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Found 12 results

  1. *** This has been sold locally. *** I'm selling my like-new, absolutely babied, 15 inch Apple MacBook Pro. It's perfect. I'm switching back to PC/Linux because Mac OS X Lion just doesn't do it for me. I must say that this is a great laptop and I hate to see it go; the fact that it can handle great graphics, has a high resolution matte display, and yields a very long battery life makes it one heck of a machine. Specs: - Purchased on March 22, 2011 - 2.2 ghz quad core i7 Sandy Bridge - 4 or 8 gb memory * - Switchable graphics: integrated Intel graphics and Radeon HD6750M with 1 GB - High resolution, 1680x1050 matte display (awesome display!) - Dual or single hard drive * - Dual layer DVD burner, "Apple SuperDrive" * - HD webcam - Matte black, semi-transparent Spec case (awesome) - I get 7 to 8 hours of battery life under reasonable conditions, 9 is possible - Mac OS X Snow Leopard Price and Payment: $1800 + configuration options + actual shipping, or best offer. The only trade I'd be interested in is a Lenovo Thinkpad T520 + cash. Otherwise, thanks for your interest, but I won't be accepting any other trades. Local pickup available (Tampa, FL). Payment options are flexible. * Configurations: Hard Drives and Optical Drive: - It came OEM with a 750 gb 5400 RPM hard drive. If you just want this, the optical drive will be returned to its original, internal installation. - It's currently equipped with TWO hard drives: the OEM drive as the secondary drive, and a 640 gb 7200 RPM Samsung drive as the primary. In this configuration, the SuperDrive is installed in an external USB enclosure that matches the look and feel of the MacBook Pro. It only requires one usb port for operation. Considering the cost of the enclosure, hard drive, and drive caddy, add $120 for this configuration. Memory: - Originally came with 4 gb. - Currently equipped with 8 gb. The original OEM memory will also be included for warranty purposes. Add $40 for this configuration. Protective Case: - Free if you want it, or I can remove and keep it. I won't remove and ship it. - I highly recommend it, but it does add some noticeable weight. It's really nice, though! Condition: - Like new! Really. There's evidence of use, but no damage whatsoever. Nothing my eyes can see, at least. - Original box and everything that came in it - even the Apple stickers! - Receipts/invoices for EVERYTHING. The laptop, case, memory, hard drive caddy, optical drive enclosure, and hard drive. - All the original packaging materials Pictures: Heatware feedback: click here I hope I've been clear in my description. Any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to PM me, email me, text, or call. I'd be happy to answer any questions; there are no stupid questions! Thanks for reading
  2. Here is a quick guide I made for the Thinkpad T520 that I turned into a 10.7.3 Hackbook. Here is the guide
  3. Current System Overview I have Thinkpad T530 ( 2359CTO) with Windows 2012 Server 2012 Datacenter installed. Processor :- i7-3720QM @2.60 Memory 16 GB Chipset (Intel QM77 ( Panther point)) Hard disk Primary :- Intel ssd 180 GB Hard disk sec :- Hitachi 500 Gb ( this HD is also installed in the laptop , not an external HD) Graphics :- NVS 5400M with optimus Windows server 2012 is installed on Primary. Requirement :- Learn IOS development . Want to install Xcode and other components. I want to dual boot thinkpad with OS X mountain Lion 10.8.2 and Windows server 2012 Datacenter. Currently the Windows server 2012 is installed on C drive ( intel SSD) I want to Install the OS X on D Drive ( hitachi ) without losing the Windows. Gurus please advice on this scenerio. Thanks!
