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Found 20 results

  1. I'm having a few relatively minor issues with my USB 2.0 ports. They function at the Clover menu, but turn off during boot. Once the OS X login screen appears there's about a ~10 second delay before they start working properly. All my USB 3.0 ports work immediately at the login screen. My other issue, and I'm not sure this is related but if I have my GMYLE usb bluetooth adapter plugged into a USB 2.0 port, I get a full USB hub reset every 10 - 15 minutes or so. When it's in a USB 3.0 port there are no hub resets. Otherwise all the USB ports seem to function correctly using PJALM's DSDT patches only.
  2. Anyone get their USB 3.0 Expresscard to work with Mavericks? RE: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/236209-lacie-usb-30-drivers-are-here-for-os-x/?hl=pxhcd http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/284654-patched-lacie-usb-30-driver/?hl=pxhcd&do=findComment&comment=1875392 I'm running 10.8.5 but I'd like to upgrade to Mavericks. I'm just concerned I've read conflicting reports of it working or not. Anyone brave enough to venture through and get it up and running ?
  3. I'm trying install mountain Lion on Notebook Dell Vostro 3560 Intel Core i5-3210M HD4000 Mobile It Has 4 Port USB 3.0 but I get this error
  4. Hola a todos, Soy bastante nuevo en el tema pero no obstante, he logrado instalar el 10.9.4 y luego actualizar a 10.9.5 Luego de varias instalaciones diria que esté funcionando bien. El método que utilicé corresponde a otra página que no se puede nombrar aquí (aquella que habla de la ˝bestia˝) He logrado extraer y editar el DSDT siguiendo un video en inglés para hacer funcionar el audio con ALC 898 en lugar de Voodoo. Asus P9X79pro i7-3820 GeForce GTX570 No conozco nada del lenguaje de programación de DSDT. El único asunto pendiente para solucionar son los puertos USB 3 de la parte de atrás de la placa madre (4 puertos). Los delanteros (2) funcionan bien. El kext que instalé para USB 3 es el de Zenith GenericUSBXHCI version 1.2.7 Quizá haya alguien aqui que me pueda orientar si esto se puede resolver mediante DSDT o alguna otra solución Acá va una captura del registro Gracias Sergio
  5. I know you can't use the USB 3.0 port on the PC you're trying to install OS X on, but can you use a USB 3.0 flash drive? I bought a bunch of SanDisk flash drives from Costco and they don't seem to want to be used as bootable USBs. This is true for memtest86+ also (I tried like 5 different drives before giving up). i have an 8GB Lexar drive that works fine but when trying to install Yosemite (on my HP N400), the verbose shows that it gets stuck on "Waiting for root device," which tells me the USB could be bad (according to what I've read). So, I want to drop tonymac {censored} and start over from scratch and strictly use this site. Off Subject: TonyMac sucks ass! No community help, and apparently, they stole stuff from the devs on the site (he even admitted to it in response to a blog post).
  6. Capt Scarlett

    USB 3.0 PCI-E Cards

    Hi all I have a GA-EX58-UD4P (rev. 1.0) Intel® X58 + ICH10R Chipset. I use iAtkos Y at the moment updated to 10.10.4. My system runs in a Corsair Obsidian 650D Case that has the option for USB 3.0 connectivity. Are there any USB 3.0 PCI-e cards available that are mac compatible.? I'm UK Based
  7. I have a Asus Z87-k motherboard and the USB 3.0 only works with 2.0 devices. Dores anyone know how to solve it? Every 3.0 device, That i plug into a 3.0 door, isn't recognized.
  8. fasullo

    Pannello frontale.

    Ciao a tutti... Giusto per non farvi annoiare vi scrivo. Ho scoperto di avere sulla mobo la presa per poter collegare ad un pannello frontale delle porte USB 3.0. La mia domanda è la seguente. - Funzioneranno? - Posso procedere all'acquisto di un pannellino frontale ? - Se si va bene qualsiasi pannello? Grazie mille.
