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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, guys. I’m writing to You as a more experienced and knowledgeable. And I ask for Your help in solving the following question: It’s need to build a efficient hackintosh mod to work with graphics (2D, 3D, graphic renders and so on). Budgets: 6000$ Specs: Motherboard - ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS CPUs – 2xXeon E5-2630 or 2xXeon E5-2670 GPUs – 2 way SLI Nvidia GTX Titan (In the future it’s planned to expand to 3 way SLI) Questions: Is this motherboard good for hackintosh? Or there are a better motherboards? What can you advise to buy? There is a official CUDA GTX Titan drivers for Mac OS. How do you think if 2 way SLI or 3 way SLI works at hakintosh? Is it better to buy the native Nvidia GPU for best compatibility with Mac OS? Or no difference? For example, can I buy the overlock GPU Titan other manufacturers (ASUS, EVGA and so on)? Should I buy RAM more than 1600 Mhz bacause the motherboard supports up to 2133 Mhz (non-registered memory) and up to 1866 Mhz (registered memory)? Whether does Mac OS support 16 Gb one module RAM? (the motherboard supports up to 256 Gb registered memory). Please, help me. Thanks for your time and attention!
  2. Vendo per conto di un amico componenti sandy bridge pienamente compatibili per , acquistati il 14/10/2011 tutti insieme, e ovviamente con fattura. Scheda madre: GA-H67M-D2-B3 rev 1.1 Qui il link per tutte le info della scheda: http://it.gigabyte.com/products/page/mb/ga-h67m-d2-b3rev_11 Processore: Intel Core i3 2105 3,1Ghz HD3000 Ecco qua il link alla descrizione della CPU: http://ark.intel.com/products/55448/Intel-Core-i3-2105-Processor-(3M-Cache-3_10-GHz) RAM: 8GB (2x4gb) DDR3 G-Skill Sniper Ecco qua il link per le specifiche della RAM: http://www.gskill.com/products.php?index=337 Il mio amico vende il tutto per 195€ dopo aver controllato i prezzi piu bassi su trovaprezzi e dopo aver sottratto l'iva. Spedizione tramite spedireweb: 6,98€ per altre informazioni non esitate a contattare il mio amico alla sua email: zio84mac@gmail.com oppure moto.franco@libero.it
  3. Hello, i have a Lenovo Y410p Hackintoshed with Yosemite 10.10.2 using Clover, already followed the native power management guide; i've been using it a while, but i felt the cpu too hot, these are the temps: CPU: Core 1 - 83 ºC Core 2 - 84 ºC Core 3 - 78 ºC Core 4 - 76 ºC CPU Package 85 ºC --------------------- CPU Package Frecuency 3.07 GHz! -- I don't understand why!, my cpu basic frecuency is 2.4, turbo is 3.4, but... i never overclocked it! CPU Package Average 3.01 GHz! --------------------- CPU MONITOR --------------------- RAM MONITOR Is it right that osx uses almost all the ram?
  4. theconnactic

    Sleep Issues!

    Hi! I have this Asus 1201n netbook, and it used to sleep and wake properly before i upgraded RAM memory to 3GB - it had only 2GB then. Since the upgrade, these sleep issues are being very difficult to tackle: as i said, they began with the 3GB RAM upgrade - when i updated the system to 10.8.5, but kept the 2GB of RAM, it used to sleep and wake without a single issue. Now the screen will sleep (turn black) and the HDD led with shut down, but the power and connection leds will both stay on, as well as the fans, and i won't be able to "wake" from this state, having to resort to a hard reset (which is always damaging to the system in the long term). Curiously, auto-sleep is working, but will lead the computer to the comatose state i described, so i had to set computer sleep to "never" in the Energy Saver preference pane, to avoid being forced to hard reset the computer furthermore. Console won't help: no suspect messages! That's really awful. I was using the SleepEnablerUniversal.kext to get sleep working before the RAM upgrade. Since it seemingly became ineffective after the upgrade, i tried a lot of SleepEnablers, always getting the above described result. Any help to solve or at least isolate the cause of this issue will be much appreciated. Best regards!
  5. I Installed 10.8.2 and update it to 10.8.5 . Now My System Crash When I Open Some applications and RAM gets almost full. In this Situation i had screen and mouse pointer work but any program suddenly not responding. Please Help Me. My System: { CPU : INTEL Pentium ® 2.2 Dual Core Graphic: AMD Radeon 5450 RAM : 2GB DDR2 Patriot MB : ASUS PSKPL SE } Sorry For my bad English.
  6. Hello all, I've been gone for awhile and am wondering with the holidays coming up should I upgrade my badass Hackintosh entirely, or should I just upgrade a couple of things? Some of my specs are in my signature. I need more Hard Drive space and currently I have a option to upgrade my storage by either getting a card to expand my IDE capacity or taking one of my two DVD drives out. What I have in the Signature is actually my backup HD. The ones I have Inside are 160GB, 120GB, and 2 TB. I have slow 667mhz memory in here. Would it tremendously help if i upgraded to the O.C. which is 1066 or higher to 1366? I need to be able to keep Snow Leopard functionality because of older games I refuse to let go just to go to lion or mountain lion. I also want to make sure video games like WoW or Starcraft which are the ones I usually play will not make my system a minimum specs for awhile. I'm going through college and I don't have allot of money to spend on other things besides school so any help that is not tough on my wallet would be great. If anyone can say if my board and graphics card is supported in mountain lion and lion that'd be great!
  7. Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out how it could be possible that after having gone from 8gb to 24gb of RAM in my desktop the benchmarks have fallen from 9054 to 8311 My configuration is: Motherboard ASUS Sabertooth x58 I7 processor 950 (3.07 ghz) 8GB -> 24GB Ram Corsair Vengance Geforce GTX 560 GPU I must say, however, I see a performance improvement especially at starting and using After Effects ... Hypothesis?