  4. Hej... I am trying to install Mountain Lion on a T430. I never built a Hackintosh before, and I'm a bit overwhelmed. I followed the instructions in this link: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=280756 which I found here on the forum, then looked around for a few kexts and managed to get the laptop keyboard and the trackpad working. It's booting and running smoothly now (with Chameleon), but... I still have two big problems: audio and wi-fi internet (I tried by installing the RealtekRTL81xx kext, but either that is not enough, or not right at all.) Can anyone help me getting them to work? Anything would be appreciated (a tip for kexts, explanation how to do it with DSDT - I still don't even know what that does -, a new installation with M u l t i B e a s t &c - which so far I didn't use - or whatever.) Also interesting would be to get full graphic support (which I just read about a lot, but how will I know when I have that - I mean, I can see things on my monitor already, so something is working) and also using the built-in camera (I read about a different ThinkPad that it only works together with CamTwist, which would be fine, I guess.) But really important are internet and sound, of course - can someone help with that? Some other info... "System Info" tells me I have the following: Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (Network Controller) Intel 7 Series / C210 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (Audio device) Intel 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection (Ethernet Controller) Intel 7 Series / C210 Series Chipset Family KT Controller (Communication Controller / Serial Controller) NVIDEA GF108 High Definition Audio Controller (Audio device) NVIDEA GF108 Quadro NVS 5400M (Display Controller / VGA compatible Controller) ... and some other things - I can list them all, if someone things he can help me and needs to know about them, of course. I'm still trying around, but I'm completely new to this and most of the time I don't know what I'm doing. It's just try and error, but it's not a creative process, I know too little about all the steps or relations, so if I'd ever be halfway there or almost have it or just persue a dead end, I'd never know, it's all the same to me... So please - if someone could turn me in the right direction, that would be great! UPDATE: I have it identified as MacBook Pro 6.1 - should I use MacBook Pro 8.1 ? And can I still change that now?
  5. Download http://goo.gl/qlWGgU UPDATE 10.10.1 - Nov 18, 2014: - Updated to 10.10.1 - Use modified Apple's IOBluetoothFamily.kext version for Bluetooth. - Switch back to Apple's AppleHDA.kext. - Patch on the fly using CLOVER for AppleHDA and AppleIntelFramebufferCapri - Use NVIDIA Web Driver, URL to download from this thread: topic/301416-nvidia-web-driver-updates-for-yosemite/ - BIOS settings: set boot mode to Both (UEFI & Legacy), UEFI First to avoid problem with Optimus and NVIDIA Discrete mode 10.10 beta 5 - Oct 13, 2014: - Updated to 10.10 beta 5 - Added package for 10.10: Bluetooth work with old IOBluetoothFamily.kext from 10.9.x. Updated DSDT for NVIDIA, Optimus and Intel only. - Move to mega.co.nz for better hosting and versioning. 10.10 beta 3 - Sep 26, 2014: Anyone tried 10.10 Yosemite? I tried last night and it's work with some issues, but useable. I have updated to Beta 3 also. Here is some screenshots: Short summary: - Bluetooth - NVIDIA not work (DP1, not tested on Beta3) - Intel HD4000: native res but no QE/CI - Sound: Need to patch AppleHDA.kext for layout 28 - Battery: need new patch in DSDT (use tluck's T420 DSDT work) - Sleep / Shutdown work as Mavericks Quick way: - Update your CLOVER first to latest: sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/files/latest/download - Create bootable usb or partition using this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298521-easy-yosemite-1010-usb-installer-updated-9-2-2014/ Note: you will need to copy BaseSystem.dmg (it is big as 470MB) so you will need at least 8GB USB. I have 6.5GB partition and it is fit for setup size but I don't have room for modding (kext, backup...) - Download CLOVER package from tluck's topic