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Found 9 results

  1. Slice


    Hi all, I created an installer for my version of FakeSMC with plugins and applications latest revision. Compatibility from 10.6 up to 10.11. Test, please. Download here: HWSensors.pkg.zip See my signature FakeSMC 3.4.0 revision 751 HWSensors.pkg-751.zip New project home is https://sourceforge.net/projects/hwsensors3.hwsensors.p/ where you can download most recent versions. Now it is FakeSMC 3.4.1 Explanations about the difference between versions 3 and 6 #137 20.05.2016 Revision 32 with explanation at #220 10.10.2017 FakeSMC is 3.5.0 compatible with High Sierra. New plugin VoodooBatterySMC created on the base of VoodooBattery by Superhai but with SMC keys generating to show Battery voltage and amperage. As well it created key BATP needed for right speedstep and FileVault2. Other kexts revised.
  2. Version


    Fixes CPU temperature and multiplier readings in HWMonitor and iStat on model 0x3C (LGA1150 Desktop Form) Haswell CPUs, including i7-4770K and i5-4670K. The larger of the two downloads was compiled on 10.8.4 with the 10.8 sdk. I have not tested this build. The second and smaller file was compiled on 10.9 with the 10.9 sdk and has been confirmed to work in Mavericks with i7-4770K and i5-4670K. Kozlek has since merged this patch with his master branch, you can download and compile it yourself at https://github.com/kozlek/HWSensors Wait for hwmonitor to prompt you to update, or wait for binaries to be available at https://bitbucket.org/kozlek/hwsensors/downloads diff --git a/CPUSensors/CPUSensors.cpp b/CPUSensors/CPUSensors.cpp index 3af1039..54b9d60 100755 --- a/CPUSensors/CPUSensors.cpp +++ b/CPUSensors/CPUSensors.cpp @@ -363,6 +363,7 @@ bool CPUSensors::start(IOService *provider) readTjmaxFromMSR(); break; + case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_DT: case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_MB: case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_ULT: case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_ULX: diff --git a/Shared/cpuid.h b/Shared/cpuid.h index 4bcba2f..9c17cb1 100755 --- a/Shared/cpuid.h +++ b/Shared/cpuid.h @@ -151,6 +151,7 @@ #define CPUID_MODEL_NEHALEM_EX 0x2E #define CPUID_MODEL_WESTMERE_EX 0x2F #define CPUID_MODEL_IVYBRIDGE 0x3A +#define CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_DT 0x3C #define CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_MB 0x3F /* Haswell MB */ //#define CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_H 0x?? // Haswell H #define CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_ULT 0x45 /* Haswell ULT */ @@ -457,6 +458,7 @@ static void cpuid_update_generic_info() cpufamily = CPUFAMILY_INTEL_IVYBRIDGE; break; + case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_DT: case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_MB: case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_ULT: case CPUID_MODEL_HASWELL_ULX:
  3. This is the guide how to make monitoring of hardware parameters (temperatures, fan speeds, voltages etc) using DSDT programming. The method invented by me with THeKiNG presence and improved by Kozlek. Prerequisites There is FakeSMC plugin named ACPImonitor in my branch or renamed to ACPISensors in kozlek's branch. They are the same. HWMonitor or other monitoring application: iStat, K-Stat-i, ... How it works. HWMonitor or other software make a request for known SMC key, for example TA0P (ambient temperature), every 1 seconds. The request catched by FakeSMC which knows that the key registered by ACPImonitor plugin. This plugin knows that the value for the key must be read from ACPI device "monitor" by method "TCRR" and make a request to AppleACPIPlatform for evaluate this method. AppleACPIPlatform interpretates AML codes written into DSDT, finds the method and calculates the value using hardware access. The value return back to ACPImonitor -> FakeSMC -> AppleSMC -> HWMonitor which shows the "temperature". The kext ACPImonitor will not work OOB. It will work only with DSDT