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Found 10 results

  1. Using DSDT Editor I've extracted my DSDT file and I have one error left when I try to compile. I've attached a screenshot of the error log and attached the full text of the DSDT extraction. What can I do to fix this error? Any Help is greatly appreciated. dsdt-gigabyte-z87-ud5h.zip
  2. Just before we start, this is my first post and also i've seen nobody that have fixed this by using my way and I don't guarantee that this will work for you. If you're just here for the fix just go at the point #2. This is mostly for users using Ethernet Cable and for laptop users which have installed VodooBattery or any other kind of battery patch. DON'T APPLY THIS PATCH IF A CUSTOM AppleACPIPlatform.kext IS NEEDED FOR YOUR HACKINTOSH TO BOOT, IF YOU TRY TO APPLY THIS YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO BOOT AGAIN. I also don't know if this fix also iMessage, Icloud and some others apple apps like these. Also, this things worked for me so I don't see why would this doesn't work with others people but as I only tested it on my laptop, I can't confirm that work everywhere and also if this post was just my personal fix, I will sure delete it after. 1- Bunch of informations: If you are a laptop hackintosh user you've might have installed VoodooBattery or some others fix like these and i've realized that all of these fixes needed to install a rollback of the "AppleACPIPlatform.kext" from Mountain Lion, which allow some users to get their battery meter working. But of some reasons, since the 10.9.2 update, this cause a bug that change somehow my ethernet connection to "Ethernet adapter (en0)" or something like instead of simply "Ethernet". For somehow, Apple Store will block you from connecting if your Ethernet interface is like these. I've found this while working around with my external OS X installation with the same version but I wasn't having the same "AppleACPIPlatform.kext" and the Apple Store was working great. 2 - The fix itself : There's no big deal to fix this problems (Well that's how I fixed mine). First : To know if this fix apply to you here is my internet specs: I'm using ethernet cable. When you try to add a new Ethernet interface inside of the Network Manager, the name of the ethernet interface will be only "Ethernet" and might not be "Ethernet adapter (en0)" or something like that. If you're using Wi-Fi or your Ethernet interface is named only "Ethernet", this patch might not be used at your own risk. (I don't guarantee again that this fix is universal or it is just for me.) Second : Check if you have an edited "AppleACPIPlatform.kext". The best way to do this is by checking his own size inside /System/Library/Extensions/AppleACPIPlatform.kext The original kext is about 627kb. (If your file is that size, that must means that your problems is not coming from this file and maybe you will need to find a another answer.) Also the rollbacked kext is about 1,1mb. Third : You will need to reinstall the original kext from Mavericks. Don't worry, I will post mine on this post but i'm not sure if it's going to work for everyone so you should make a backup first of yours because I have only tested this on my laptop. To install it : You can use "Kext utility" that can be found easily around forums and hackintosh websites and it's free or you can use the manuel method. With Kext Utility: To use it, simply open it, enter your password. and just drag the "AppleACPIPlatform.kext" downloaded from attached files inside the Kext Utility window. And you're done, Kext Utility repair disk permissions by itself so no need to do this. (This method sometime takes a little bit of times so please be patient) Manuel method: (I use this one because of Kext Utility being slows at installation but kinda more complex) Make a backup of /System/Library/Extensions/AppleACPIPlatform.kext to your desktop or whatever you wants. Drag my copy of the kext inside the Extensions folder from above. Enter your password when asked. After installation you will need to repair disk permissions. Repair disk permissions: (If you used the Kext Utility method for installing the kext, you can skip this step) Using Kext Utility: (I use this method) Just launch it, enter your password when prompted and wait for it to be done. Using Disk Utility: (Inside your application/utilities) Open it, click on your hackintosh installation partition and click on the "Repair disk permission" button. Wait while it's doing it (I recommend you to bring Popcorn while using this method, seriously Disk Utilities is taking forever) If you have some problems or don't understand this part, just go look on Google for some Kext installation tutorial, installing kext isn't that easy but if you're looking at this I presume that you have a great understanding of how hackintosh work. Fourth : Reboot your hackintosh and now go check if the App Store is working If it's working well have fun with this! 3- "But what if I wanna have my battery meter working back?" Well as I said before, some users need the ML kext to get their battery meter to works, and that's why I asked you to do a backup of your old one before applying the patch. Just before, I have to tells you there is no kind of patched ML kext for Mavericks, well basically, you can't use this patch and have your battery meter working at the same time. The only way to reactivate your battery meter from using VoodooBattery or AppleSmartBatteryManager (Patched one) is to reinstall it each time you need it. I know, that kind of suck but this isn't that hard to do. All you've got to do is simply do the same step from above but instead of using the Mavericks Kext, use the ML one and it should makes your battery meter works again. But it will also make the App Store and others apps using Apple Account will not work. I'm also working on a simple script that will make you able to switch between the two kexts when the needs is here. I recommend using the Mavericks kext only when you needs to do update or install new apps from the App Stores and then switch back to the old one after. Thanks you everyone from reading it, also sorry again for my bad english, my main language is French Canadian and I hope that this will help some of you! If you have any kind of problems or you can't understand this post, just ask in the comments below or contact me via pm or Skype. AppleACPIPlatform.kext.zip
  3. Hey guys i cannot use apple store. i am already using EthernetBuiltIn. I have deleted multiple times the files in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration. I then restarted but it still wont work. I also have changed my serial number multiple times and i still can't use apple store. I don't have built in Lan since i have a ultra book. currently i am using a Atheros 9285 wifi card. here is my system setting network info Thanks for your help ! Wi-Fi: Type: AirPort Hardware: AirPort BSD Device Name: en0 IPv4 Addresses: IPv4: Addresses: ARPResolvedHardwareAddress: 9c:c7:a6:09:52:e7 ARPResolvedIPAddress: Configuration Method: DHCP Interface Name: en0 Network Signature: IPv4.Router=;IPv4.RouterHardwareAddress=9c:c7:a6:09:52:e7 Router: Subnet Masks: IPv6: Addresses: fd00::225:d3ff:fe85:7a8e, fd00::e5b4:1bdc:96cb:8128 Configuration Method: Automatic Interface Name: en0 Prefix Length: 64, 64 DNS: Domain Name: fritz.box Server Addresses: DHCP Server Responses: Domain Name: fritz.box Domain Name Servers: Lease Duration (seconds): 0 DHCP Message Type: 0x05 Routers: Server Identifier: Subnet Mask: Ethernet: MAC Address: 00:25:d3:85:7a:8e Media Options: Media Subtype: Auto Select Proxies: Exceptions List: *.local, 169.254/16 FTP Passive Mode: Yes Service Order: 0
  4. Uma dica para quem instalou o Lion 10.7.5 (instalação limpa pelo pendrive), o binário do Chameleon 2.1 r2069 com o Chameleon Wizard, copiou os arquivos de /Extra e /usr do pendrive, atualizou a App Store, mudou o org.chameleon.Boot.plist (Ethernet Built In = Yes), não consegue apagar ou editar o NetworkInterfaces.plist ou outro arquivo da mesma pasta e continua com o problema no início de sessão da App Store: "An Unknown Error Has Occurred". 1. Abra o Preboot.dmg localizado em /Extra e altere o org.chameleon.Boot.plist pelo Chameleon Wizard, ativando o Ethernet Built In Só isso. Espero ter ajudado os usuários com o mesmo problema. Obs.: Caso não seja o suficiente, recomendo seguir outros procedimentos já tratados nesse fórum. Ex.: Alterar o arquivo localizado em /Extra, utilizar o OSX86Tools ou o EFI Studio para obter as "Device Properties", ou, então, apagar o NetworkInterfaces.plist, lembrando que nem todos possuem o erro "An Unknown Error Has Occurred".
