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Found 2 results

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    Fixes CPU temperature and multiplier readings in HWMonitor and iStat on model 0x3C (LGA1150 Desktop Form) Haswell CPUs, including i7-4770K and i5-4670K. The larger of the two downloads was compiled on 10.8.4 with the 10.8 sdk. I have not tested this build. The second and smaller file was compiled on 10.9 with the 10.9 sdk and has been confirmed to work in Mavericks with i7-4770K and i5-4670K. Kozlek has since merged this patch with his master branch, you can download and compile it yourself at https://github.com/kozlek/HWSensors Wait for hwmonitor to prompt you to update, or wait for binaries to be available at https://bitbucket.org/kozlek/hwsensors/downloads diff --git a/CPUSensors/CPUSensors.cpp b/CPUSensors/CPUSensors.cpp index 3af1039..54b9d60 100755 --- a/CPUSensors/CPUSensors.cpp +++ b/CPUSensors/CPUSensors.cpp @@ -363,6 +363,7 @@ bool CPUSensors::start(IOService *provider) readTjmaxFromMSR(); break; + case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_DT: case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_MB: case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_ULT: case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_ULX: diff --git a/Shared/cpuid.h b/Shared/cpuid.h index 4bcba2f..9c17cb1 100755 --- a/Shared/cpuid.h +++ b/Shared/cpuid.h @@ -151,6 +151,7 @@ #define CPUID_MODEL_NEHALEM_EX 0x2E #define CPUID_MODEL_WESTMERE_EX 0x2F #define CPUID_MODEL_IVYBRIDGE 0x3A +#define CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_DT 0x3C #define CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_MB 0x3F /* Haswell MB */ //#define CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_H 0x?? // Haswell H #define CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_ULT 0x45 /* Haswell ULT */ @@ -457,6 +458,7 @@ static void cpuid_update_generic_info() cpufamily = CPUFAMILY_INTEL_IVYBRIDGE; break; + case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_DT: case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_MB: case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_ULT: case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_ULX:
  2. I made new kext as an addition to HWSensors v3.3. Compatibility with OS 10.6 - 10.10 Currently it show only CPU temperature. May be later I make voltage and frequencies. Voluntaries welcomed. I am not sure with kozlek's project compatibility. Test with precations. (kozlek's version is not newer. It is a branch with own enumeration) Manual testing without installation: sudo -s chown -R root:wheel ~/Downloads/AmdCPUMonitor.kext chmod -R 755 ~/Downloads/AmdCPUMonitor.kext kextutil -v ~/Downloads/AmdCPUMonitor.kext This kext v1.0 AmdCPUMonitor.kext.zip Other files in the project (don't install all of them! For example you don't need IntelCPUMonitor) FakeSMC_plugins_746.zip New FakeSMC with Illumination version in System Profiler and no warnings in kernel.log FakeSMC.kext_Illumination.zip Minimum set includes FakeSMC+HWInfo Recommended installation (I have no installer so I propose you will use Terminal.app) sudo -s cp -r -v ~/Downloads/HWSensors/AmdCPUMonitor.kext /System/Library/Extensions/ and so on for all kexts that will have a sense for you ACPIMonitor.kext - for devices in DSDT. Only for advanced users! AmdCPUMonitor.kext - temperature for AMD CPU Andigilog.kext - for andigilog chip. Found on some Intel motherboard AnalogDevices.kext - for chips like ADT7470-7475 F718x.kext - for Fintek chip FakeSMC.kext - obligatory for any Hackintosh GeforceSensor.kext - for new NVidia Geforce cards HWInfo.kext - if you use Clover bootloader ICHSMBus.kext - an addition for Andigilog.kext IntelCPUMonitor.kext - temperature, voltage and frequencies for Intel CPU up to Haswell ITEIT87x.kext - for ITE chip, found on most Gigabyte motherboards NuvotonNCT677x.kext - for Nuvotone chip, found on new ASUS motherboards NVClockX.kext - for old NVidia cards PC8739x.kext - for NSC chip, found on Dell Inspiron only RadeonMonitor.kext - for Radeon videocard HD4000+ W836x.kext - for Winbond chips found on old ASUS motherboards X3100.kext - for Intel X3100 (GM965 chip) Monitor application to be used HWMonitor.app_731.zip New version andigilog.kext supports EMC6D103 chip. Advantages: - no spam in system.log - CPU usage only 0.1% - no panics - supported wide range of chips. Sources are available here https://www.assembla.com/code/fakesmc/subversion/nodes/738/HWSensors