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Found 7 results

  1. Hello guys, I've got a laptop with a Clevo M7X0SU motherboard and a NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS graphics card. Well I'm trying to update my Snow Leopard from 10.6 to 10.6.8. I am using 32 bit mode. Updates until 10.6.4 went fine, then when updating to 10.6.5 I had to remove the NVEnabler.kext (because of a black screen), then updates until 10.6.7 went fine too. Now I'm updating to 10.6.8. I replaced the IOUSBFamily.kext with the one from 10.6.7 to get my USB functionality back. Now I can only boot with "GraphicsEnabler=no" flag into VGA mode (1024 x 768). Until 10.6.7 the graphics worked fine. But now when I try to boot with graphics enabler I get a green screen. When I try the following flags: PCIRootUID=0 + GraphicsEnabler=yes -> Green screen PCIRootUID=1 + GraphicsEnabler=yes -> VGA mode (like no graphics enabler) I tried to use NVEnabler kext, but there I get either this or the same green screen. Do you have any idea? Thank you in advance! Greetings, Max
  2. As the title says my GeForce GTS 450 Stops at iobluetooth missing. I'm using Clover bootloader. I've used this video card on my amd rig with OS X Yosemite and the Chameleon bootloader with boot flags GraphicsEnabler=Yes Specs for my AMD Rig AMD FX 6300 CPU ZOGIS GeForce GTS 450 GPU 4GB Crucial Ballistix DDR3 Ram Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 WD Blue 10EZEX 1TB HD OS X Yosemite OS. Specs for the machine I'm trying to get this video card to work on are: Intel Pentium G2030 CPU, ZOGIS GeForce GTS 450 GPU, 4GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 Ram, Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H Motherboard, WD Blue 10EZEX 1TB HD, OS X El Capitan OS. Thanks for all help in advance
  3. willchesluck

    nVidia GeForce 210 1gb DDR3

    Hello, I am running 10.7 on g41m-es2l I bought a nVidia GeForce 210 1gb DDR3 to replace a nVidia Geforce 7300 256 because the 7300 wasnt playing youtube and wouldnt work with Q/E. This new card is a f**king problem, too. I read on wiki HCL list that my exact card should work with graphicsenabler=no and the efistring. Right now my graphicsenabler is =yes. How do I edit the goddamn .plist?? everytime I try to change =yes to =no and paste the custom efi string it gives me some {censored} that I dont have permission and makes a .txt file. WTF. When i find the .plist in spotlight its locked. I looked on the forums for like 2 hours trying to figure out how to F**king fix this sh*t and I havent had any success. Can SOMEONE please tell me how to edit the org.chameleon.boot.plist??? this is so frustrating
  4. The topic title is self explanatory: let's post here descriptions of our problems and possible solutions. Try to describe using the most details you can, posting complete specs, kernel, boot flags, pics and videos. P.S.: ATI users also have been experiencing some issues, yet they actually have an usable system. Since it's not the case with nVidia users, let's keep this particular thread about nVidia-specific problems with Mountain Lion and Lion 64-bit legacy kernels. Thank you.
  5. Hello, I was wondering If anyone had found a kext that worked with the GeForce 7400 Go. I found several but none were allowing to change the resolution or activating the QE/CI. So if anyone got it working with an EFI string or without please tell me how you did it because I am really close to get Mountain Lion working on my Vaio VGN-SZ. Thanks, -kourbou
  6. I have an ASUS GTX 750 Ti PH Series 2GB DDR5 (ASUS GTX750TI-PH-2GD5) with VBIOS (or VBIOS 82.07.25.AS11). I have tried this card out on both Yosemite 10.10 and 10.10.1 with NVIDIA Web Drivers 343.01.01f01 through f03 and 343.02.01f01. I have 1xHDMI port, 2xDVI-D Dual Link and 1xVGA ports on the card. I have 1xHDMI and 1xVGA ports on my monitor Dell S2440L. The card is installed correctly and is detected in System Report > Graphics/Displays and even in NVIDIA Driver Manager's ECC tab (of course, ECC not supported though). While I have all ports functional in Windows and for my gaming needs, I'm not able to get any port to work with Yosemite. I get a blank screen with a 'No Signal' message on the HDMI and both the DVI ports with Yosemite, after the Apple logo boot screen or after NVIDIA Drivers have been loaded in verbose boot. I have tried 3 different HDMI cables and even a DVI2HDMI adapter. Apparently, VGA works on this card for a lot of people but I haven't been able to try it out. I have tried PCIRootUID=1 as one of the bootflags, as suggested in other solved threads in this forum for the ASUS GTX 750 Ti, but I get the same result. (i.e. No Signal). I have tried PCIRootUID=0, GraphisEnabler=No/Yes and all other sorts of boot flag permutations and combinations but NOTHING. My hackintosh works fine with the on-board Intel HD 4600 (1536MB VRAM) graphics (Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H, supported as per the HCL). From my extensive discussions on other forums, I have gathered that this problem is not faced by cards sold by other vendors such as Palit, Gigabyte, EVGA, MSI - if any problems have been faced by these cards, they have been solved/fixed. The problem is mainly limited to ASUS cards, the ASUS Strix OC card with VBIOS being the only exception which has even the HDMI port working. toleda analysed a bunch of IOREGs for us folks stuck with non-functioning GTX 750 Ti cards and he's ruled out any issue with the NVCAP or the framebuffers. The problem seems to be only with the ASUS VBIOS for every ASUS card except the ASUS Strix OC. Some people who have flashed the ASUS Strix OC VBIOS on their non-functioning cards have reported success in getting all the ports working. I personally am skeptical since the cards that have been experimented with as well as the ASUS Strix OC are bigger cards with two fans, while mine is smaller card with a single fan. I'm not sure if it'll be safe to flash my card with the ASUS Strix OC VBIOS because it obviously has a very different component layout/structure. I'm really at my wit's end and I would appreciate any inputs whatsoever. I'm attaching my card's VBIOS in case somebody can disassemble/analyse it to figure out exactly what is different between that VBIOS and the one on the ASUS Strix OC 750 Ti which can be found here. I have also attached my IOREG, NVCAP screenshots and a GPU-Z screenshot comparison of my card to an NVIDIA Reference 750 Ti. Can't the NVIDIA kexts be somehow edited to help recognise the non-functioning ports on these problematic ASUS cards & their baffling VBIOS? If you require me to provide any more information pertaining to my case, ask away; I'll upload ASAP. Any insight is appreciated? Help me solve this puzzle.
  7. Moosehead1

    AirPlay on AMD?

    Is it possible to get AirPlay going on a Hackintosh that is (of course) on AMD, no Integrated Graphics, I am using a ASUS GeForce GT 730 2GB on PCIe x8. Instead of using AirParrot 14 day free trial is {censored}.