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Found 6 results

  1. In the last couple of days, I was writing a Cosmetics nVidia support in Chameleon, and had a few testers, but I need to make sure it works on most supported cards. What cosmetics support would be? I added the recognition of the graphics cards also based on the Sub-Vendor ID and Sub-Device ID. What "COSMETICS" does this mean? It means that you... (we) can now customize the output "string" for your graphics card. Example: - Before1: reading just the Device Id was... GeForce GTX 470 - After1: reading also the Sub-VendorId and Sub-DeviceID will be Zotac GTX 470 - Before2: reading just the Device Id was... GeForce GTX 470 - After2: same Device ID (as for Before1) but different Sub-VendorId & Sub-DeviceId Zotac GTX 470 AMP What happens if the Sub-Vendor and Sub-Devices are missing in the boot loader? In this case will be assigned a standard string based only on the VendorID. First I would like to outline a few things: This isn't a HOW TO get your card working, this is a request for testing. Don't ask how to install the booter, how to use or add a given booter flag or how to run an update, if you don't know how to do that yourself, then this isn't for you, yet, learn that elsewhere, and you're more than welcome here. I don't take responsibility for any damage this may cause, so take your precautions before you use this. This project will take the name of Enoch. This will help you. To not confuse this with Chameleon. The core sources (Booting) are the same as my ErmaC Sub-Branch(Trunk) on voodooprojects. The source code will be committed/released when I have accumulated feedback and different "Subs_ID". Requirements: An NVIDIA already supported cards by Chameleon's GraphicsEnabler. How and what to report: Disable any kind of enabler,DSDT injection, injector or device-properties you're currently using. Save an bdmesg dump (From terminal or from Chameleon Wizard bdmesg’s TAB). A report example Report any observations or comments. Include a screenshot of the Graphics tab from System Profiler when reporting. Bootloader Binaries and changelog: 29th may 2012 More Subs ID 11th may 2012 More Subs ID 9th May 2012 Added a lot of new SubsID 5th May 2012 Added a lot of new SubsID 4th May 2012 Added some new ID and correct old bad names. 3rd May 2012 Added a couple of new Sub-VendorId e Sub-DeviceId with proper card name. Thanks all. Fabio (.: ErmaC:.)
  2. Hi there, I am attempting to install Snow Leopard on my Acer Aspire 5739G. The initial boot into the installation process doesn't take too long, but when I'm at the "Language Selections" part all the Graphics seem to be very slow. The top panel doesn't display either just the USA flag and when I click on the "Next" arrow it takes a long time to get to the next screen which appears fairly "glitchy/garbled". I have tried booting using the GraphicsEnabler=Yes and GraphicsEnabler=No but there doesn't seem to be any difference in performance. Does anyone know what the issue is? My Specs are: Motherboard: Intel PM45 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz RAM: 4GB DDR3 (2x2GB) Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 240M
  3. I've gotten most of the hardware for my Dell XPS 13 (L322X) working, but HD4000 graphics just won't work. I can turn on GraphicsEnabler and set my resolution to 1080p in Chameleon, and it will boot in 1080p, but Graphics Acceleration doesn't work (non-translucent menu bar). I have an i7-3537u. I've tried multiple SMBios presets, but at this point I'm lost. I have to boot with -f, or else it won't boot, so would that be a problem?
  4. Post here your ATI working card. Only cards that remain usable, with minor to no glitches, with either Lion 64-bit or Mountain Lion. nVidia suggestions, Intel or Snow Leopard/Lion 32-bit will be deleted without previous notification. Counting on you, guys! This topic will help AMD users to weight better their options facing an upgrade to Mountain Lion or to the 64-bit version of Lion, since graphics is a very important issue to be considered, specially with OSX. Important: please post the exact model of your card, preferentially with the device ID. Sometimes a slightly different version of the same model won't work the same way, as you can see here, starting with post #92: http://www.insanelym...80#entry1901192
  5. Every time i boot my system with a Yosemite usb i get glitchy graphics on the Yosemite installer screen i use "GraphicsEnabler=No" to boot i've tried to boot without it and I get the same problem i've tried to add -x, npci=0x3000, npci=0x2000 etc and i get the same problem. I even used 2 different usb's. System: Dell Precision Intel Xeon X5355 16 GB DDR2 ECC AMD Radeon 7770
  6. I'm running OSX Lion on an EX58-UD5. With SL I added my Quadro FX 580 with EFI strings and it worked beautifully, QE was detected and graphics performance was the best I've ever had. Now with the Lion install, GraphicsEnabler=Yes detects my card, but performance is sluggish. Launchpad is the worst with what looks like 5fps when sliding between screens and opening folders/groups. Playing 1080p movie trailers is choppy when other items are on screen, but when switching to full screen it plays smooth as silk. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas?