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Found 5 results

  1. This thread devoted to share information about different SMC keys found or investigated anywhere. What are they? SMC keys is a somehow language to speak between macOS and hardware microcontroller presented in real Mac and absent in Hackintosh. They inform macOS about Hardware ID and current status. Moreover macOS can write something through SMC protocol to control hardware. FakeSMC ( ©Netkas) is the driver to emulate this microcontroller on PC having no such device which is necessary to boot macOS here. But FakeSMC contain only ~20 keys while real Mac answers ~200 keys. Some keys we added by HWSensors project reporting temperatures, FAN speeds, voltages etc. Some keys model dependent was added by Clover to be sure if user change model in GUI then corresponding keys will be changed automatically. Clover sets LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"RPlt", &gSettings.RPlt, 8); LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"RBr", &gSettings.RBr, 8); LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"EPCI", &gSettings.EPCI, 4); LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"REV", &gSettings.REV, 6); LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"BEMB", &gSettings.Mobile, 1); BEMB - is a mobility sign. =0 -desktop, =1 - mobile. REV - SMC hardware revision, changes sometimes with Apple updates. RPlt, RBr and EPCI is hardware capabilities, noticed used in Intel HD drivers. Structure. All SMC keys consists of name 4 ascii chars as 32bit integer, type and value. Types: "flag", len 1 "ui8 ", len 1 "ui16", len 2 "sp78", len 2 "ui32", len 4 "fp2e", len 2 "fpe2", len 2 "{rev", and others... List of know keys SMC_list.plist.zip More keys will be discussed in the thread Feel free to share you knowledge and ask about noticed keys.
  2. Laptop battery monitoring Using this driver you have to exclude other battery drivers: ACPIBatteryManager, AppleSmartBattery and so on. This driver assumes to using HWSensors3 with FakeSMC 3.5 as being part of it. 19.01.2018 Updated version of VoodooBatterySMC will get extended battery information and so it will be more exact. VoodooBatterySMC.kext.zip Updated HWMonitorSMC by vector-sigma HWMonitorSMC.app.zip HWMonitor2 by vector-sigma https://sourceforge.net/projects/hwsensors3.hwsensors.p/files/latest/download
  3. RadeonMonitor problems

    The thread splitted from HWSensors3. Tools to testing Radeon state. Load RadeonPCI.kext RadeonPCI.kext.zip How to load sudo chown -R root:wheel ~/Downloads/RadeonPCI.kext sudo chmod -R 755 ~/Downloads/RadeonPCI.kext sudo kextutil -v ~/Downloads/RadeonPCI.kext and use RadeonDump utility RadeonDump1.zip Commands to see temperature Polaris ./RadeonDump1 -n 6b0,c0300014 SeaIsaland ./RadeonDump1 -n 200,c0300014 Old families ./RadeonDump1 -r 714,7f4 Other possible methods to find a register for temperature ./RadeonDump1 -n 6b0,c0300e0c ./RadeonDump1 -n 6b0,1c5 ./RadeonDump -n 6b0,d8200ca4 ./RadeonDump -r 59800,59810 ./RadeonDump -r 678,680 01.12.2017 Latest solution RadeonMonitor.kext here works for RX 460,480,580 not works for HD7790, R9 290X? 06.12.2017 Here works also with HD7790, R9 290X 14.12.2017 Support VEGA here 13.12.2017 Version for test modern cards RadeonPCI5.kext.zip
  4. HWSensors3

    Hi all, I created an installer for my version of FakeSMC with plugins and applications latest revision. Compatibility from 10.6 up to 10.11. Test, please. Download here: HWSensors.pkg.zip See my signature FakeSMC 3.4.0 revision 751 HWSensors.pkg-751.zip New project home is https://sourceforge.net/projects/hwsensors3.hwsensors.p/ where you can download most recent versions. Now it is FakeSMC 3.4.1 Explanations about the difference between versions 3 and 6 #137 20.05.2016 Revision 32 with explanation at #220 10.10.2017 FakeSMC is 3.5.0 compatible with High Sierra. New plugin VoodooBatterySMC created on the base of VoodooBattery by Superhai but with SMC keys generating to show Battery voltage and amperage. As well it created key BATP needed for right speedstep and FileVault2. Other kexts revised.
  5. HWSensors

    I want to introduce new "old" opensource fakemsc project with hardware monitoring plugins with new GUI utility - HWMonitor. Please, leave requests and issues on project's home on GitHub: https://github.com/kozlek/HWSensors Use GitHab utility or other git tool to clone repository on your computer. Project includes sources, installer and compiled binaries. If you want manually install kexts they are located in "Binaries" folder. Installer package located in "Installer" folder. Project will not be in existence without revolutional SMC emulator (fakesmc) by netkas. Special thanks to slice and user-sse2 for plugins. Big part of this project based on OpenHardwareMonitor opensource project by Michael Möller. About values modifiers in SuperIOSensors (work for all inputs, not only voltages): http://www.insanelym...dpost&p=1808223 Short description how to get gain values for different voltages (post 264): http://www.insanelym...dpost&p=1809869