patches for the usage. Simple example DSDT. Device (FSAM) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("APP0111")) Name (_CID, "monitor") Name (TCRK, Zero) Method (TCRR, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (TCRK) } Method (TCRW, 1, NotSerialized) { Store (Arg0, TCRK) Return (TCRK) } Method (TCPP, 1, NotSerialized) { Store (\_TZ.THM._TMP (), Local0) Return (Local0) } } You have to create new device. It must have Name (_CID, "monitor") This is the key for ACPImonitor attached to it. Then see Method (TCRR,0, NotSerialized) mentioned above. It will return a value or variable TCRK. In this demo I made a method TCRW which will fill the variable TCRK from SMC key. The I have to make correspondence ACPI_methodSMC_key in ACPImonitor.kext/info.plist I can write values to the SMC key TA1P ./SMC_util3 -kTA1P -w28 and see the value 28 appears in HWMonitor as "Ambient temperature" Value conversions must be provided in DSDT. Predefined keys ACPI SMC Name TCPU Th0H CPU heatsink TSYS TN0P Northbridge temperature TDIM Tm0P DIMM temperature TAMB TA0P Ambient TCPP TC0P CPU proximity VCPU VC0C CPU voltage VMEM VM0R DIMM voltage ACDC ACIN, ACEN Presence of AC power FAN0 - FAN9 for FAN speed FTN0 -FTN9 for FAN rotation time In the case of FAN reading we also want to assign name to them. It is also possible with the Info.plist What to monitor in real DSDT? This is individual. So why the ACPImonitor will not work OOB. See example from my notebook. looking through DSDT I found the follow region. OperationRegion (TMIF, SystemMemory, 0xFF800160, 0x20) Field (TMIF, ByteAcc, Lock, Preserve) { THS0, 8, THS1, 8, THS2, 8, Offset (0x08), FAN1, 8, Offset (0x10), TSP0, 8, TSC0, 8, TSP1, 8, TSC1, 8 } Looks like three temperatures and one FAN. As well I found ThermalZone Scope (_TZ) { ThermalZone (THM) { Method (_CRT, 0, NotSerialized) { Store (\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.WSEC.C2K (\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.WSEC.TSC0), Local0) Return (Local0) } Method (_TMP, 0, NotSerialized) { Store (\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.WSEC.C2K (\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.WSEC.THS0), Local0) Return (Local0) } _CRT - critical temperature _TMP - current temperature _SB.PCI0.LPCB.WSEC.C2K is a method to convert Celsius to Kelvin degrees. So I see that the field THS0 is really CPU temperature. Using ACPImonitor is only way to do monitoring on notebooks because no other methods works and because it usually contains ThermalZone. I know my guide is too short and hope some users shows own examples how to do ACPI monitoring. Note. This method is useful mostly for notebook where temperature and FANs control present in DSDT. For desktops there are plugins like ITE87xx, Winbond, Fintek depending on you LPC chip installed. 10.10.2017 ACPIMonitor version 1.0.3 There is a possibility to define some types and sizes for custom keys <key>keysToAdd</key> <dict> <key>TCRR</key> <string>TA0P-2</string> <key>TCRW</key> <string>TA1P-3</string> <key>MSLD</key> <string>MSLD-1</string> </dict> The number after key name means follow 0 -> "flag", len 1 1 -> "ui8 ", len 1 2 -> "ui16", len 2 3 -> "sp78", len 2 4 -> "ui32", len 4
  4. Hi everybody i can't see the frequencies of the GPU in HWMonitor tab. I have the last release 6.23 Let me know. Thanks
  5. I made new kext as an addition to HWSensors v3.3. Compatibility with OS 10.6 - 10.10 Currently it show only CPU temperature. May be later I make voltage and frequencies. Voluntaries welcomed. I am not sure with kozlek's project compatibility. Test with precations. (kozlek's version is not newer. It is a branch with own enumeration) Manual testing without installation: sudo -s chown -R root:wheel ~/Downloads/AmdCPUMonitor.kext chmod -R 755 ~/Downloads/AmdCPUMonitor.kext kextutil -v ~/Downloads/AmdCPUMonitor.kext This kext v1.0 AmdCPUMonitor.kext.zip Other files in the project (don't install all of them! For example you don't need IntelCPUMonitor) FakeSMC_plugins_746.zip New FakeSMC with Illumination version in