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Found 8 results

  1. Hi on my Hackintosh i have also another HD with Windows 7 installed NTFS formatted I see this partition from mac but it is read only Can I make this partition writable without commercial software? thanks
  2. Hello, First off, I have been around the hackintosh scene casually for a while so I'm not completely new. I own an MSI GT683r-242us, which has an intel i7 2630qm processor and two 500gb hdd. Now, currently my two hard drives are striped in RAID 0 configuration with two partitions, one containing my Windows 7 install, and the other is blank storage. This stripe is set up as an MBR partition table. For me, I am forced to run mac on an external hard drive. Here is what i'd like to know: Is it possible for me to access the storage partition of this set up so I can install OSX natively onto my internal hard drives? Is there a way to get disc utility to see the two partitions the my windows machine sees, instead of 3 different drives that are of inconsistent size when compared to the real partitions. Furthermore, if anyone knows a way to backup my windows OS by mirror imagining it so i can disable RAID and use the two hdds independently, (basically, i dont want to have to reinstall everything[possibly norton ghost? i dont know how it works tho])) Thanks a bundle in advance.
  3. Hi, At the beggining sorry for my bad english Let's get started from tell you about what I'm planning to do: - (GPT, UEFI) SSD 128 GB - Windows 8.1 (One system on disk installed in UEFI Mode) - (GPT) HDD 2 TB - OS X 10.9.4 (140 GB partition HFS+) and Data (1 TB partition NTFS) and rest is unallocated space. I am using Clover EFI as Bootloader (I Have motherboard with Z77 Chipset, 1155 LGA Processor and it has UEFI BIOS (so it has no errors)) Everything works fine (I Installed OS X and Windows (In this order), Update OS X, Install Kext, Install Bootloader) But Clover show me too many partitions (4 Windows partitions and One normal OS X partition) When I want create shared partition between my systems I run Disk Utility in OS X and Create partition NTFS (I Installed Paragon NTFS). So … everything may work, but When I go to Windows Disk Management, it has show unallocated space What I would Except: |--- OS X (140GB) ---||----------------------------------------------------- DATA (NTFS) ---||--- Unallocated space (rest) ---|| What was created: |--- OS X (140GB) ---||---- Unallocated space (Less than 1GB) ---||--- DATA (NTFS) ---||--- Unallocated space (rest) ---|| I Think, you understand me. And I Think, that OS X partitioning is different than Windows. When I Create 600 GB Data partition in OS X, in Windows shows me 560 GB … Is that possible to create NTFS partition beside HFS+ OS X partition? I don't want exFAT because I have multiple files where single file size is more than 16GB, I will prefer NTFS... Greetings.
  4. RandomMixTape

    Acer Aspire One Dual Boot

    I'm trying to install Mac OS 10.6.0 on an Acer Aspire One netbook with a simple dual boot of Windows XP and Mac OS X. I am following these tutorials to get this set up: http://basshead.word...-one-aoa150zg5/ http://wiki.osx86pro...imple_Dual_Boot I have repartitioned the hard drive using MiniTool Partition Wizard in Windows XP with a 100GB Windows XP partition, a 5GB Acer Recovery partition (pre-installed) and a 45GB FAT32 partition for Mac OS X. I have been able to run the Mac OS X installer and get to Disc Utility to format the 45GB partition as Mac OS X (Journaled) HFS+, but the installer refuses to install on the partition because the hard drive is not formatted in the GUID Partition Scheme. It seems the hard drive is formatted as MBR. I have tried to create a partition in Disc Utility when the 45GB is unallocated space but again the installer requires a reformat of the hard drive. I would prefer not to reformat the entire drive again because I do not want to lose the Acer Recovery Partition and my current install of Windows XP. It may also be difficult to install Windows XP on a GUID Partition Scheme Hard Drive. Is there any way that I can install Mac OS 10.6.0 on this partition without reformatting the whole hard drive in the GUID Partition Scheme? Could this method work? http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/02/mac-os-x-on-mbr-partition.html Thanks
  5. Hi, I first started Hackintosh with a Yosemite installation. This was the second partition on an MBR drive with the first partition as NTFS w/o Windows. It worked fine despite what I've heard but it ran out of space so I cloned that partition to another drive. This was eventually pointless because it created a 160gb partition on a 500gb drive and I came to learn HFS cannot be resized if the table is MBR. Now, this clone, which I used for a long period of time, still boots fine. However, no bootloader recognizes the initial OSX partition. They both used to come up and work just fine however. Nowadays, I'm running macOS Sierra with a Clover EFI installation which doesn't recognize the first partition, nor does the chameleon from the second clone. I've tried installing Chameleon and Clover to that partition and booting from it, but no go. Thanks in advance.
  6. I've booted into Install OS X Yosemite using Legacy Clover(old BIOS, only choice), and after I select 'Install OS X' and then select my partition I get a message that says that the installer cannot install to a non GUID partitioned volume. This is because I have an MBR partition as I also run Windows 7, Now everyone says to use an MBR patch like this one http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/300-yosemite-mbr-patch-1010-dp7/ That say explicitly to take their two files, 'OSInstall.mpkg' and 'OSInstaller.frameworks' and replace them with the files here: OSInstall.mpkg replace to /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg OSInstaller replace to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/OSInstaller.framework/Versions/A/OSInstaller ​When I was using Chameleon, that^ would work great. But my Clover boot loader doesn't even have the same folder structure. It does not have 'OSInstaller' file. It does have 'OSInstall.mpkg' in 'Install OS X Yosemite' > Show Package Contents, and I tried replacing that file with a 'patched' one, but that's only half the files so of course it didn't work. It said that the installer was corrupted and could not install OS X, so I just switched it back and now I'm back to original error message. I have searched the drive a million times, even enabling hidden files and folders and still cannot find the OSInstall.frameworks, and from what I can tell, this is probably the only one you actually need. Somebody has had to have tried this before. Do you HAVE to partition to GUID to use Clover? Am I missing something?
  7. is there any way to install OS X mavericks on MBR Partition? i have windows 8.1 OS..so i want to dual boot. but it say that i need to partition to change it into "GUID" but i can't do that, for my personal problem…so how to do it? help plz