  9. Could anyone out there post/upload the "Stock" AppleUSBXHCI.kext file from OSX 10.9. I deleted mine by accident (don't even remeber doing this or why I would?)and cannot locate a copy of the unpatched version anywhere. My USB 3.0 ports were working fine with my HGST Touro USB 3.0 drive but now I cannot get them to write at USB 2.0 speed. Even with the GenericUSBXHCI installed. Cheers Spang1974
  10. Hi i' ve managed a new retail installation on a Fujitsu C710 I have get all to work at full with some fix now i can't enable only usb 3.0 i can see 2 Usb controller this one : Bus USB 3.0 ad alta velocità: Posizione controller host: USB integrata Driver controller host: AppleUSBXHCI ID dispositivo PCI: 0x7f8200001e31 ID revisione PCI: 0x7f8200000004 ID fornitore PCI: 0x7f8200008086 Numero bus: 0x14 and this one: Bus USB ad alta velocità: Posizione controller host: USB integrata Driver controller host: AppleUSBEHCI ID dispositivo PCI: 0x1e2d ID revisione PCI: 0x0004 ID fornitore PCI: 0x8086 Numero bus: 0x1a I now the frist is for 3.0 xhci also the second is for 2.0 ehci i' ve try a lot of solutions PXHCD and add my id 0x1e31 in the info.plist of AppleUSBXHCI.kext but nothing work... If anyone know how make it on please help me THX. i'm sorry for my bad english... Alberto
  11. Looks like after the 10.12.6 update something reset in my USB subsystem and now I am no longer able to reliably use almost half of my USB ports. This is across both USB 2.0 and 3.x ports. It looks like the ports re-organized themselves and I am hitting limits again though I am not sure why (granted I have 4 USB hubs attached to my computer in addition to the internal ones). I guess I havent been keeping up on grooming my edits and patches since .3 so it was bound to happen. [i really hope the USB subsystem is better in 10.13] Any assistance would be appreciated. I have attached my ACPI dumps as patched by Clover, the original unpatched dumps, my current config.plist, my patched ssdt.aml, and an IOREG USB dump. Asrock Z170 Ext 6+ 6700K @ 4.4.zip
  12. I just purchased a refurbished 27" iMac (September 2013. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money to buy one with a SSD or Fusion drive, and I am stuck with a 1TB internal drive at 7200rpm. Originally, I was just going to purchase an external SSD and boot from it, but I have decided that I would rather use a hybrid/fusion drive. Will a hybrid drive even work properly in an enclosure? If not, any recommendations on a cheaper external SSD? I was hoping to get the following hybrid drive with a decent USB 3.0 or TB enclosure. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EIQTOFY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. I finally have ALMOST everything working on my Mavericks VMWare Workstation install. I have SVGA II working perfectly, I have sound, I have iCloud/iMessage/iTunes all working. My display works perfectly at 1920x1080. But there is one little detail that is bugging me, and I can't find an answer anywhere. I am running VMWare Workstation 10.0.1, and after upgrading the VM to 10, I have the option to enable USB 3.0. However, when I do that, the Mac VM boots to the login screen and locks hard. Mouse won't move, password field won't accept input from the keyboard. Nothing. If I shutdown the VM, and switch back to USB 2.0, it works fine again. Any thoughts? Thanks! Tom
  14. LaCie has released a new driver that also supports Mountain Lion ( http://www.lacie.com/more/index.htm?id=10112 ) version 1.0.9, but they still have it drive-locked to LaCie drives. Anyone know exactly how to go about patching it like ModBin did to the 1.0.8 version ? Or know where to get a copy of version 1.0.9 that's been patched ?