System Profiler and no warnings in kernel.log FakeSMC.kext_Illumination.zip Minimum set includes FakeSMC+HWInfo Recommended installation (I have no installer so I propose you will use Terminal.app) sudo -s cp -r -v ~/Downloads/HWSensors/AmdCPUMonitor.kext /System/Library/Extensions/ and so on for all kexts that will have a sense for you ACPIMonitor.kext - for devices in DSDT. Only for advanced users! AmdCPUMonitor.kext - temperature for AMD CPU Andigilog.kext - for andigilog chip. Found on some Intel motherboard AnalogDevices.kext - for chips like ADT7470-7475 F718x.kext - for Fintek chip FakeSMC.kext - obligatory for any Hackintosh GeforceSensor.kext - for new NVidia Geforce cards HWInfo.kext - if you use Clover bootloader ICHSMBus.kext - an addition for Andigilog.kext IntelCPUMonitor.kext - temperature, voltage and frequencies for Intel CPU up to Haswell ITEIT87x.kext - for ITE chip, found on most Gigabyte motherboards NuvotonNCT677x.kext - for Nuvotone chip, found on new ASUS motherboards NVClockX.kext - for old NVidia cards PC8739x.kext - for NSC chip, found on Dell Inspiron only RadeonMonitor.kext - for Radeon videocard HD4000+ W836x.kext - for Winbond chips found on old ASUS motherboards X3100.kext - for Intel X3100 (GM965 chip) Monitor application to be used HWMonitor.app_731.zip New version andigilog.kext supports EMC6D103 chip. Advantages: - no spam in system.log - CPU usage only 0.1% - no panics - supported wide range of chips. Sources are available here https://www.assembla.com/code/fakesmc/subversion/nodes/738/HWSensors
  6. For the most part I've had a 100% working build since 10.8.2. I've done every point update and nothing has broken until now. (Well except iMessage, but we know that's a different story) First my build - Chimera 4.1.0 Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H (F14 bios) 3770K @ 4.5GHz Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 2GB 32GB 1600MHz RAM OC to 1867MHz 256GB Samsung 840 Pro In the past I've never had an issue with all of my system stats showing up in HWMonitor or iStat Menus so long as FakeSMC Plugins are installed. My CPU has always reported at the correct frequency under HWMonitor and iStat, and my RAM showed up as the correct frequency in "About this Mac". However as soon as I updated to 10.10.3, this was no longer the case. HWmonitor and iStat show my CPU running at 3.46GHz (stock clock for the 3770K), and "About this Mac" shows my RAM as running at 0 MHz. All my other stats show up fine. At first I thought maybe my OC got wiped out somehow, so I booted into the bios and they're still there. So I booted up Windows 8.1 to double-check what frequencies it's detecting and it reports them correctly at 4.5GHz for the CPU and 1867MHz for the RAM. So I think my OC is still in tact. Although even if it was wiped out... that wouldn't explain the RAM reporting at 0 MHz. On the surface I think this is just a cosmetic issue, however my concern is that maybe it's not... maybe my CPU is running at 3.5GHz and not 4.5GHz in 10.10.3, which is quite a huge performance difference and more of a legitimate concern. However even if it is just cosmetic I'd still like to uncover the cause of this. FakeSMC and the 4 FakeSMC plugins are all loaded according to System Information, and they're all running the latest versions (1364). HWMonitor and iStat Menus are also fully updated. Booting with Chimera 4.1.0. Is anyone having similar issues? Anyone got any suggestions on where I can start to try to solve this issue? Thanks guys edit: So now I have reason to believe this isn't just a cosmetic issue. I just ran Geekbench and I'm only getting 13925 - http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/view/2552061 Previously whenever I ran Geekbench I'd get between 16500 and 17000. So I think my CPU actually is running at stock clocks... ugh