then extract, backup your kexts and copy all EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10/*.kext to /S/L/E/ - Add kext-dev-mode=1 to CLOVER kernel argument. - After install / upgrade you will need to re-copy all kexts. Update 1: Never mind, NVIDIA work well after repair permission. System FAN and Thermal Sensor for NVIDIA not show (need to patch with new DSDT) Update 2: - System FAN, GPU and other thermal sensor work after update DSDT, updated HW Monitor and latest FakeSMC. - NVIDIA Work but not detect / turn on built-in monitor, need to detect displays in displays settings to turn it on after boot. - Bluetooth still not work - Sound work with VoodooHDA - Battery work Look like CPU throttled too much, it is stick at 3Ghz most time and temperature is about 90oC @@, might need to generate SSDT or can be Yosemite issue. The temperature is about ~50-60oC with Intel HD4000. 10.9.3: ​HWMonitor version 6.8.1307 support FAN sensor (Check for update inside app and install FakeSMC and all it's plugins) NVIDIA: new version not work, replace with old working kexts (NV*.kext) Intel HD 4000 Capri: patch with Platform-ID `0300 6601` - Hex: `01 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 30 02 00 00` AppleHDA: patch-hda-3.1 NOT work - Work with VoodooHDA 2.8.4 (download from zip file here or pkg installer here AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext patch with AICPMPatch Bluetooth: using modified kext from #26 (thanks @eilatuno) Others old kexts: AppleACPIPlatform.kext, IOUSBFamily.kext Shutdown / Restart / Sleep work well using latest CLOVER r2671 10.9.1: ​Sound stop working as AppleHDA.kext updated for VoiceOver bug fix, re-patch with patch AppleHDA script 3.1 from this thread Everything work well as 10.9.0 as last. Still have problem with Shutdown / Restart / Sleep STATUS * Working parts: Intel HD 4000 (Capri): Full resolution: 1600x900, QE/CI NVIDIA GF108M (NVS 5400M): Full resolution: 1600x900, QE/CI VGA, Display Port Wired network / Ethernet Think Light, Keyboard backlit (BIOS controlled) Webcam Mic, Speaker, Audio Jack Bluetooth Trackpoint, Touchpad USB 3.0 Battery UEFI with CLOVER r2366 Keyboard. Multimedia keys: Sleep, Prev / Play / Pause / Next (Brightness control with Fn-F8/F9 not work) Shutdown / Restart / Sleep * NOT working parts: Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 Wireless adapter Card reader HOW TO 1. Create Mac OS X Maverick 10.9 USB installer: Google it! 2. Install CLOVER EFI bootloader or Chameleon Use my config.plist if you install CLOVER NOTE: need to change the SMBIOS hardware section and CustomUUID to your own hardware. 3. Backup and copy kexts from attached file 4. Option: install LCD display profile 5. Option: install HWMonitor.app 6. DSDT: Use diff tool to apply diff changes a) I'm using 3 different DSDT file for 3 graphic config mode: DSDT.d.dsl / DSDT.d.aml: for Discrete graphic only BIOS config VGA, Mini-DP work well but hottest Temperatures on my machine: CPU: avg: 65oC, range: 60-85 GPU: avg: 60oC, range: 56-74 DSDT.o.dsl / DSDT.o.aml: for Optimus graphic BIOS config - NOTE: you will need to backup & remove /S/L/E/NVDA* because of OS X not support Optimus mode and it caused conflict loading video driver. DSDT.i.dsl / DSDT.i.aml: for Integrated graphic only BIOS config Optimus & Integrated gave me much more cooler temperatures but NO VGA, Min-DP - I usually use Integrated mode for travelling and Discrete mode for work because I need extend to my external Dell monitor. c) Temperatures when using Integrated only mode: CPU: avg: 45oC, range: 40-70-80 d) I added FAN control to DSDT based on T420 / W520 guides, Thinkvantage button will be used to toggle turbo fan mode. 7. SSDT: I used auto generated P-States and C-States CLOVER's option Hardware Specifications - Model: Thinkpad T430 2344BMU - lshw -numeric on Ubuntu 13.10 Hardware specs Big thanks for everyone who has involved in this thread and who created stuffs, guides, tools... Thanks for @tluck & experts in this thread to provide related update and information which I used in my package. Feel free to ask and discussion here about Mac OS X on T430 series, I will try to help if I can in my spared time.