  15. I've been working on an open source USB 3.0 driver for OS X for a while, and decided it's stable enough to be published. Implements USB SuperSpeed and HighSpeed root hubs, and accepts SS, HS, FS, LS devices. I've benchmarked a SS drive at the highest speed it's capable of with it. If you benchmark drives, use block sizes of 128Kbyte or higher power of two - as those are optimal. I've fixed the issue with interrupters. MSI is used on all chips except FL1000, which is known to have problems with it. Uses pin interrupt on FL1000. Sleep Issue - Attempts to enable PME on all chips. If PME is supported, uses XHCI suspend/resume. If resume fails, resets the xHC and lets IOUSBFamily reenumerate devices (this causes disconnection messages.) If PME is not supported, reverts to shutdown/reset which will always reenumerate. If PME is not supported, there'll be a message in syslog "xHC will be unloaded across sleep". In case of restore error during wakeup, there'll be a message in syslog "xHC Restore Error". Limitations: Isochronous endpoints are not supported yet. This includes anything having to do with audio or video (webcams too.) If you try to connect devices with isoch endpoints, and OS X has an upper layer driver for the device, it'll fail to configure the device and you'll probably see some messages about it from IOUSBFamily in syslog. Some kernel flags - "-gux_nosleep" forces Sleep to always use the shudown/reset method. - "-gux_nomsi" forces use of pin interrupt instead of msi. - For Intel Series 7 chipset only (Panther Point.) "-gux_defer_usb2" causes the xHC to defer the management of USB2 ports and their devices to one of the EHC controllers on the PCH (south-bridge). This option can usually also be configured in the BIOS for Intel Series 7 chipsets. "-gux_no_idle" disables some feature for idle-mode on Intel's chip. I couldn't test this, so I added an option to disable it. There is a debugging tool called "xhcdump" that prints various aspects of xHC internal state. Run without options for a list things it can dump. Note 1: If system doesn't wake from sleep, try the power button before reporting. USB keyboards don't always work during sleep. Note 2: For Intel Series 7 - if you'd like USB 2.0 ports 1 - 4 to be managed by xhci, it's recommended you configure the bios setting to route these ports to xhci. This ensures devices don't get enumerated on ehci before being switched to xhci. Note 3: Some Intel Series 7 motherboards have a hardware issue that causes instant-wakeup when put to sleep. Use '-gux_defer_usb2' to resolve this. If you would like to contribute in the development, particularly to add code for a chipset that you have and can test - feel welcome to do so. Binaries contain build for OSes 10.7.5, 10.8.x, 10.9. [Earlier OSes not supported.] xhcdump utility.. Binaries v1.2.7. Sources are here. Bugs may be reported here. Older Binaries: Archive Edit [October 25 2013]: Release 1.2.7 Implemented miscellaneous errata for Intel series 8, Intel series 7, FL 1100, Etron, ASMedia 1042. Optimize stream management. Reorganized diagnostics. Fixed some bugs. Edit [October 1 2013]: Release 1.2.6 Added support for VMware virtual xHC device in Workstation 10/Fusion 6. Fixed serious bug that would cause KPs with any USB3 driver supporting streams endpoints. Fixed support for streams endpoints to use earlier allocation of rings. Cleaned up and simplified some of the code that creates control endpoints. [October 9 Update] Fixed KP when waking from unpowered sleep with streams drive. [October 22 Update] Integrated workaround for using UAS drives on Etron xHCs, OS 10.8.5 or later. Edit [september 13 2013]: Release 1.2.5 Support for OS 10.8.5, OS 10.9. Support for Lynx Point/Intel Series 8 with 16 xHC ports (8 dual ports). Edit [June 11 2013]: Release 1.2.4 Overhauled error-handling of non-isoch transfers. Fixed a couple of bugs with KP potential related to transfers. Optimized handling of transfer timeouts. Added kext version to 'xhcdump caps' + a couple of diagnostic counters to 'xhcdump running' Edit [June 5 2013]: Release 1.2.3 