  7. Hello guys, it's been a long time since I've been here but anyway, nobody cares I guess. 2 Days ago I booted up a backup of one of my Mavericks installations of my hack. As I am a very data conscious user, I have Little Snitch installed. It's a really good firewall made for (Mac) OS X, in my eyes a must have for every Mac user. As the boot process was nearly completed, Little Snitch showed me that HWMonitor.app wanted to connect to paypalobjects.com. This is really odd, as this Application doesn't seem to have any PayPal donate button or something similar. Sadly, I was too baffled and didn't make a screenshot of the Little Snitch alert. However, I have a screenshot of my settings, this is no evidence as one can easily make those rules by hand, but still. Why should I lie? I have no competitional websites nor softwares in the hackintosh scene (I'm just saying this, because of the controversy between the person mentioned below and other devs). I wanted to reproduce this behaviour, but it hasn't happened to me again. Do you guys know what's going on here? Have you encountered this before? I could not find anything on the web. I installed the HWMonitor.app with the FakeSMC apps with one of Phonymacs postinstall packages. It was M ultibeas t, this has to be typed out as this is potential(!) malware. I already removed this software from my machine as I really don't want ANY communication between an Application that monitors temperatures of my hardware to ANYONE. If people choose to send all their data (roomtemperatures, health data, etc. pp. the industry never sleeps to become more creepy...) to someone even though they don't know what happens next, then that's not my problem - I don't want that. Please tell me your thoughts on this and please write here if you noticed this too! Greetings, hipunk
  8. My CPU is constantly running at 800 MHz max unless I restart or put it to sleep, wait until all the fans shut off, then wake it. Sometimes this does not work, and restarting does not work either, so it runs at 800 MHz which is barely usable. (HWMonitor is showing this) It should be running at minimum 1.6 GHz, up to max of 3.40 GHz (or 3.90 GHz with Turbo) I have: Asus P8Z77-V PRO Intel i7-3770 16 GB RAM (2 x 8GB) running OSX 10.9.2 with Clover v. 2636 This happens on a fresh install, I've already tried that a few times.
  9. Since getting HWMonitor and HWSensors set up the boot time has gone from ~7 seconds to over 30. Looking at the boot log I think it may be something to do with multiple FakeSMC kexts installed but I'm not sure how to resolve it. Specs: CPU Intel Core i7-4770K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler* Antec KUHLER H2O 920 110.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Memory G.Skill Ripjaws Z Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory Storage Plextor M5S Series 256GB 2.5" Solid State Disk Video Card MSI Radeon HD 7970 3GB Video Card Wireless Network Adapter TP-Link TL-WDN4800 802.11a/b/g/n PCI-Express x1 Wi-Fi Adapter Power Supply OCZ ZT 650W 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX12V Power Supply Motherboard Gigabyte Z87M-D3H Boot Log: Longterm timer threshold: 1000 ms PMAP: PCID enabled PMAP: Supervisor Mode Execute Protection enabled Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0: Thu Sep 19 22:22:27 PDT 2013; root:xnu-2422.1.72~6/RELEASE_X86_64 vm_page_bootstrap: 4040146 free pages and 121390 wired pages kext submap [0xffffff7f807a5000 - 0xffffff8000000000], kernel text [0xffffff8000200000 - 0xffffff80007a5000] zone leak detection enabled "vm_compressor_mode" is 4 standard timeslicing quantum is 10000 us standard background quantum is 2500 us mig_table_max_displ = 74 TSC Deadline Timer supported and enabled Refusing new kext com.apple.driver.AppleRTC, v2.0: already have prelinked v1111.0. NullCPUPowerManagement::init: properties=0xffffff801fc2f7c0 NullCPUPowerManagement::start FakeSMCKeyStore: started AppleKeyStore starting (BUILT: Sep 19 2013 22:20:34) FakeSMC v6.0.1057 Copyright 2013 netkas, slice, usr-sse2, kozlek, navi, THe KiNG, RehabMan. All rights reserved. AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=1 LocalApicId=0 Enabled AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=2 LocalApicId=2 Enabled AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=3 LocalApicId=4 Enabled AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=4 LocalApicId=6 Enabled AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=5 LocalApicId=1 Enabled AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=6 LocalApicId=3 Enabled AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=7 LocalApicId=5 Enabled AppleACPICPU: ProcessorId=8 LocalApicId=7 Enabled calling mpo_policy_init for TMSafetyNet Security policy loaded: Safety net for Time Machine (TMSafetyNet) calling mpo_policy_init for Sandbox Security policy loaded: Seatbelt sandbox policy (Sandbox) calling mpo_policy_init for Quarantine Security policy loaded: Quarantine policy (Quarantine) Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993 The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved. MAC Framework successfully initialized using 16384 buffer headers and 10240 cluster IO buffer headers FakeSMC: 11 preconfigured keys added IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 64:87 ACPI: sleep states S3 S4 S5 pci (build 22:16:29 Sep 19 2013), flags 0x63008, pfm64 (39 cpu) 0x7f80000000, 0x80000000 [ PCI configuration begin ] ACPISensors (TZ00): 1 sensor added ACPISensors (TZ00): started OSMetaClass: Kext org.netkas.FakeSMC class FakeSMC is a duplicate;kext org.netkas.driver.FakeSMC already has a class by that name. Kext org.netkas.FakeSMC start failed (result 0xdc00400a). Kext org.netkas.FakeSMC failed to load (0xdc008017). Failed to load kext org.netkas.FakeSMC (error 0xdc008017). console relocated to 0x7f90000000 [ PCI configuration end, bridges 7, devices 15 ] FakeSMC v6.0.1057 Copyright 2013 netkas, slice, usr-sse2, kozlek, navi, THe KiNG, RehabMan. All rights reserved. FakeSMC: 16 preconfigured keys added ACPISensors (TZ01): 1 sensor added ACPISensors (TZ01): started PXSX cannot assert wake from D3cold USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): 20121024010234 0x480 0xd010 0x3704, 2 FakeSMC: [Fatal] failed to initialize SMC device FakeSMC v6.0.1057 Copyright 2013 netkas, slice, usr-sse2, kozlek, navi, THe KiNG, RehabMan. All rights reserved. FakeSMC: 11 preconfigured keys added FakeSMC: [Fatal] failed to initialize SMC device SMC: successfully initialized CPUSensors: CPU family 0x6, model 0x3c, stepping 0x3, cores 4, threads 8, TJmax 100 CPUSensors: setting platform keys to [j43 ] CPUSensors: RAPL units power: 0x3 energy: 0xe time: 0xa CPUSensors: started mcache: 8 CPU(s), 64 bytes CPU cache line size mbinit: done [128 MB total pool size, (85/42) split] Pthread support ABORTS when sync kernel primitives misused SuperIODevice: found ITE IT8728F on port=0x2e address=0xa30 IT87xxSensors: started rooting via boot-uuid from /chosen: DA45811F-48FC-334C-8A75-A31CDF10ED5F Waiting on <dict ID="0"><key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID="1">IOResources</string><key>IOResourceMatch</key><string ID="2">boot-uuid-media</string></dict> com.apple.AppleFSCompressionTypeZlib kmod start com.apple.AppleFSCompressionTypeDataless kmod start com.apple.AppleFSCompressionTypeZlib load succeeded com.apple.AppleFSCompressionTypeDataless load succeeded Got boot device = IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/SATA@1F,2/AppleIntelPchSeriesAHCI/PRT4@4/IOAHCIDevice@0/AppleAHCIDiskDriver/IOAHCIBlockStorageDevice/IOBlockStorageDriver/PLEXTOR PX-256M5S Media/IOGUIDPartitionScheme/Mavericks@2 BSD root: disk0s2, major 1, minor 3 jnl: b(1, 3): replay_journal: from: 5196800 to: 8226816 (joffset 0x774000) jnl: b(1, 3): journal replay done. hfs: mounted Mavericks on device root_device XCPM: registered ath_get_caps[4044] rx chainmask mismatch actual 7 sc_chainmak 0 6.286577: ath_get_caps[4019] tx chainmask mismatch actual 7 sc_chainmak 0 6.291078: Atheros: mac 448.3 phy 0.0 radio 0.0 6.291084: Use hw queue 0 for WME_AC_BE traffic 6.291089: Use hw queue 1 for WME_AC_BK traffic 6.291094: Use hw queue 2 for WME_AC_VI traffic 6.291098: Use hw queue 3 for WME_AC_VO traffic 6.291103: Use hw queue 8 for CAB traffic 6.291107: Use hw queue 9 for beacons 6.291166: wlan_vap_create : enter. devhandle=0x9f9846b0, opmode=IEEE80211_M_STA, flags=0x1 6.291192: wlan_vap_create : exit. devhandle=0x9f9846b0, opmode=IEEE80211_M_STA, flags=0x1. 