  5. Hey Guys, i am trying to create my own DSDT but i am very inexperienced. The reason for this effort is that i found a dsdt hack for my HD 7850 here. Anyway I am getting a lot of compiling errors. Some of them i have already fixed by myself. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you ntel ACPI Component Architecture ASL Optimizing Compiler version 20091214 [Dec 16 2009] Copyright (C) 2000 - 2009 Intel Corporation Supports ACPI Specification Revision 4.0 /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 3194: Acquire (MUT0, 0x0FFF) Warning 1105 - Possible operator timeout is ignored ^ /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 6609: Method (RDGI, 1, NotSerialized) Warning 1088 - Not all control paths return a value ^ (RDGI) /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 6626: Method (RDGP, 1, NotSerialized) Warning 1088 - Not all control paths return a value ^ (RDGP) /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 7770: Method (_DEP, 0, NotSerialized) Warning 1099 - Unknown reserved name ^ (_DEP) /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 7784: Return (Package (0x00) {}) Remark 5072 - Effective AML package length is zero ^ /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 9000: Buffer (0x00) {} Remark 5008 - Effective AML buffer length is zero ^ /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 9048: Method (_DEP, 0, NotSerialized) Warning 1099 - Unknown reserved name ^ (_DEP) /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 9062: Return (Package (0x00) {}) Remark 5072 - Effective AML package length is zero ^ /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 10089: Arg0 Error 4096 - syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_ARG0 ^ /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 10089: Arg0 Warning 1100 - Statement is unreachable ^ /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 10569: Method (SPL1, 0, Serialized) Warning 1088 - Not all control paths return a value ^ (SPL1) /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 11115: Return (RDGP (0x57)) Warning 1093 - Called method may not always return a value ^ /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 12149: Method (_HID, 0, NotSerialized) Warning 1088 - Not all control paths return a value ^ (_HID) /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 12149: Method (_HID, 0, NotSerialized) Warning 1081 - Reserved method must return a value ^ (_HID) /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 12547: Name (XMPT, Buffer (0x0000) {}) Remark 5008 - Effective AML buffer length is zero ^ ASL Input: /Users/timo/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl - 12800 lines, 419081 bytes, 5212 keywords Compilation complete. 1 Errors, 10 Warnings, 4 Remarks, 77 Optimizations dsdt.zip
  6. Hello ! I have been anoyed with UNSUPPORTED SAFARI VERSION. So I have been putting together a few versions of "mildy" modified safari app.. 10.5/6/7/8 and I have mad a SAFARI uninstaller app.. These safari versions feature a very small internal MOD making them identify and act as Version 7.1 instead of 5 or 6.x.x or whatever, bypassing the BS.. Question: Am i allowed to post a DOWNLOAD link of my current / beta/final release to the forums here ?? Or should i keep this soley private ?? Thank you for any help )
  7. Natively it is not possible so here is the fix: Just in case, make a backup of your IODisplay.Framework. (The script does that, too, but you know... ) Go to Floris497, download the scripts as a .zip, follow the instructions. Then apply the CoreDisplay-patcher.command as described. Reboot. Go to display-settings, and while holding the ALT-Key, select the scaled resolutions and pick your match. Enjoy a new native resolution on your Ultrawide. Tested with Sierra 10.12.1 and 10.12.2 on Skylake.
  8. Hey all, I've got a tiny problem that should hopefully be a quick fix; my laptop's USB ports work fine before I boot into El Capitan, but once I'm in the OS they don't seem to register. All 3 of my ports are 2.0, so I don't need any kind of 3.0 fix. I've included a screenshot from IORegistryExplorer that seems to show my USB ports detected. Somewhere along the installation process I installed something called an Ownership Fix that was checked off by default. Should this be disabled, and if so, how? Should be noted that USBBusFix=Yes is applied through Chameleon but does not seem to work. Image below.