Improved handling of bios semaphore for legacy USB - eliminates a problem that causes some bioses to crash during sleep. Made sequence for entering sleep mode more robust and safer. Eliminated potential memory corruption if xhci commands time out. Eliminated some potential memory leaks, fixed some minor bugs, made some minor optimizations and added a bit more logging. Edit [June 2 2013]: Release 1.2.2 Fixed extra-current errors mentioned in posts #85, #90. Fixed minor issue with 32-bit build. Fixed issue with chips that stop clocks for power reduction. Added some logging to help debugging. Edit [May 20 2013]: Release 1.2.1 Fixed alignment bug that made 32-bit build for OS 10.7.5 fail. Edit [May 19 2013]: Release 1.2.0 Implemented support for Isochronous Endpoints. Should now support webcams, etc... (real-time audio/video streaming). Updated UIM interface changes in OS 10.8.3. Added workaround for Intel Series 7 chipset that causes instant-wakeup-on-sleep on some motherboards. Edit [May 19 2013]: Release 1.1.6. Fixed two critical bugs and seven minor bugs. Edit [May 12 2013]: Release 1.1.5. Fixed one critical bug and two minor bugs. Edit [March 23 2013]: Release 1.1.4. Reverted change that caused regression discussed in post #41. Turns out 11 msec means 11 msec and not a msec less. Packaged common binary for 10.7.5 + 10.8.x, as suggested in post #39. Edit [March 22 2013]: Release 1.1.3. Prevent instant-wakeup and spontaneous reboot on ASM1042. Eliminated some race conditions on power-state and port-status changes that may cause KPs. Edit [March 19 2013]: Release 1.1. Made suspend/resume code safer from KPs. Fixed an issue with use of shared pin interrupt. Added diagnostic counters for some errors. These are printed by 'xhcdump running' if non-zero. Edit [March 17 2013]: Uploaded 1.1a4 with Fix for xHC that lack 64-bit physical-addressing (ASM1042) Prints some more information in xhcdump caps/running Added kernel flag '-gux_nomsi' to force use of pin interrupt 'xhcdump options' shows kernel flags supported by kext Edit [March 11 2013]: Uploaded 1.1a3 with Added code to discard spurious events that are a likely cause of stalls described in post #10. Made error handling of events more robust and fixed some minor bugs in processing of transfers. Edit [March 8 2013]: Uploaded 1.1a2 with code added to take ownership of xHC from bios.
  16. frah90

    DSDT Asus N61JQ, USB 3.0

    Salve ragazzi, come da titolo ho problemi nella compilazione del DSDT del mio pc, ASUS N61JQ. Ho disassemblato il binario DSDT.aml con iasl, utilizzando le opzioni (non ricordo bene il nome, comunque quelle per fargli prendere in pasto anche i file SSDT, cosi come è scritto sui post di insanelymac in inglese). Tuttavia quando provo a compilare DSDT.dsl ottenuto, MaciAsl mi dà due errori, sia mettendo iasl in versione 4.0 che in 5.0. Gli errori sono del tipo PARSE_IF_ZERO, o qualcosa del genere. Ho provato tutte le patch per la sintassi date da Rehabman, ma nulla, mi vengono generati ancora più errori. Sto tentando di patchare il DSDT per un problema allo spegnimento, ma soprattutto per tentare di avere l'USB 3.0 funzionante su OSX El Capitan. Il mio pc ha un controller RENESAS, che non ho capito ancora se si può far funzionare o meno con El Capitan. Voglio provare a seguire la guida su insanelymac in inglese per fixare le usb 3.0 intel, perchè mi è sembrato di capire che a volte funzioni anche per altri controller. Posto qui il mio DSDT, sorgente, posto anche l'intera cartella creata da clover durante l'estrazione delle tabelle del bios, spero che qualcuno riesca a dirmi dov' è l'errore e perchè non compila! (Ho messo txt come estensione del file per caricarlo). DSDT.dsl.txt acpi.zip
  17. I am interested to find out which USB contollers and chipsets are supported by Apple's native USB 3.0 driver in Mac OS X 10.8.4 and beyond. To be clear, I would like to find which contollers can just be dropped into a Mac Pro or a Hackintosh and they just work... (BTW - Please don't suggest Caldigit or HighPoint or hacking a NEC card to use drivers from either of them. Both offer half a55ed support for OS X at best)