6.291216: ATH tunables: 6.291219: pullmode[1] txringsize[ 256] txsendqsize[1024] reapmin[ 32] reapcount[ 128] hfs: Removed 38 orphaned / unlinked files and 342 directories USBF: 7.386 The IOUSBFamily is having trouble enumerating a USB device that has been plugged in. It will keep retrying. (Port 5 of Hub at 0x15000000) USBF: 8.226 The IOUSBFamily has successfully enumerated the device (Port 5 of Hub at 0x15000000). USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): 20121024010234 0x480 0xd010 0x3704, 3 flow_divert_kctl_disconnect (0): disconnecting group 1 Waiting for DSMOS... Controller: Intel Lynx Point (vendor ID: 8086, device ID: 8c20) Controller: ATI R1000 (vendor ID: 1002, device ID: aaa0) error: invalid CORB size: 00 error: getCapabilities failed Previous Shutdown Cause: 5 SMC::smcInitHelper ERROR: MMIO regMap == NULL - fall back to old SMC mode Apple16X50ACPI1: Identified Serial Port on ACPI Device=UAR1 Controller: Intel (Unknown) (vendor ID: 8086, device ID: 0c0c) Apple16X50UARTSync1: Detected 16550AF/C/CF FIFO=16 MaxBaud=115200 init probe start DSMOS has arrived [IOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed OSMetaClass: Kext org.netkas.FakeSMC class FakeSMC is a duplicate;kext org.netkas.driver.FakeSMC already has a class by that name. Kext org.netkas.FakeSMC start failed (result 0xdc00400a). Kext org.netkas.FakeSMC failed to load (0xdc008017). Failed to load kext org.netkas.FakeSMC (error 0xdc008017). VM Swap Subsystem is ON ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out WARNING: IOPlatformPluginUtil : getCPUIDInfo: this is an unknown CPU model 0x3c -- power management may be incomplete or unsupported AMDTahitiGraphicsAccelerator: ** Device in slot: SLOT--1 ** RadeonSensors (pci1): found ATI Radeon ID: 0x6798, ATOM BIOS: 113 RadeonSensors (pci1): using device-id to resolve temperature sensor type RadeonSensors (pci1): adding Southern Islands thermal sensor RadeonSensors (pci1): started **** [IOBluetoothHCIController][SearchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! IO80211Controller::dataLinkLayerAttachComplete(): adding AppleEFINVRAM notification IO80211Interface::efiNVRAMPublished(): 67.741903: ATHR: unknown locale: 21 AirPort: Link Down on en0. Reason 8 (Disassociated because station leaving). AtherosNewma40P2PInterface::init name <p2p0> role 1 AtherosNewma40P2PInterface::init() <p2p> role 1 67.754367: setWOW_PARAMETERS:wowevents = 2(1) 67.754748: setDISASSOC from ATH_INTERFACE_CLASS disconnectVap 67.754762: switchVap from 1 to 1 67.756500: ATHR: unknown locale: 21 67.768395: performCountryCodeOperation: Not connected, scan in progress[0] 67.770293: ATHR: unknown locale: 21 67.771395: ATHR: unknown locale: 21 en0: BSSID changed to 00:24:36:ac:81:d0 AirPort: Link Up on en0 68.753139: apple80211Request[10514] Unsupported ioctl 181 en0: BSSID changed to 00:24:36:ac:81:d0 68.754325: apple80211Request[10514] Unsupported ioctl 175 68.754343: apple80211Request[10514] Unsupported ioctl 194 AirPort: RSN handshake complete on en0 flow_divert_kctl_disconnect (0): disconnecting group 1 69.096830: ATHR: unknown locale: 21 69.103424: ATHR: unknown locale: 21 69.122160: ATHR: unknown locale: 21 GFX0: Not usable utun_ctl_connect: creating interface utun0 flow_divert_kctl_disconnect (0): disconnecting group 1 103.072344: ATHR: unknown locale: 21 103.403950: ATHR: unknown locale: 21 AppleKeyStore:Sending lock change 0 fsevents: watcher dbfseventsd (pid: 353) - Using /dev/fsevents directly is unsupported. Migrate to FSEventsFramework 0 [Level 7] [Facility messagetracer] [com.apple.message.domain com.apple.kernel.external_modification] [com.apple.message.signature FinderLoadBundle(3B5F73F3-18A7-8797-F77D-9DEF5C595CA0)] [com.apple.message.signature2 Finder(595E56AB-A744-3A35-A2DA-255CEB3B4DDB)] [com.apple.message.result noop] [com.apple.message.summarize YES] IOHIDSystem: postEvent LLEventQueue overflow.