  6. Hi all, I've had partial success with installing Mavericks onto my Lenovo Thinkpad T60p. However I've run into a few roadblocks for which I've been combing the web for solutions. I've found a few guides that could work but they are all 3-6 years old and any kext downloads are expired or gone. I'm posting out of desperation and semi-noobness in hopes that someone can help me and anyone else working with the same notebook. Here's a screenshot of my Device list from DPCI Manager. I know I need a new Wifi Card, I think I can manage to get the sound working, but the real trouble is that ATI Mobility FireGL V5250 Graphics. The computer is really laggy and the refresh rates are horrible. If I'm not mistaken I need to fully enable the Graphics. If anyone can lend a hand it would be AMAZING! Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, my first post ! I've read about OS X for years, so I dove in with a hackintosh build on my Lenovo Thinkpad T500 laptop, Intel processor. After several hours, I finally got Mavericks installed and working just right. Woot ! So, it can be done on an old notebook. You have to follow the install guides to the letter. I used MyHack to upgrade from my retail Snow Leopard. Now, the question: I"m trying to get the OS X version of http://secondlife.com installed on it now. I've used two versions of it. I'm hesitant to go ask for help on those forums, because I don't really want to get "yelled at" by people who are purists about Macs. It's just a bit odd to me that no version of SL I've tried so far will work on my Hackintosh. I'll be happy to post the error messages from the crashes, or go to the SL forums if I must. If this post violates forum rules, my bad, I'm a newb here. Thanks. Steve on edit: Please do not contact me. I had to figure it all out by trial and error, using the link I posted downthread.
  8. Hi guys, I have written this up on tomato's forums, so I thought I'd share it here too. Would be a waste if it would get lost there: Hi, I still own an old T60 Thinkpad. It has a 15" 4:3 fantastic IPS-Screen at a resolution of 1400x1050. Now some of the newer Generations probably won't understand but in fact, this screen ratio is very precious for a lot of productive tasks and nowadays you can't find these anymore in modern laptops, since all manufacturers go 16:9 mainstream, for multimedia consumption. Which sucks... Apple is at least making a compromise and still goes for 16:10 , which is the best you can get. And people already appreciate that. So.. Whatever, lets talk about the Topic. As you might know this ThinkPad is internally quite outdated. It has a Core 2 Duo with a GMA950 !! I remember getting kexts for GMA950 on my Dell Pentium D Desktop PC (Dual Core Pentium 4 basically) for OSX 10.4 Tiger That was the time when Macbooks were made from Plastic instead of unibody aluminum. Remember those white Macbooks? Yeah, those used Core 2 Duo with GMA950. Around 2006 that must have been. Infact my Thinkpad has a discrete ATi Mobility X1400, which rather makes things even more complicated.. So.. This whole old stuff doesn't really mean anything, because someone in China who goes by the name of HOPE and has really some love for old Thinkpads, and engineering know-how and connections to manufacturing sites, came along and decided to build a new custom Motherboard calling it the T70. You can go to 51nb.com and check it out (chinese site). Maybe I will link some threads with pictures later, showing the install process and mods if you cant find it. Just as a little overview, I tried to get some information off the site (with Google Translate etc). The Specs of the T70 are: 1. adapter models 1) 14 inch 4: 3 positive screen T60 (p), T61 (p) 2) 15 inch 4: 80 GHz) ; 2) i7-6700HQ (4-core 8 threads), i5-6300HQ (4-core 4 threads), i5-7300HQ (4-core 4-thread), i7-7700HQ (4-core 8 threads), i7 -7820HQ (4 core 8 thread) 3) trial production version will confirm the use of the seventh generation: i7-7700HQ 4) production version of the first batch of the seventh generation: i7-7700HQ 5) production version of the second batch of the seventh Generation: i7-7700HQ ES, i5-7300HQ ES, i7-7820HQ ES 6) Production version of the third batch using the seventh generation: i7-7820HQ ES 3. Chipset 1) Engineering board using HM170, you can use the P50 / P70 Bridge chip CM236, reference comparison: HM170 