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Found 4 results

  1. egparadigm

    Bluetooth & WiFi n00b

    Hi All, New to the forum and hackintoshing. I have built TonyMacX's mini deluxe with the GA-Z87N-WIFI mobo and am running Mavericks/10.9.4. WiFi apparently is a no go and it turns out the bluetooth has serious issues. I had it working at one point, but now it's gone AWOL and from all I have read it doesn't look like anyone has got it going properly. My situation: I don't really *need* WiFi, it would be a nice extra. I need bluetooth only because I have a wireless mouse I rather like (in fact I had to borrow this wired mouse )! Can someone introduce me to this world of WiFi & BT on hackintosh? I found Toleda's guide and read a few other threads. Is there a plug and play option available to me? I want to minimise any additional software fixes to avoid agony when I inevitably update the OS. It seems like the only plug and play for BT is a dongle, such as GMYLE – is that right? I am very fond of the little aerial that came with my mobo and I had hoped to simply replace the card on the mobo, which I think is a mini-PCIe? Are there any options better than the one's Toleda mentions? Probably really obvious stuff, but I'd love some help from someone more experienced. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi All; I've been trying to find a resolution to a couple of issues i'm having with a new installation of Mavericks (10.9.4) using the Clover (current Version) bootloader on a GA-Z87N-WIFI board. The system in general is performing well; however when asking the system to shutdown or restart, the OS goes through the process (it seems) then the computer turns off (both at shutdown or restart) and then turns back on again - When the OS loads, it advises it didn't shutdown correctly. Wake on LAN is disabled in the BIOS and disabled via the Energy Saving Preferences. Second issue is with the OS turning the displays off. I had this setting on at 5 mins - at this time the displays turn off, but when wanting to wake the displays up (via normal methods), I get nil response - however, the computer doesn't seem to be frozen. Any idea's would be most helpful. Thanks in advance!
  3. Update 03-07-14: Firstly, apologies for not updating this post as regular as I should. Currently still using ML 10.8.5 with no issues what so ever! I have tried on another partition the follow Mavericks setups; 10.9 to 10.9.3 - Upgrade from ML to Mavericks and clean installs - Consistent system freezes when using iTunes as a streaming server to Apple TV and when playing games and even when the system is idle. I've searched everywhere and followed guides that suggest ethernet issues (don't even use ethernet), memory voltage changes and even certain kext issues - all don't resolved the system freezes. So I've given up on Mavericks. When 10.10 is released and when there is a solid install guide, I will be trying 10.10. ------------------------------------- Update 30-09-13: While waiting for the retail version of Mavericks to be released, I decided to try to install ML 10.8.5. Success! (Sound, ethernet, on-board graphics running dual monitors, USB 2 and USB 3 all work) I followed this guide When Mavericks is released - i'll attempt to update and I'll post my findings. ------------------------------------- Hi All I'm a newbie to the hackintosh community and have recently purchased the parts to build my first hackintosh and want to share my experiences with you. I plan to have a fully working rig as soon Mavericks 10.9 has been released with the help and support of the hackintosh community, and who knows, I may be able to help out others along the way. As lets begin; The Hardware Motherboard + CPU: Gigabyte GA-Z87N-WIFI / Intel i5 4570 3.2 GHz with integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics Memory + Storage: 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM / 1TB Western Digital SATA III HDD WIFI + Bluetooth Mini-pcie Card - Atheros AR5B195 + AR3011 The plan is to use the integrated graphics to drive 2x Dell S2440L 24' monitors via HDMI. This will allow me to free up the only PCIe slot for a hardware raid storage option later down the track. The Operation System Mavericks 10.9 - hopefully. The Testing So Far Ok, so after the build, I couldn't help myself and wanted to start testing out my new purchase with the current 'some what' available operation systems. I have tried both Mavericks and Mountain Lion. I'm currently running ML as I have found it to be the most stable for 'proof of concept'. I had noticed that both OSs didn't detect much hardware out of the box, however did detect the Bluetooth chip on the supplied with WIFI+Bluetooth mini-pcie card that came with the MB. What works and what doesn't; Intel HD 4600 Graphics - Works but not at full resolution as not supported by OS. Intel i217v LAN - Not working, no kexts avaialble, haven't really tried anything else though. Atheros LAN - Working, but had to source a kext from another site. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 - Working, but the USB 3.0 is being detected as USB 2.0. ALC 892 Audio, Kext installed and detected to be working by the OS; however no sound output. Using the iMac 13,2 System Def - No software related issues; however CPU speed shown as 3.39 GHz. iTunes and App Store ok. Have not tried iCloud. The Plan As soon as Mavericks 10.9 is released to the public, i'm going to attempt a fresh install and will post the outcome. Please ask any questions or if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate.
  4. I get stuck when installing Mavericks, and I have no access to real mac only Windows, so this is how i do it: 1. using Bootdisk Utility to make bootable pendrive with Clover 2. using Transmac, MacDrive and BDU - make second pendrive with content from BaseSystem.dmg + Packages folder + mach_kernel 3. I boot Clover, run second pendrive, kernel loads, and system restarts! Last visible screen - in attachment hardware: i7 4770K GA-Z87N-WIFI nvidia Quadro 600 2x4GB Corsair Vegance any ideas ?