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Found 5 results

  1. Let's cross reference the facts and settings and find out why we have the lags with the nVidia web drivers and why some other people don't have the lags. I have an EVGA 1070 SuperClocked GPU which is working pretty well under macOS Sierra and up to macOS 10.13.2 the last macOS update and the nVidia web driver didn't go so well. So far I tried all the following options but nothing seems to work: 1. Used only clover's on the fly patch for the board-id to avoid the black screen issue 2. Used Lilu and nVidiaGraphicsFixUp 3. Used only AGDPFix without any other patches or kexts 4. Activated the iGPU 5. used ACPI patches to change the PEG0 to GFX0 6. Used iMacPro SMBIOS without any patches or kext Nothing seems to work so far except for the patched version of the 104 or 106 web driver which has the lags but it's way better than the last drivers. To all people with no lags: Please share your EFI folders if you can. (Please remove the serial number, MLB, UUID and all the private stuff from your config.plist and also remove "themes" and "Apple" Folder before posting it) and please share your hardware specs with the firmware version (BIOS/UEFI version) Thank you all You can test the following sites to see wether you have the lags or not: http://madebyevan.com/webgl-water/ (thanks to @maerten) or http://www.bongiovi..../webgl/blossom/ (thanks to @TheBloke)
  2. Hello fellow Sierra users, maybe someone could help me with a post-installation defect. The problem occurred immediately after upgrading an existing build form ElCap 10.11.6 to Sierra 10.12.6. Overall the installation went all fine, no changes to Clover (4244) config, DSDT or set of additional kexts were required. Except updating to the matching NVDA WebDriver kit and repatching AppleHDA of course. NvidiaGraphicsFixup is not used, also no GPU injection from clover. Now if the DP connected monitor ever enters sleep mode it will not wake up any more. For a few seconds it will leave power saving mode and then return to it with the display staying blank all the time. As in El Capitan system sleep is completely disabled so this is not related to the whole system waking up, just the display. The symptom did not occur a single time while running macOS 10.11. So far I could not find a solution for this problem. However there seems to be a history of similar issues affecting Maxwell cards and DP connected monitors. Any suggestions welcome. Would a switch to a Pascal based NVIDIA GPU probably help to resolve the issue?
  3. I suspect that the annoying reboot of the USB flash disk (just after DSMOS has arrived) has to do with Clover not supporting my Maxwell GPU (970 GTX). In the config file, I tried using: - No injection - Nvidia Injection - nvda_drv = 1 On the verbose text at boot time, I can clearly see a line resembling this : Using Nvidia Official. Soon After, I get a black screen and a reboot. Is there a way to use Nvidia's newly released web driver in Clover Flash drive? FYI, I tried copying the NVDAGM100HalWeb.kext from S/L/E to Clover's USB kext directory without success. Maybe there is a way to do it more securely that I'm not aware of?
  4. MinusZwei

    Scrambled images with Maxwell's GPUs

    Hi all, I have recently bought a Titan X to replace my "good-old" GTX 780 in my machine. After reading some forums posts, I was quite confident that it would work like a charm, after installing the NVIDIA web drivers. ... and this is exactly what I did. So my current setup is the following: - OS X 10.10.3 - NVIDIA latest web drivers (346.01.02f04) - Latest CUDA driver (7.0.36) Overall, it works great. No single issue when running benchmarks applications like Unigine Valley and/or Cinebench. However, I am seeing some "scrambled images" (comparable to the one attached), mostly when browsing the web using Safari. After having matched one webpage that showcased this issue 100% of time, I exported the page in PDF. ..and guess what: The PDF also looks scrambled when opened with Preview, but not with Adobe Reader or Gmail internal PDF reader. So I am thinking about that Apple's rendering engine (maybe PDFKit ?) is using the hardware decoder from Maxwell's GPU, and this decoder is somehow not properly working with specific JPEG images (seems to be related to small pictures). My questions now are: 1. Is this common to all Maxwell's users here ? 2. Is there some way to tweak Apple's rendering engine to avoid this ?
  5. I have installed yosemite in my pc my specs are as follows i7 3770 P8Z77 V Pro Thunderbolt Geforce GTX 750 Ti (palit) this is my third post because i was changing graphics card. please bear with me I installed nvidia web driver to enable full Acceleration on this card I posted my Multicast log, my verbose and what yosemites detects from my card^^ please post if you need more info. The Last line in my verbose is missing bluetooth controller transport and i used the move all intelhd and at to intel_back. it worked one time i was able to get into the desktop without safe mode then i chose in the system preference to use nvidia web driver and i rebooted then stuck again help ^^ my sambas is mac 13,2 do i need to change?^^