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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, guys! I was messing around with my DSDT, asking for help here and there, trying to solve the last thing to make my Cintiq Companion 2 a perfect hack and provide a perfect guide for it. I don't know where more I can ask, so I hope somebody with more knowledge than me about ACPI and many more could possibly had some time to help this fella debug some stuff. My system: Cintiq Companion 2 DTHW1310L (Clover) i5-4258U, H8x/P8x Intel Iris 5100, 2560x1440 (QHD) My problem is related to wake from sleep using power button. Everything else works very well. My system enters sleep well, led blinks as expected. From here, there are two ways to wake it: Option 1.- Using PWRB (Power Button): it wakes, backlight with black screen (seems to try to connect or push signal to display), ten seconds and display go off, no backlight. Fans keep running, system is available in SSH but not in screen sharing. USB seems not work after sleep since connecting a usb keyboard and built-in buttons doesn't make anything. Option 2.- Connecting the "Wacom link cable"*: it wakes, backlight with black screen, if you wait about 20 or 30 second, display comes back. It's the only way I have to wake my system properly (Wacom link cable doesn't need to be connected to another computer, just connecting the 24-pin connector to my Companion make it wake). * Wacom link cable is a special cable with one 24-pin connector in one side to attach to Companion 2 and an HDMI and an USB cables in the other for a host computer. When connected, if Cintiq Companion 2 goes to sleep, hardware is detected by host computer as a standalone Cintiq 13HD and a USB HUB, so you can use it as an aditional display with Wacom features with future or more powerful systems. This hardware function is called Cintiq Mode. Things I've tried: I'm trying to use ACPIDebug.kext (thanks to RehabMan) in order to try to debug if my device properly wakes or somewhere in ACPI it stopped (please, forgive if I'm say things wrong, english is not my native language and I don't have any coder or programming skills or background). But more tracing code is needed for what I've been told, but don't know how to do it. Some guidance here will be really appreciated. I can see logs in Console.app if Option 2 is choosen, but using PWRB makes impossible to do that. Black screen as I said, so I need to force a shutdown. I don't know if there's a way to record logs in a file before put system to sleep, so I will be able to check them after a forced reboot. FYI, I've tried to use all ig-platform-id I could find in AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext with different DVMT-prealloc values in BIOS and proper Clover patches, including those "enable display after wake" patches you can find in RehabMan repo. I've played with framebuffer sizes, cursor bytes, delay, connector port types... No solution so far. Curious things: - If I boot in safe mode, wake from sleep using PWRB works (WTF). - My display seems to have more than one EDID (I used RW-Everything in Windows). It works under OSX even if I change connector type in port 0 from LVDS to eDP or HDMI. I've tried to inject using Clover or DSDT patch, no-connect or no-edid.. These tests bring some differences in display behaviour (recognized as external or internal, with or without backlight control) but issue persists. I'm attaching files for any of you that have the time and want to help. Files are: - Original Clover extracted ACPI files. - Clover folder. - Multipatch (all patches used for this device copied/pasted in one single text file) - IOReg - Intel Video Bios extracted from Linux. - EDID extracted with SwitchResX from OSX. Thanks in advance! Companion2.zip