that got out today, the last one) and didn't really find it. The idea is to build a pc hackintosh that would go cheaper than a mac mini with kind of the same power. Interesting power to run Adobe software like Photoshop (of course that i'm not talking about working with 50gb images). No games, just creative and data process work. What would I need to build such a thing? What about buying a working Powermac G5, selling the insides and buy new pc stuff to do a hackintosh?
  2. Sendoushi

    "Mac Mini"

    Wrong section I guess. Rebuilt the topic here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283869-mac-mini-mac-pro/
  3. Hello. I've recently installed Mac OS X 10.8 ML on my custom built computer. I just plugged the USB, installed OS X on a partitioned Hard Drive (MBR), booted using the USB, worked smoothly. Just installed Audio, Network (Was already working), OpenCL Patch, Legacy USB, FakeSMC, DSDT-Free. Some problem I noticed is that it seems that my GPU (GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1024mb) isn't working at its fullest. First, some of the OSX animation seems choppy sometimes and the computer feels slow. Secondly, I think my GPU supports OpenGL 4.1, but here in Mac OS X, it shows that its version is 2.1. Thirdly, the Adobe applications tell me that my GPU doesn't have CUDA when I try to do enable GPU acceleration in After Effects and Premiere using guide: . I already tried updating to 10.8.3 (which made the computer slower somehow), updating the Adobe apps, installing the Nvidia drivers, the Nvidia CUDA Drivers, tried the OpenCL patch, etc. Still the same. Computer Specs: 1500tb HDD Seagate Green 5200RPM Intel Core i7 3770 3.4 GHz Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1024mb 16GB(2x8GB) 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM ASUS P8B75-V Could someone please help me? Some pictures: http://puu.sh/2qLBi http://puu.sh/2qLCq http://puu.sh/2qLFm http://puu.sh/2qLGJ http://puu.sh/2qPhq http://puu.sh/2qPrQ
  4. feishnik

    Screen artifacts

    This strange thing happens on my hackintosh each time when Adobe Premiere or Apple Motion are working. Also I've found that uTorrent may also cause this s**t. Does anybody have the same problem? Nvidia web driver works just fine 3,19 GHz Intel Core i5 16 Gb RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 2047 Mb artifacts_on_desktop.tiff
  5. Anyone uses the tools Adobe CC? can send me the icns (icon) for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop? Thanks!!
  6. Kio​

    Flash player 13 error

    Hi! Someone is having problems with flash player version 13.x? Versión X.201 work, but I have "Green" graphic issues on the player. Have Mavericks on AMD
  7. So iMessage wasn't working for me and I was attempting to fix it by editing org.chameleon.Boot.plist and installing some NVRAM files. It didn't work, but I did succeed in borking my Adobe CS 5.5 installation. Now whenever I launch Photoshop or Dreamweaver I get the Adobe Activation prompting me to enter a new serial number or retrying the activation. Retrying fails, and I don't have another serial number (we have a legitimate copy of CS 5.5, where the SN is only installed on my and my wife's computers, which is allowed). So, I'm positive Adobe thinks I am trying to use this on a new computer or something. I've tried reverting the changes and even replaced some Adobe files from a backup of my boot volume from yesterday, restarted, and I'm getting the same problem when I launch an Adobe app. Do I have to go crawling back to Adobe and beg them to reset a license activation? Here's a screenie:
  8. Duran Keeley

    Working Applications [AMD]

