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Found 4 results

  1. I'm patched AppleUSBXHCI.kext from OS 10.8.2 to let it work with any USB 3.0 xhci chipset. The kext should be placed in /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins and kernelcache should be rebuilt. 64-bit only. I've tested it with the following xhci controllers: Renesas uPD720200A - works! Including checked that both high-speed and super-speed drives work at their maximum speeds. VMware virtual xhci controller - doesn't work. Hangs during boot trying to connect to the virtual USB hid devices on the controller. Link To File Edit [1/28/2013]: New patches for interrupt problems. Edit [1/24/2013]: Replaced 4th patch with a different one. Removed disassembly (hex diff still present.) Moved discussion of the patches to this post. Edit [12/27/2012]: Added 5th patch, moved file offsite. Patch made (Hex Diff) 1363c1363 < 0005520: 755b 498b 0648 8d35 82fb 0000 4c89 f7ff u[i..H.5....L... --- > 0005520: eb5b 498b 0648 8d35 82fb 0000 4c89 f7ff .[i..H.5....L... 1379c1379 < 0005620: e066 3d00 010f 82ec 0b00 0049 8b86 c002 .f=........I.... --- > 0005620: e066 3d00 000f 82ec 0b00 0049 8b86 c002 .f=........I.... 1751c1751 < 0006d60: 8149 0800 0040 0041 81e4 ffff 0f00 4409 .I...@.A......D. --- > 0006d60: 8149 0800 0000 0041 81e4 ffff 0f00 4409 .I.....A......D. 1999c1999 < 0007ce0: 410f 4ecf 41c7 4424 0800 0040 0080 bd67 A.N.A.D$...@...g --- > 0007ce0: 410f 4ecf 41c7 4424 0800 0000 0080 bd67 A.N.A.D$.......g 2046c2046 < 0007fd0: 0040 0041 8b46 0c83 e001 3501 1c00 0080 .@.A.F....5..... --- > 0007fd0: 0000 0041 8b46 0c83 e001 3501 1c00 0080 ...A.F....5..... 4098c4098 < 0010010: c800 0000 01c6 837f 3a02 0000 488b bbe8 ........:...H... --- > 0010010: c800 0000 00c6 837f 3a02 0000 488b bbe8 ........:...H... 4102c4102 < 0010050: 0200 0048 85c0 7526 488b bbe8 0100 0048 ...H..u&H......H --- > 0010050: 0200 0048 85c0 eb26 488b bbe8 0100 0048 ...H...&H......H Description of patches and what they're good for (5520) Eliminates a check that xhci chip is either Intel Panther Point or Fresco Logic. If you have either of these, use original unpatched AppleUSBXHCI. This patch has the exact same effect as adding AllowAnyXHCI=true in Info.plist. If you feel more comfortable with Info.plist, go ahead. (5624) Eliminates a check that xhci version >= 1.0. If your xhci version is already >= 1.0, you don't need this. For uPD720200, it's reported as 0.96 which is why I added it. (6d65, 7ceb, 7fd1) Set of three patches to make the driver use a single interrupter to resolve problems with use of MSI or pin interrupts. (10014) This patch disables the sleep code that leaves the controller in non-working state after wake. Instead, IOUSBFamily will turn the controller off and restart after wake. Any connected drives will disconnect during sleep, but will be reattached after wake and return to function. Use this patch only if wake after sleep leaves your ports in unusable state. (10056) I added this to enable PCI power management in cases where the xhci controller is not listed in DSDT. For boards in which xhci is in DSDT, this isn't needed.
  2. The USB 3.0 NEC/Renesas chipset driver recently published by LaCie floods syslog with status messages during boot. It has a high logging level set by default. I've bin-patched it to reduce the logging level back to sanity. Attached is the patched kext. Diff of a binary dump of the change (loglevel bitmask changed from 7 to 1) 7729c7729 < 001e300: 0700 0000 5058 4843 4420 0000 0000 0000 ....PXHCD ...... --- > 001e300: 0100 0000 5058 4843 4420 0000 0000 0000 ....PXHCD ...... 19219c19219 < 004b120: 0000 0000 0700 0000 5058 4843 4420 0000 ........PXHCD .. --- > 004b120: 0000 0000 0100 0000 5058 4843 4420 0000 ........PXHCD .. Edit (Dec 2nd, 2012) - Attachment removed, see post #7 by shiecldk for combined patch that fixes log flooding + enables super-speed for non-LaCie devices.
  3. Hi people! In these days I'm trying to install macOS Sierra on my PC with also Windows installed. My hardware isn't exactly brand new: Intel Core 2 Quad q8600, 7GB ram and nVidia GTS450 1GB on an Asus P5Q SE, so no UEFI avaible. I'd like to install macOS on a 64GB Lexar USB 3 inserted in my USB 3 PCI-e x1 module, but my mobo doesn't see the device (incompatible bios?), I can see that only in Windows. My idea is to install a boot loader (Chameleon? Clover?) on a USB 2 stick connected directly to the motherboard and from that boot the MacOS on the Lexar USB 3 or Windows from my HDD. Is that possible? Clover or Chameleon could see my PCI-e module? Now, I was out of hackintosh scene for a while, I know that many things changed in these years, so sorry if I asked something obvious. Thank you in advance for your help!
  4. shilohhh


    Version 1.1


    Auto ejects and mount's USB and USB 3 drives at sleep and wake. Similar to Jettison but doesn't mess with external SATA drives. 99% credit to: www.bernhard-baehr.de for sleepwatcher. I just wrote the Installer/Uninstaller to make it easy to use and wrote the mount/unmount scripts. Free and Open Source. GNU licence