vs. CM236 2) HM175 support 1 NVME M.2 + 2 SATA 3) CM236 support 2 NVME M.2 + 2 SATA, test board and production version of the first, Two, three batches of the use of CM236 chipset 4) built-in TPM encryption chip 4. Cooling & fan & water 1) Early shipments provide motherboards based on the new T500 fan transformation, will be shipped with the motherboard, without self. 2) post-shipment board provided by the dream fly custom water-cooled fan and water-cooled suit (to be paid separately): mass production of the third batch of T70 free upgrade water cooling fan 3) silicone grease to be self 5. memory 1) dual DDR4 memory, The maximum support to 64G (32G * 2, the market is not a single 32G memory, the current maximum support 16G * 2) 2) theoretically support the type of memory: DDR4-1333, DDR4-1600, DDR4-1866, DDR4-2133, Wireless card 1) using Mini-PCI wireless card, full height, located in the original T60 WWAN card slot location. Half-high card to be self-fixed to full high fixed, 15-inch T60 right antenna to be appropriate to extend their own 2) and X62 the same, not compatible with any original TPU with the FRU card 3) current test compatible NIC: AR5B22, Intel7260ac, Intel6300, BCM94352 10 ( 1) support key combination: Fn + F3 (off screen), F4 (sleep), Home / End (brightness adjustment), PgUp (night light) 11. graphics card 1) set significantly: According to CPU model, 7700HQ is the Intel® HD Graphics 630 2) alone: difficulty is too large, do not support, do not consider I will try to order things. Since Google Translate messed up the formatting and some other stuff. But the most important stuff should be there. Also here is a link to the BIOS collection. The BIOS is mentioned to be AMI Award 7 Bios. It should be UEFI as it can be seen at the bottom of this post https://forum.51nb.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1740243&highlight= Also here is a collection of the BIOSes . It gets constantly developed and I think it is nice to have someone that can listen to your input. Call me crazy but it might even happen that with the correct feedback the BIOS could be so good that you would ent up with a perfect native DSDT for OSX. BIOS: https://forum.51nb.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1739986&extra=page=1 The price is set to $580 USD for the latest batch from July, last month I believe. specifications are as follows (Google Trans): i7-7820HQ Processor (ES version, the same specifications and the official version, 4 core 8 threads, 32K +32 K + 256K +8 MB) CM236 chipset, support dual M.2 +2. I think earlier batches like leftovers from second batch with 7300HQ should be a bit cheaper. $460 USD according to my research. So this is as far as my research goes. I hope you like my little writeup on this topic. This is a really nice project in my opinion and I think it would make a beautiful hackintosh for people who are willing to mod and get the best classic experience with a beautiful display in terms of aspect ratio and also a very nice keyboard with a horrible trackpad , the size of a stamp and the trackpoint . Let me know what you think about it. I am especially curious about RehabMans opinion. Also there are other ThinkPads that are modded like this. So if this isn't your favorite one, or the one that you don't own, maybe it is among these if you are lucky: X200 / X200s / X201 / X201i / X201s -> X210 X61 / X60 / X61s / X60s -> X62. It was even reviewed by notebookcheck T4x series -> T50
  9. Hi, in this days i start install Yosemite / El Capitan on my Thinkpad T410 I5 Intel HD Graphics, but i have some problem with Clover setup. When i copy all files in a USB with the command /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/Install/ --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app/ --nointeraction Erasing Disk: 0%... 10%... 20%... 30%...100%... Copying installer files to disk... Copy complete. Making disk bootable... Copying boot files... Copy complete. Done. When i run Clover, i setting all exactly but show me a error, Clover is not compatible with this version, is normal? because for make this usb bootable i use El Capitan. Error: This package is incompatible with this version of OS X and may fail to install. Installing this package may damage your system, and the installation may fail. To stop the program and the installation, click “Cancel Installation”.
