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Found 1 result

  1. This follows my previous guide for El Capitan. 0. What works and does not Works - CPU power management - QE/CI on Integrated Intel HD 4000 - Keyboard/Trackpad - HDMI and LVDS output - Audio: Headphone, speaker, HDMI. - Ethernet - Camera - Battery info - Bluetooth - USB Does NOT work - Internal Wifi. Workaround: USB wifi or replace your internal wifi with a supported mPCI-e card. - Sleep: does not work with an USB wifi. Workaround: Replace your internal wifi with a supported card. - VGA out. Workaround: Use an « active » HDMI to VGA adapter. I use this way to connecting my laptop to projectors. - Discrete AMD GPU - Card reader. Workaround: Use an external USB card reader. 1. Specs My Dell Inspiron 15R SE has the following specs: - Intel Core i7 3632QM with Intel HD Graphic 4000 - 8GB + 4GB RAM (12GB total) - 128GB Samsung EVO SSD + 1TB HDD - AMD Radeon 7730M, won't be used by any Hackintosh build - Full HD 15.4" screen 2. Requirements - A Dell 7520, of course - An USB Stick, minimum 8GB. Any 8GB should work. - A pair of USB Mouse / Keyboard during the installation and fixes (you can use your built in keyboard and touchpad later) - An existing Hackintosh (or a real Mac, if you have any ) If you don't, I suggest to start from lower versions (or use Hackintosh Zone Yosemite distro as your base, follow my previous short guide) - Downloaded «Install macOS Sierra» from App Store. - A GPT-partitioned hard drive. This is required since El Capitan (and was not the case with Yosemite). - A 20GB (minimum) partition as the target. - MacPwn 3. Create USB Install. For full guide please see here - Boot your existing Hackintosh or real Mac. - First you need to be sure that you have downloaded the app «Install macOS Sierra» from App Store. - Use Disk Utilities to partition your USB stick with 1 partition in GPT mode, and choose «OS X Extended (Journaled)» as partition type. Note: don't use any space in label of your disk. - Run MacPwn. - Press Continue. Then Continue and Continue. Agree the license agreement. Change Install Location, then Install to Specific Disk and choose your USB stick. Click Customize to choose your desired boot loader. I prefer Chameleon. Finally, Install. - Be patient. It's quite slow. - Reboot after finishing creating you USB for installation. 4. Install - During boot, press F12 to have boot list. Choose your USB to start. Use 'IntelCapriFB=4' to boot the installation. - It should boot directly to the installation UI. Choose language. - On top menu, select Utilities and Disk Utility. - Format your target partition as OS X Extended (Journaled). - Exit Disk utility. - Select Install, choose your newly formatted partition. Follow the instruction. Wait for a while (in my case I waited around 10 minutes). - It will restart your computer as soon as it finishes the file copy. - You still need to boot from USB. Hit F12 during boot to show boot list. Choose your USB to start. Use 'IntelCapriFB=4', select your installed partition and press Enter. - You will be able to see user creation. Follow the instructions on screen. When you get to your desktop, welcome to macOS Sierra! 5. Fix boot loader Clover is a nice bootloader for macOS Sierra. Get latest version from Sourceforge, install it into ESP, choose boot0ss while installing. 6. Device fixes 6.1. Built-in trackpad and keyboard Download EMlyDinEsH's Smart Touchpad kext, version 4.6.5 and install it with any kext utility. Don't forget to remove any ApplePS2 kext in your /System/Library/Extensions 6.2. Intel HD 4000 for HDMI output - I've successfully finished patching AppleIntelFramebufferCapri to support both LVDS and HDMI at the same time. Delete /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext and use the attached one instead - Note: add (or change) IntelCapriFB=3 in your Clover's config.plist. 6.3. Audio VoodooHDA works for me. I use version 2.8.8. Simply download it and install it with your Kext utility. 6.4. CPU Power Management Works fine with macOS Sierra (official version) as long as you use ssdtPRGen.sh as instructed here 6.5. Ethernet Simply install this KingMaker's Realtek RTL8111-8168 kext with any of your kext utility and reboot, you will have ethernet working! 6.6. Screen Brightness and Disable AMD GPU Use provided SSDT/DSDT to fix screen brightness and to disable the discrete AMD 7730M GPU for better power consumption. 6.7. Battery info By default you will not be able to see Battery info. Install RehabMan's ACPI Battery Driver will fix this. 6.8. Wifi The integrated wifi doesn't work. At all. I used an external wifi dongle TP Link WN725N (v2) for Internet access. After that I replaced the internal wifi with a Atheros AR5B29 and it works natively