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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone! My pc specs are these: Dell Optiplex 3010 SFF mobo: Dell 042P49 cpu: i3-3240 gpu: hd2500 (will be added a new gt710 next week) USB created with HackintoshZone restoreSierra from my macbook pro. So, I've installed from usb after setting up (I hope correctly) the bios (legacy, uefi doesn't work properly I think) and, even if I've restarted after waiting so long when it said "less than a minute remaining", I can boot just fine into Sierra in my SSD ("Hackintosh") selecting, when I start/restart the pc, boot from Hackintosh. Everything works fine except graphics (I know hd2500 is not supported so I just bought an used gt710 that will arrive next week), audio (it worked 2 times after setting with clover configurator, then it stopped) and ethernet (I think it's faulty, anyway I've a wifi dongle that works fine). BUT if the usb created with restoreSierra.pkg is not connected I can see Clover bootloader but I can't see my SSD "Hackintosh" which is the drive Sierra is installed in. I'm pretty sure something in post installation (Clover configurator -> Boot secton) is missing, these are the steps I made after the automatic initial setup: Mount EFI partition of SSD (since is not mounted by default) Install Clover EFI in order to install Clover Legacy. Copy EFI folder from HZ usb Delete EFI folder from EFI partition of SSD Paste EFI folder from HZ to EFI partition of SSD When I restart the pc w/o usb plugged I can't see the SSD, the space over the rounded icons is empty except from BOOT from EFI (and if select it it reload the same thing). I hope someone could help me, this is my first step in hackintosh world Have a nice day
  2. chemary85

    Clover Legacy y Windows 10

    Buenas noches: He conseguido instalar El Capitan con el sistema Clover Legacy, arrancando éste desde la partición EFI. El sistema va perfectamente quitando los USB3, que aun sigo buscando la manera de parchearlos y que solo me detecta 16Gb de RAM en vez de los 22Gb que tengo. (esto ultimo no me importa mucho ya que lo que pretendo es dejar funcionando el dualboot) Ahora el problema lo tengo en Windows 10, las particiones aparecen como Legacy HD1, Legacy HD2, etc y no puedo localizar cual es la partición "Reservado para el Sistema" para optar el arranque de Windows10. Aparte supongo que también tendré que marcar esa partición como activa para poder arrancarlo. Alguna sugerencia? Gracias de antemano. Saludos!
  3. Manually install Clover for UEFI booting and configure boot priority with EasyUEFI in Windows This tutorial will show how to manually install Clover in the EFI system partition of a pre-existing install of UEFI Windows. In the process, you will also learn how to mount the EFI partition and add Clover as a UEFI boot option (using the EasyUEFI program) in Windows. Prerequisites 1. CloverISO from Sourceforge. 2. 7-Zip for Windows 3. EasyUEFI 4. Existing UEFI install of Windows X64 (7,8,8.1 or 10) Obtain Clover 1. Download the CloverISO.tar.lzma file from Sourceforge and open the file with 7-Zip. 2. Extract the Clover subfolder to your \Downloads with 7-Zip. 3. Copy the Clover folder by right clicking on its icon in Windows File Explorer. Mounting the EFI System Partition and installing Clover 1. Open an administrative command prompt by clicking the Windows start button, typing cmd and right clicking on the search result as shown below... 2. Type the following commands, followed by <Enter> after each line: diskpart list disk select disk # (where # is the disk number of the disk with UEFI Windows) list partition select partition x (where x is the partition number of the EFI system partition. By default, it is usually the 100MB second partition) assign letter=s exit 3. Open Windows Task Manager as administrator by clicking the Windows start button, typing taskmgr and right clicking on the search result as shown below... 4. Click Run new task 5. Click Browse and in the Browse window, navigate to the EFI folder in the System Partition (which is mapped to drive S:) and also select "All files" from the drop down menu... 6. Right click inside the EFI folder to "paste" the Clover folder we downloaded earlier. If necessary, you can make edits to Clover's default config.plist with Wordpad or add OSX kexts like FakeSMC into the \kexts\other folder while still in the Task Manager browse window. For UEFI booting into OSX, you will most likely need the OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi or OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi driver in EFI\CLOVER\drivers64UEFI (copy from the \CLOVER\drivers-Off\drivers64UEFI folder). 7. Quit Task Manager. Add Clover as a UEFI Boot Option using the EasyUEFI Program 1. Open EasyUEFI and click on the small icon with the plus sign (second from top) to add a new entry. 2. In the Create Boot Entry Window, choose "Linux or other OS" as the entry type, click to select the EFI System partition as the target and browse to the CLOVERX64.efi file (file path \EFI\CLOVER\CLOVERX64.efi) as shown below... 3. Type Clover in the Description field then the OK button. 4. You will now see the new Clover entry on the main GUI of EasyUEFI. Click on the entry and then click the small up arrow icon to move Clover to the top so it will get priority over the Windows Boot Manager on boot up. Note on this screen, you can also delete/edit/disable boot entries or move them down the boot order. 5. Click the power menu and select reboot to restart your system (use your system's boot device selection key to choose the drive with CLOVER installed if necessary eg F12 for Gigabyte motherboards, F8 for ASUS motherboards, F11 for ASrock motherboards) ---> will now be presented with the Clover Main Menu GUI to boot Windows (or OSX). Enjoy and Good Hack !