  10. Uoc Nguyen

    Thinkpad T430 NVS 5400M 1GB VRAM

    Hello guys, I'm currently running OS X Mavericks 10.9.0 on my Thinkpad T430. Almost everything work except some minor problems. My laptop have 2 card: Intel Ivy HD 4000: Full QE/CI NVIDIA NVS 5400M (GF180M) with 1GB of VRAM: unusable Screen resolution: 1600x900 I tried many ways but can not make it work: Use older patched kexts: KP Patch DSDT: Loaded NVIDIA Startup, Resman, GF100, show corrected info in System Information, 1GB VRAM but can not get Login screen. Error in dmesg: NVDAStartup: Official Apple16X50PCI22: Identified 1 Serial channels at PCI Bus=0 Dev=22 Func=3 NVDAGF100HAL loaded and registered Previous Shutdown Cause: 5 SMC::smcInitHelper ERROR: MMIO regMap == NULL - fall back to old SMC mode Apple16X50UARTSync22: Detected 16550AF/C/CF FIFO=16 MaxBaud=115200 **** [IOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport][start] -- completed -- result = TRUE -- 0xd400 **** **** [BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport][start] -- Completed -- 0xd400 **** init probe start DSMOS has arrived [IOBluetoothHCIController][staticBluetoothHCIControllerTransportShowsUp] -- Received Bluetooth Controller register service notification -- 0xd400 [IOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed No interval found for . Using 8000000 [IOBluetoothHCIController::setConfigState] calling registerService **** [IOBluetoothHCIController][protectedBluetoothHCIControllerTransportShowsUp] -- Connected to the transport successfully -- 0x8000 -- 0x5800 -- 0xd400 **** flow_divert_kctl_disconnect (0): disconnecting group 1 nspace-handler-set-snapshot-time: 1383677494 AppleIntelE1000e(Info): e1000e NIC Link is Up 100 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: Rx/Tx ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out WARNING: IOPlatformPluginUtil : getCPUIDInfo: this is an unknown CPU model 0x3a -- power management may be incomplete or unsupported NVDA::rmStart failed NVDA,Display-B: Not usable IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 85 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 130 **** [IOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport][SuspendDevice] -- Suspend -- suspendDeviceCallResult = 0x0000 (kIOReturnSuccess) -- 0xd400 **** IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 501 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 502 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 503 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 504 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 505 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 506 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 508 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 509 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 528 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 533 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 540 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 541 IOHIDSystem::registerScreenGated: Screen 0 recycled from pid 543 As far as I known that old Fermi card is not working well on Mavericks even with some MacBook Pro model. But I think it can be solve with patched DSDT and binary patch for Kext. I saw there are some guys have working card with Thinkpad W520 (Quadro 1000M/2000M), Thinkpad T420 (NVS 4200M). Anyone has solution for this problem please share! Thanks in advanced!
  11. gcafrk

    Lenovo Thinkpad T410



    This DSDT is for THINKPAD T410 with NVS3100M. It works on SL, LION, ML (up to 10.8.4) Special key function: 1) ScrLk + Pause: LCD bright down and up 2) ThinkVantage (the blue key): fan control to extreme/normal speed switch Needed kexts: 1) AppleACPIPlatform.kext (Version 1.3.6 on SL 10.6.8) 2) Patched AppleRTC.kext to avoid BIOS reset after restart 3) Patched AppleHDA.kext to enable sound (both internal and external, autoswitch. Please see my another download.) 4) P/S2 keyboard and Trackpad kexts 5) AppleIntelE1000e.kext to enable network 6) Patched AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext to show battery information No HDMI/DP functioned codes in this DSDT.
  12. No consigo que funcione mi Mobility Radeon X1400 (7145_id) en Lion 10.7.2. Mi equipo es un Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad T60_8741. Por favor necesito ayuda, es lo único que me queda para que funcione del todo. Gracias y Saludos. I Can't get working my Mobility Radeon X1400 (7145_id) in Lion 10.7.2. My equipment is a Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad T60_8741. Please I need help, is the unique thing that I have left so that it works absolutely. Thanks.