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Found 9 results

  1. Hi to all, I'm willing to build a home server with a Xeon E3 1245 v3 and ECC Memory. I have searched the forum but I couldn't find any successful builds with C22X chipset boards. Gigabyte actually has several C224 boards. The one I selected has 4 Ethernet ports but I guess they all have very, very similar specs. Gigabyte GA-6LXSV Since it is a Gigabyte board maybe the chances are better? Thanks in advance.
  2. I got a couple of used XServes for super cheap on eBay. I am going to use one as a VMWare Server for remote employees. The other will be a simple file server since I can do both SMB and AFP as opposed to our Win SBS 2011 server which can only do SMB. The one that will be for virtual machines I felt that I would need a little more power to handle the out of office employees. I bought a pair of Xeon e5345 CPUs for $40.00 on eBay and they certainly did the trick. Here are the before and after Geekbench results Before - http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/1814845 After - http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/1533559 Quite an improvement in my opinion. Went from four total cores to eight. As temps go; idle temps are around 35-42c. I also used Arctic Silver 5. OSX System Profiler does not recognize the CPU name. It gets the number of cores and speed right but it lists "Unknown" as the name. However, Geekbench and the virtual machines both see the CPU speed and name correctly. For $40 this was a great upgrade.
  3. somehow all my text got deleted. I basically need a large amount of power to run renders for blender, compressor, final cut and motion. i can get an IBM Bladecenter with 14 HS20 blades cheaply, has anybody tried getting osx running on one of these or a similar system before? i have got osx running on a few pc's before, but never anything like this thing. thanks in advance iSteve384
  4. Hallo zusammen! Ich versuche schon seit einer Nacht auf einem ESXI 5.1.0 ein MAC OSX Server zum installieren. Leider bisher ohne Erfolg. Lt. Der Anleitung auf VMWare einfach ein ISO machen und drauf damit - geht nicht es kommt während dem Booten Anstelle des Apple Logos einen Kreis der durchgestrichen ist. was auch immer das bedeuten soll - hab bei google noch nichts gefunden wo mir weiterhelfen kann. Ich dachte, dass es an der Hardware leigen könnte (Not Supportet???) Dann bin ich auf esxi Unocker aufmerksam geworden. Hab den lt. Anleitung installiert, leider konnte er auf dem Datastore nicht zugreifen - nun sind dort alle VM weg, und ich kann keine mehr erstellen... /usr # install install.sh ------ An unexpected error occurred ------ Error code: aW5lIDMxNCwgaW4gY2FjaGUKICAgIHNyYyA9IG9wZW4ob3MucGF0aC5qb2luKGRpcmVjdG9yeSwgb2xkbmFtZSksICJyYiIpCg== See logs for details IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/db/payloads/boot/tboot.b00' Der ESXI läuft auf einem Fujitsu TX 120 8 GB RAM Intel Xeon 2,66 GHz Intel Pro Netzwerkkarte ESXI aktuellster Patch Bitte um Hilfe! Danke und Gruß Stoffl
  5. Hi There! Today we start our week with a great news, our Forum back to normal again. As you know, a few months ago, many users have had problems viewing their avatars or download files. But this problem are solved! And we thank all members for their patience and understanding. Please read here: Server migration Click here to view the article
  6. I've built a hackintosh running Mountain Lion Server and installed a HighPoint RAID 640L card in it. I've also added 4 x 4TB ST4000DM000 hard drives. All had been running fine for about a year, but now I've got RAID errors happening: B 0 W 08/12/15 08:56:25 Array 'RAID_5_0' rebuilding failed. B 0 I 08/12/15 10:54:45 Array 'RAID_5_0' rebuilding started. B 0 E 08/12/15 18:50:05 Disk 'ST4000DM000-1F2168-Z301RJK9' at Controller1-Channel3 failed. B 0 W 08/12/15 18:50:05 Array 'RAID_5_0' rebuilding failed. B 0 E 08/28/15 16:06:43 Device 'ST4000DM000-1F2168-Z302EG2Y' at Controller1-Channel1 SMART test result: FAILED! B 0 E 08/28/15 16:06:43 Device 'ST4000DM000-1F2168-Z301RJ27' at Controller1-Channel2 SMART test result: FAILED! B 0 E 08/28/15 16:06:43 Device 'ST4000DM000-1F2168-Z301RJK9' at Controller1-Channel3 SMART test result: FAILED! B 0 E 08/28/15 16:06:43 Device 'ST4000DM000-1F2168-Z302EFL6' at Controller1-Channel4 SMART test result: FAILED! More: http://pastebin.com/cGkp9Vg8 Obviously there is a lot of data on the drives and ideally I should just pull that stuff off now, but what I am concerned about is if this is just a false positive, because I've scanned the drives for SMART errors on another machine and it's not found anything wrong. Could this be a false warning? At this point I'd appreciate some advice - in the mean time I'll be pulling data off of it like there's no tomorrow
  7. Hi There! Today we start our week with a great news, our Forum back to normal again. As you know, a few months ago, many users have had problems viewing their avatars or download files. But this problem are solved! And we thank all members for their patience and understanding. Please read here: Server migration
  8. Hello, I am looking for information for installing MacOs on a Dell Precision T5600 Workstation. I have not found anything yet and I was wondering if there is anyone around here with experience in these towers. Thank you very much. Specs: Precision T5600 Chipset Manufacturer Model Intel Intel C600 Chipset Processors Manufacturer Models Intel Sandy Bridge E5-26xx series, LGA2011 :Intel® Xeon™ processors 4, 6, and 8 Core support Up to 150W Instruction/Data Cache: 32KB Supports Dual Processors Intel® Xeon®E5-2620 Processor (Six Core HT, 2.0GHz Turbo, 6 MB Intel Smart Cache, 95 watt) Video Type Models Discrete PCIe 3.0 / 2.0 x 16 Up to 2 full-height, full length (maximum of 300 W) 2 GB AMD FirePro™ W5000 Memory Specifications Supported configurations Memory type DDR3 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz RDIMM ECC Memory connectors 4 DIMM slots with single processor; 8 DIMM slots with dual processors Supported memory module capacities 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB RDIMM ECC Minimum memory 4 GB Maximum memory 64 GB single processor; 128 GB dual processor Audio Type Model Integrated RealTek ALC269 High Definition Audio Network Type Model Integrated Intel 82759
  9. Creating a Hackintosh Linode instance seems entirely achievable after reviewing the steps in creating a Windows linode instance here: https://github.com/ClickSimply/docs/blob/windows-on-linode/docs/tools-reference/windows-on-linode/installing-windows-on-linode-vps.md Getting macOS running on VirtualBox doesn't seem to be much of a challenge (example), yet getting to the hfs+ resizing step could be a little trickier (unless perhaps we create an additional boot volume that has something like iPartition on it to resize the primary volume). Any thoughts on achieving this? It should be pretty cost effective to fire up Linodes with macOS / Hackintosh on them. I'll probably go with the 8192 size (8GB with a quad core Xeon and 96 GB SSD storage), but a little smaller could work.