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Found 9 results

  1. nmano

    USB_Injector x99.kext

    Version 1.0


    X99 USB3 Worked. DSDT patch EHC1 to EH01 EHC2 to EH02 XHC1 to XH01 Do This following DSDT patches (HEX) with Clover: EHC1 to EH01 find 45484331 replace 45483031 EHC2 to EH02 find 45484332 replace 45483032 XHCI to XH01 find 58484349 replace 5848303 Comment -Change 15 Port Limit To 30 in XHCI Kext (X99-series) Find 83BD8CFE FFFF10 Name-AppleUSBXHCIPCI Replace 83BD8CFE FFFF1F Set Bios iMac 14.1 or Macpro 6.1 if you like build your own should you need them. Thank you for all Members get this.
  2. Hello! I've just installed the latest update from Mountain Lion, but i can't get my usb3 ports to work properly. The only way i could avoid kernel panics and get the usb3 visibile in System Information was with some patches for Clover. Although i can see my drive in System Information, there are no HDD mounted either in Finder or Disk Utility. I've added a pic... Please help
  3. Vendo questa scheda a 20€ + spedizione (9€) Funziona bene fino a Yosemite, ma non va su El Capitan, per questo la vendo. Contattatemi per info. Qui foto http://www.terminalstrip.net/Mercatino/PCI_USB3.zip
  4. I decided to mod the latest IOUSBFamily sources. I modified AppleUSBEHCI for sleep and legacy support. I modifiied AppleUSBOHCI and AppleUSBUHCI for sleep support. I modified AppleUSBXHCI for all XHCI controllers supported and now also for sleep support. I added the Slice errata fix list for IOUSBFamily. Please test and report back, I'm sure you'll like it. Source is included in diff form. I also built USB prober my own way to debug the USB3 parts. Enjoy... EDIT: One more fix applied: Sleep fix for USB3... V2... EDIT2: Little change, it didn't work right so I used the original IOUSBFamily with only AppleUSBXHCI, AppleUSBEHCI, AppleUSBOHCI and AppleUSBUHCI kext plugins replaced. This one works right, just tested... EDIT3: I implemented controller reset and USB bus restart on wake. I also changed it to 1 primary interrupter (can be set to 2 interrupters in the Info.plist). You can set the interrupter type to MSI or legacy (can be set in the Info.plist). All options are toggeable in the Info.plist of AppleUSBXHCI. If somebody could test this with the controllers, especially sleep... EDIT4: I changed the sleep code so it uses the reset option not to save the state of the USB3 registers. In this case it will not restore them but just reinitialize the USB3 on wake. I also changed the sleep code to not save and restore the second interrupter in case UseSingleInt is set (little fix). EDIT5: New version with new PM support. I modified some of the power management code from GenericUSBXHCI in order to work with AppleUSBXHCI. The result is SRE support and fixed sleep for all USB3 cards. There is still the option to use the standard sleep code by setting ResetControllerFix to false (/ NO)... Thus now we have several Info.plist options for AppleUSBXHCI: ResetControllerFix = Use new sleep code (default: YES) SleepFix = Set PM card always builtin and allow sleep (default: YES) UseSingleInt = Use single interrupter instead of 2 (default: YES) UseLegacyInt = Use legacy interrupts for cards that aren't by default in the errata list (default: NO) EDIT6: Some more modifications. Improved PM code some more, now sets the property for controller reset in case of the new NoSleepForced is set to YES, otherwise value for controller reset will be NO. Added Info.plist option for forcing sleep to unsupported (for controller unload). The NoSleepForced key in the Info.plist controls this... (default: NO) Added USB3 legacy support (and BIOS ownership taking). EDIT7: More mods but this time to AppleUSBEHCI, AppleUSBOHCI and AppleUSBUHCI. Sleep fix made and applied for AppleUSBUHCI.kext Sleep support improved for AppleUSBOHCI and AppleUSBEHCI Now deep sleep with PCI power management works for the OHCI and EHCI controllers. EDIT8: More fixes to errata and option to always force legacy interrupts (even on Intel / etc...) UseLegacyInt in the Info.plist controls this. Some minor bug fixes... EDIT9: New diff. (V10 patch) This version can build a mostly working IOUSBFamily. 