  4. Hey guys, When trying to boot my HP DV6 (Specs in signature) from my Chameleon 2,3 USB boot loader I get a GenericUSBXHCI::CreateRootHubDevice Bus 14 already taken error. My BIOS is unlocked using Donovan6000s F1.B unlock, and I'm using a DSDT I found for a DV6/DV7 that seems to be working (GenericUSBHXCI gives a message about not loading if I'm not using a DSDT) So far, I've tried RehabMan's GenerichUSBXHCI, Patched Yosemite Beta AppleUSBXCHI, vanilla AppleUSBXCHI, and Maverick's GenericUSBHXCI found in this thread. I've attached two pictures which might be relevant; the first one being of when the USB is initially mounted and this next one a picture of the actual error message. I'm booting with -v; USBBusFix=Yes stops the installer while it's still on the Chameleon mesh background, and -x seems to make the screen go black within 30 seconds. I've tried the UHCI and EHCI flags, but get the same result in my screenshots. I'm not entirely well versed in this message and I can't find too much about it, so if anyone could provide some insight it would definitely be appreciated. I'm wondering if making my own DSDT could help, but I'm hesitant to take the time to do the DSDT if it's not even a variable. It's worth noting that my USB ports are working, I plugged in another USB just to see what would happen and verbose showed the filesystem etc. It just seems that each port I try has 'Bus 14 Already Taken'
  5. I am trying to do a new install of El Capitan 10.11.5 with Clover legacy mode USB on my Dell E6520 (i7, 4GB RAM on slot 0, Samsung EVO850 SSD). When Clover boots into El Capitan installer, the Apple logo appears and then the PC will reboot. Verbose show APCI section searching /Extra/Extensions/ and then black screen and reboot. Cannot figure out what is causing the panic reboot. Please help!
  6. Hello and happy new year everyone, I have been trying to get my "old" computer running completely on Sierra for a few weeks now (before Christmas). I had been on Snow Leopard for 6 or 7 years. Was a fast setup then. Will build new rig in next couple months... anyhow. I have a stable running Sierra. No freezes, have internet, sound, video. Have 2 issues main issues; Issue 1 - Clover cannot detect Windows 10. Clover cannot auto-boot. > Sierra is on SSD > Windows 10 & Snow Leopard are on different partitions of WD 2TB HDD > Connected to Intel SATA 0, 1, 2, 3 slots > Upon boot, Clover only displays the 2 apple drives; OS X Sierra & Recovery (does not auto boot) > Here's the strange thing. When I navigate to EXIT CLOVER, Clover resets/refreshes/reboots. Now it can see all the attached drives. > From here, I can select Windows or Sierra. Not the best experience. Issue 2 - OS X does not shut down. > So many people that have this issue. On Shutdown, screen goes black, systems just hangs. What I've tried. > Pressing F2 at First Clover boot (the 2 drives) and also on second iteration (all drives displaying). This shows the preboot.log. Seems the first time, Scanning doesn't work for some reason. > I have attached preboot1 and reboot 2 for context. > Clover Configurator - I have selected FixShutdown and Halt Enabler in ACPI. Doesn't do anything for Shutdown. > Scan is set to Legacy. Timeout set to 3 seconds. > DefaultBootVolume set to LastBootedVolume Attached 1. 2 screens; Volumes from Finder / the 2 screens from Clover. 2. preboot logs 3. config.plist So many thanks for anyone willing to take a look and help me troubleshoot. Been tinkering over 2 weeks now. ~Eric config.txt preboot1.txt preboot2.txt
  7. Hello, i have two hard disk in my unit, one's formated as GPT with EFI partition & has few macOS partitions in it, the other is MBR legacy with 1 macOS + 1 Windows 10. When i tell the unit to boot the legacy OS, it doesn't seem to : It shows me the EFI Clover bootloader (i can't differenciate with legacy one since i use different theme). That happens even when i set my bios to boot legacy only..! I'm quite new to EFI so i don't get where's the issue here. Please help? Thanks
  8. Hey guys, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to use clover to be able to boot windows and have it see a full 4tb HDD on legacy hardware? I have used a UEFI enabled computer to install Windows on the 4TB hard drive, but obviously when I plug that drive into the non-uefi computer it won't load. I was wondering if I could use clover to make it work? I tried using a mac with a HDD caddy to install clover to it, but I think it says that clover couldn't be installed to that drive. Yet when I format that drive in apple's disk manager then I am able to install clover to the drive. I believe I need to somehow do a "protective mbr" or "hybrid mbr" as the motherboard is non-uefi so it won't read a GPT disk, so I need to probably have clover install into a MBR partition on the disk so it can then start the GPT partition that contains windows (I can have different partitioning schemes on one drive right?) So far: I have been able to successfully boot up the UEFI version of windows in the legacy boot hardware by using a USB drive with clover on it. The computer starts up, loads up clover and then I select to boot off the drive and it loads up no problem. Thing is I need to do is somehow have the 4tb drive contain clover. I've been working on this for a couple days, if anyone can point me the right way I would extremely appreciate it!!
  9. I have recently completed an installation of Yosemite with the Clover boot loader. I have Windows 8 installed on an SSD that I can boot into by selecting it from the startup options. My problem is that when I boot into Clover, I can see the drive, and Clover says "Boot Windows from Legacy HD" but when I select it a Windows logo appears, and freezes immediately. I was under the impression that Windows 8 does not use legacy by default but instead uses UEFI. I was hoping I could get some help with understanding the setup I have, whether or not I have Windows 8 in legacy or UEFI mode. And then from there what I should do to be bale to boot into Windows from Clover. I have looked around this forum as well as done some searches but I was unable to find anyone with the same problem as me. If anyone could help or direct me to a resource that will help I would greatly appreciate it. I can post my setup if it is needed to determine a solution.