    Since the great success of my last topic, I would like to start a new Topic. Working Applications on AMD. I'm starting with Lion: Adobe CS6 Master Collection Working with workarounds: Here Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Tested by: theconnactic (i368) & Duran Keeley (x86_64) Adobe Lightroom 4 Working. Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Tested by: Duran Keeley (x86_64) Xcode Working. Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Tested by: theconnactic Xcode 3.2.6 (i368) & Duran Keeley Xcode 4.6 (x86_64) Google Chrome Working with x86_64 Workarounds. Kernel: 10.7.4 by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Workaround found here (uses terminal) Chrome Launcher found here Google Chrome Launcher.zip (if you don't wanna use terminal) VMWare Fusion 5 Working. Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: x86_64 Workaround: Don't know if this still applies but, name your kernel mach_kernel or have an alias called mach_kernel pointing to your kernel. Tested by: Duran Keeley (x86_64) Firefox 19 Working with x86_64 Workarounds. Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Workaround: Flash blank screen unless restarted in safe mode (Start Firefox -> Help -> Restart with Add-ons Disabled...) [Credits: srwind - post here] Also suggested by geminidragonrx7, Run Firefox in 32-bit and Flash will run properly - Post here Firefox Launcher found here (starts Firefox in safe mode) Tested by: Duran Keeley (x86_64) Bioshock Working Retail. Kernel: 10.7.4 by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 Tested by: theconnactic (i368) Microsoft Office 2011 Working Retail. Kernel: 10.7.4 by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Tested by: Duran Keeley (x86_64) & (i386) iLife '11 & iWork '09 Working Retail. Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Tested by: Other's have tested before as well, please send me a PM and a link to your post so I can add your credits. Duran Keeley (x86_64) Maya 2013 Working Kernel: "mach_kernel_10_7_5_FX_RC7_TEST_FSB" by Bronzovka Boot Modes: i386 & x86_64 Tested by: xmaniak100.
  9. Ciao ragazzi, ho deciso di aggiornare la mia configurazione creata 4 anni fa in quanto per l'utilizzo che ne faccio attualmente, ho bisogno di migliori prestazioni. Il mio setup attuale è questo: Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z68MX-UD2H-B3 CPU: i7 2600K RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8GB (la versione blu) GPU: Radeon HD5670 1GB HardDisk: 1.5TB SATA Innanzitutto vorrei acquistare altri 8 GB dello stesso modello di RAM. Poi volevo prendere un SSD su cui installare il sistema operativo, in modo da utilizzare l'hard disk per i dati. Sono però indeciso sulla scheda video da acquistare... non faccio gaming, utilizzo il pc con la suite Adobe.
  10. Hey guys, i'm kinda newish, i know basic hackintoshing stuff, but i have now switched to an amd pc from my intel notebook and i am having a problem I used nawcoms modusb with retail 10.6.3 I'm trying to get photoshop and illustrator cs6 to work, but they just crashes onload (more like dissapears from the dock, and show no error logs or nothing). After my research i found out it has to do with the whole 64bit thing, and i'm wondering if there is a way to get my Athlon II X2 240 to be recognised as a 64bit capable cpu? Or if there is any hack or something like that to get photoshop working I have final cut pro x, working properly
  11. I have maverick 10.9 running on my pc: Installation: Download [/size]Niresh Maverick 10.9 If you are on a windows follow this [/size]Tutorial to make a USB installer if you are on Mac/Hackintosh just use Disk Utility[/size] Restart your PC then go into your BIOS settings and change the Sata mode from IDE TO AHCI Change the boot device to USB then save and exit[/size] Restart your pc and boor from USB you will have something like [/size]this If you have AMD FX processor then use the bootflags ''amdfx -v'' [/size]OR if you have an [/size]AMD64 then use the bootflags ''[/size]amd64 -v'' [/size]OR if you have normal amd processor then use the bootflag ''[/size]amd -v'' Everything should go smooth, Customize your installation depending on your hardware if you're not sure browse the interweb *Google is your friend** The installation should finish with no errors, restart your pc, boot into maverick using the bootloader. Customize your OS, after you finish customizing and you reach the desktop [/size]DO NOT DO ANYTHING TILL ITS FINISH THE POST-INSTALLATION [/size]it will tell you when its finish and then you can restart My Build: (Bought a normal PC and i upgraded the CPU and I'm gonna upgrade the gpu to GTX 750 ti + 4gb Ram) Motherboard: ASUS M5A78L M LE CPU: AMD FX-6300 3.5Ghz GPU: nvidia GT-630 2gb DDR3 Gigabyte Edition Ram: 4gb of Ram PSU: Crappy 500W OS: Mac os x Maverick 10.9 Dual Booting with Windows 8.1 PRO x64 ​ ​ ​ ​ Whats Working: Almost Everything You Tell me Whats Not Working: Adobe illustrator CC and CS6 crashes after the splash screenTUTORIAL IS HERE credits Duran Keeley -Post bootloader is not working, i have to boot using the USB installer. iMessages, Facetime and iCloud doesn't work. You Tell me Any feedback would be great. Thanks!