2 issues remain. - HandleLinkState only crudely implemented (but seems to work) - IsPortMuxed is implemented but the underlying ACPI method doesn't work yet (don't know for which ACPI method to check, etc) EDIT10: Add AppleUSBXHCI from Slice and update the diff with the one made by Slice A lot of thanks go to Slice for improving the driver (e.g. better check for multiplexed controller, etc...) I did some more compile fixes as needed on my machine. The IOUSBFamily is now also built with clang 4.1 (Apple LLVM compiler 4.1) Again, big thx to Slice for the new fixes. It's full custom IOUSBFamily so it should work optimized... EDIT11: V12: Removed errata for Intel Panther Point from IOUSBController's errata and upped the current to Intel Panther Point standards in AppleUSBXHCI... EDIT12: V12 for Intel... mostly works still power issues with USB2 devices on USB3... USB Prober.zip IOUSBFamily-10.8.4-V9.zip IOUSBFamily-560.4.2-AnV_V10.diff.zip IOUSBFamily-560.4.2-Slice-AnV-V12.diff.zip IOUSBFamily-Slice-AnV-V12.zip IOUSBFamily-Slice-AnV-V12-Intel.zip
  5. I am sorry I forgot who is the author of the idea of this patch for Sierra. In High Sierra the kext binary changed and new patch required. Initial state as you see there are only 15 ports. 14 HS** and one SS01. The reason is AppleXHCIPCI.kext has a restriction in 15 ports and count both USB2+USB3. Intel chipset Z170 has 14 ports USB2 and 10 ports USB3 but we have 14+1. Kernel log tell us kernel: (AppleUSBXHCIPCI) 000001.769617 XHC@14000000: AppleUSBXHCIPCI::createPorts: ports limit reached. Not creating the remaining 11 ports The patch for Sierra found: 83BD74FF FFFF10 replace: 83BD74FF FFFF19 For High Sierra found: 837D8410 replace: 837D8419 Or visual The result
  6. I had this on 2 machines now: After a successful build on an OSX 10.10.3/GA-Z97X-UD5H/i7-4790/32GB DDRIII/GTX970, I get Freezes of the system when a usb device is connected (except KB and mouse). Its random and can happen after 1, or 30 min. All the components are working fine - sound, the 2 Network cards, the GTX970 (via nVidia WebInstall). I tried all combinations possible on the BIOS (F8), but still get these Freezes.. This also happen in 10.10.2.. Any ideas here?
  7. Hi NG The macman patched PXHCD.kext (USB3) breaks the sleep on my ASUS P8Z68-V Pro. I have tried several versions of this kext und also patched IOUSBFamily.kext with no success. Is there a solution for that? The rest works perfect on 10.7.3 Thanx
  8. On 10.11.1, most of the time, I don't have working internet or USB3 (both the NIC and usb3 are PCIe cards). Occasionally, about every 4th or 5th boot, they will work. Even when it's not working, the NIC is detected under System Profiler and shows up as "Connected" under the Preferences, but I can't ping any addresses, even my router. I have tried flushing the cache. Same goes for the USB3 - hardware shows up but is not functional. I've had this problem going from Mavericks to Yosemite but fixed it by installing old versions of the following kexts: AppleACPIPlatform.kext (version 2.0) IOACPIFamily.kext (version 1.4) IOPCIFamily.kext (version 2.8) IOUSBFamily.kext (version 675.4.0) I have not been able to upgrade past 10.10.3 with these kexts due to dependencies changing, etc. I was hoping a clean 10.11.1 would just fix everything (naive, I know). The situation is the same with both Clover and Chameleon installations, and I've tried several smbios's (3,1 and 5,1, iMac14,2). I have one other PCIe card - my 980 GTX, which works 100 percent of the time. My mobo (see signature) is a server board so I'm sure this problem is due to some strangeness related to how PCIe is set up on my board. I just don't know where to look or what to do to fix the problem. I thought about adding the cards to my DSDT but since they are always detected I'm not sure that would make a difference? I can also use IORegistryExplorer but don't really know what I'm looking for. Any guidance or suggestions are appreciated!
  9. Since it seems to be impossible to get the ASM1042 chipset running with El Cap, I am looking at this card right now to replace it: http://www.amazon.de/Inateck-Expresskarte-20-Pin-Stecker-Connector-Strom-Y-Kabel/dp/B00FPIMJEW/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FPIMJEW/ref=twister_B00YBX2B0Y?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Has tons of ports as well as an internal header, only drawback is the need for additional power connection. But unlike with other cards of this manufactorer there is no explicit OS X support stated, but it still uses the same FL1100 chipset. So this should run well, and also OOTB?