  18. Thanks to the website for being a resource and making hacktintosh a valuable resource to the little guy. I have a HP Elitebook 8560p with a Radeon HD 6470m video card / Hackintosh that I was able to get Mavericks onto with everything working but Sierra has problems with the USB 3.0, as well the Radeon Card working with GPU acceleration. I have installed Sierra and I cannot get the GPU to work with OPEN CL, resolution or the USB 3.0 to be recognized, unlike the Mavericks partition. As far as the Radeon goes, It is in VGA mode with no GPU acceleration, but it sees it in the system profiler but not correctly with the V RAM. I for the life of me cannot remember how I resolved these issues in Mavericks, as I was foolish enough not to take notes or make a build sheet. Can you point me in the right direction on these 2 issues? I can provide my contact information as well if this is OK to? Hardware is: (Bolder text being an immediate priority for assistance if anyone can) i7 quad core 16gb ram (OK) 2 USB 2 ports working 2 USB 3.0 port not working Radeon HD 6470m with 1024 v RAM, that is in VGA mode with no GPU acceleration motherboard: Intel MX67QM (not sure if this is a 6, 7, 8 or 9 series chipset) The chipset is listed as MX67QM BIOS: AMI 64 (updated) NO Intel HD graphics enabled on the motherboard HDMI not tested, but says the audio is working via HDMI Intel 82579LM Gigabit LAN not tested Intel 82574 PCIe LAN not tested (not seen, but listed in motherboard specs) Intel Centrino Ultimate N6300 AGN (says for network adapter, but I Realtek ALC 887 working by Voodoo 2,8,8 Card Reader: Not recognized No dual Intel HD graphics (not seen by system profiler) and HP stated the card is either removed or disabled (perhaps by BIOS) Thanks for your time, Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media. [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] worked in the past for USB 3, but I do not remember how I got the GPU issue fixed. I can be contacted through the forum or by my profile if this is not breaking the rules?
  19. This is my first post in an OS X 86 forum. I am fairly new with installing OS X. I have managed to successfully install 10.9.4 updated to 10.9.5 on Asus P9X79pro (LGA 2011) following procedures found on another site. I managed to enable ALC898 drivers through DSDT editing. My only issue stil pending to solve is to get the USB 3.0 rear ports working. The two front ports works well. The kext for USB 3 I am using is GenericUSBXHCI version 1.2.7 whose Info.plist includes this declaration <key>ASMediaEDLTAFix</key> <true/> On Disk Utility no drive is detected when plugged to any of the rear ports. Although I don't understand its syntax works I tried to edit the DSDT following a post, but did not help. I wonder if anybody with much better knowledge can suggest or does know how to solve this by means of DSDT editing or patching. Thanks
  20. Hello all, I've been gone for awhile and am wondering with the holidays coming up should I upgrade my badass Hackintosh entirely, or should I just upgrade a couple of things? Some of my specs are in my signature. I need more Hard Drive space and currently I have a option to upgrade my storage by either getting a card to expand my IDE capacity or taking one of my two DVD drives out. What I have in the Signature is actually my backup HD. The ones I have Inside are 160GB, 120GB, and 2 TB. I have slow 667mhz memory in here. Would it tremendously help if i upgraded to the O.C. which is 1066 or higher to 1366? I need to be able to keep Snow Leopard functionality because of older games I refuse to let go just to go to lion or mountain lion. I also want to make sure video games like WoW or Starcraft which are the ones I usually play will not make my system a minimum specs for awhile. I'm going through college and I don't have allot of money to spend on other things besides school so any help that is not tough on my wallet would be great. If anyone can say if my board and graphics card is supported in mountain lion and lion that'd be great!