  9. Breakdownbaker

    [Help] DSDT fix, Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga

    Hey, I'm trying to setup Mavericks on my new Laptop and came to a point where I can´t go further because of my lacking knowledge. I installed Mavericks and can boot and use it using Clover Bootloader. But I don´t see my Batterie status, Sound is not working and Sleep is broken too. I tried to repair my DSDT googling the compiling-errors but didn´t manage to fix it. So my Question is, if somebody could look at my DSDT and help me fix the errors and if you could give me some hints what patches I can try to make it work. My specs are: Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga (20CD0038GE) CPU - Intel i7-4500U Chipset - Intel QM87 Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 4400 Audio - Conexant SmartAudio HD I would be really happy if you could help me. Thank you so much in advance! dsdt.aml.zip
  10. HOW TO FIX MESSAGES APP work in progress-subject to change This is only for those of you who are running Mountain Lion and getting this error since the Messages Beta for Lion ended on 12/14/12, but can still sign into other services like iCloud, App Store, etc. To fix this, we need an added value to the NVRAM which as of the time of this writing, can only be done by using the latest revision (r980) of boot loader by Slice, dmazar and others: To get the most recent installer package, we"ll use the tool created by STLVNUB: "Clover Grower" which can be downloaded here. You'll need Xcode's Command Line Tools installed, available for download in Xcode's preferences. The full list of instructions and options can be found here. Highly recommend reading them since every person's setup is different and there are many additional features you may want to explore. Only the basics here. Once you've downloaded Clover Grower, open Terminal.app from /Application/Utilities/Terminal.app. From your downloaded Clover Grower, drag and drop CloverGrower.command into terminal window and hit enter. Follow the prompts and enter password, Yes, etc. when asked. I recommend using all default settings unless you know what your doing. The process may take a little while as additional tools to compile are installed by the script. Once it's all done you should now have a folder with the package installer in it looking like this: Next prepare a USB thumb drive to install it onto. Use Disk Utility and format it as FAT32 with a MBR partition scheme. You can install the boot loader to your main hard drive later once your sure it all works and are comfortable with the configuration. Run the Clover package installer, leaving all settings as default except choose your thumb drive as the install location. Once the install is complete navigate to your new Clover USB drive and open the config.plist with text editor (RT Click and "Open With") This plist is like org.chameleon.Boot.plist and smbios.plist all in one file. Some options are the same, some are similar but have different names, and some are new for added config ability. This is where some system specific changes maybe needed, but first try simple leaving everything as is, and will only add info from our current smbios and what's needed for messages fix. Copy all info from your smbios into config.plist, and then you will need to change the names of the values inside each to match the new format. Here is how they need to be named in Clover: Additional examples can be found in /EFI/doc/ inside Clover drive. For UEFI boot and additional Graphics config, follow dmazar's instructions here For the Message part, first get your current serial which is in the smbios you just copied, and can also be found in system information: Now we add a new entry to config.plist that includes that 11 digit serial #, but we need to append 6 more digits onto it to make it a 17 digit #. So for example RM9MYSERIAL becomes RM9MYSERIAL234567 and the entry looks like this: <key>RtVariables</key> <dict> <key>MLB</key> <string>RM916W05EEP3574PC</string> </dict> In the image below you can see inserted into the list with some of the entry before and after visible to give an idea how it should look. This is mine for my own PC, not yours, it's for frame of reference on how the code is inserted and should not to be copied in full if you want anything to work! If you use a patched DSDT, copy it to the root of your main OSX drive. Try it! Please, please, please read all the instructions for Clover here before asking any Clover related questions! Edit or maybe Warning: One note, a few people have had message saying "account locked, call customer service" either right away or even after a successful login and a reboot. Not sure the cause, but I recommend rebooting twice before trying to log into Messages incase there are nvram values such as platform-uuid that if you are not specifying them in config.plist, Clover will set them at shutdown to be applied on the next reboot, which would then be the second time your booting using Clover.--Further reports on this have indicated success after a credit card has been tied to appleID account through the appstore, or when a small $1 app is purchased. Credits: The testing, brainstorming and collaborating involved was an unprecedented (in recent history) effort by the entire community, with valued efforts by too many people to list, but a special thank you to ElNono and flux84 for putting the final pieces together, to Slice for Clover and dmazar for pushing and update so quickly! Great work everyone!!!