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Found 115 results

  1. Clover 4414

    Version 4414


    Newtest Bootloader Clover 4414
  2. specs: Intel® Core™ i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz Lenovo base board 4gbsingle channel ram intel hd 3000 Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Model Atheros AR9285 Wireless Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.1+EDR Finally installed el captain successfully i tried many ways but was unable to install a working bootloader or any kexts Could someone help and tell me how to install a bootloader which is easy and good And how to install the basic kexts like audio wifi keyboard and trackpad
  3. rEFInd feat. Ozmosis

    Hello everybody, I’m using Ozmosis with a Gigabyte H81M-HD3 but unfortunately this board hasn’t enough space in it’s ROM to store the apfs.efi, too. Than I have a second machine, my ZBox-Nano that not even has the space for the really necessary stuff. Sure, Clover is able to solve all this problems but I want to go with Ozmosis Here comes rEFInd into the game: http://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/ This boot loader could be installed into the ESP. rEFInd is not only able to detect apfs formatted partitions but also to load uefi drivers! And after some weeks of testing, I claim that rEFInd is doing his job very well. rEFInd is open source so I take a look into it and found a good starting point to learn a little more about the UEFI. The result is a rEFInd version with some additions, that should make life easier and more colorful …. I’m using this „enhanced“ version in two different setup’s. First the H81M, that comes with ozmosis, hfsplus, fakesmc and a patched dsdt inside the ROM. Here rEFInd is only loading apfs.efi and scanning for macOS. The Oz directory on the ESP is not in use. Second the ZBox. I only replaced the FileSystem driver with EnhancedFat and patched the ROM to unlock the MSR. rEFInd is loading hfsplus, apfs and ozmosis and is scanning for macOS. Ozmosis is loading dsdt, ssdt, kext and defaults from the Oz directory on the ESP. If you like to test it: Installation is easy but do it at your own risk! Unzip the download and open the directory in Finder. It comes with rEFInd, ozmosis.efi, apfs.efi, hfsplus.efi and a Oz directory with mac mini defaults and fakesmc.kext. Goto Efi/Oz and adapt it, to suit your needs. Goto Efi/Boot/drivers_x64, if you have ozmosis or hfsplus installed into your ROM, delete it from the drivers directory because you don’t need to load it again. If you are ready to go, mount your ESP and copy shellX64.efi and the Efi directory into the ESP root. Btw.: This is a EDKII shell, that comes with some functions, which are needed by the nsh scripts I used for changing rEFInd’s configuration from the boot menu. This is a round up of the changes I made, but after some more testing I will create a fork on GitHub. Until then I can provide a patch against the current refind source, if someone is interested. rEFInd 0.11.2-enhanced Changes / Additions A. Configuration rEFInd is showing a message while scanning for devices. To disable this message use: hide_scan_msg 1 Boot Splash is an extra banner used only with timeout -1 This banner is splashing centered at the boot screen. boot_splash banners/banner-black.png Color Mode can be any combination from the following 0=off 1=icon_auto, 2=icon_value 4=font_auto, 8=font_value 16=menu_auto, 32=menu_value 64=back_value color_mode 0 <- function is disabled (default) color_mode 21 <- icons, text and selections are tinted automatic background color from the banner color_mode 85 <- icons, text and selections are tinted automatic background color from value (for transparent banner) color_mode 101 <- icons, text are tinted automatic menu / selection color from value background color from value (for transparent banner) *_auto generates the color from the current background color *_value enables the corresponding rgb(a)_color rgba colors are in hex RED, GREEN, BLUE, ALPHA rgb colors are in hex RED, GREEN, BLUE rgba_color_icon f3,f3,f3,5e rgba_color_menu d3,d3,d3,5e rgba_color_font d3,d3,d3,5e rgb_color_back 0c,6f,b8 Space between icons in pixel # big-icons(0-256) small-icons(0-64) y-spacing(0-64) icon_spacing 64 32 24 B. Behaviour The unmodified rEFInd is scanning all devices at start. Then it loads the drivers if any detected and scans the devices again. This is good for Mac's but we want to load the drivers for sure, so I change this a little. Now rEFInd only scans for the ESP to know it's location. Then it reads the config, load the drivers and start scanning devices. Also this version is able to detect the 'macOS Install Data'. This is necessary for installing and updating macOS on partitions formatted with apfs. New embed banner, arrows and selections. New embed font (Ubunutu-Mono 18pt and 28pt). New os_icons from https://github.com/munlik/refind-theme-regular New tool and function icons. Visual changes for creating the boot entries. Changed icon spacing And some more ... Update (14.12.07): - adaptable icon spacing - apfs.efi from macOS 10.13.2 Have Fun! rEFInd-0.11.2-enhanced.zip
  4. Could someone tell me in detail what all these features are and what exactly they mean? I would be grateful. I mean Clover and its settings, especially the CPU and PCI Devices tabs. I will start with the CPU: Halt Enabler PLimitDict UnderVoltStep Double First State Generate PStates Generate CStates Enable C2 Enable C4 Enable C6 Enable C7 Use system IO C3 Latency Bus speed (KHz) QPI (MHz) Saving mode Patch APIC Then PCI Devices: USB Ovner Ship USB Injection Inject Clock ID Inject EFI Strings Just a short description of what it is and what it serves.
  5. I wasn't sure which forum to use but since it's mainly about Mountain Lion, here goes... I have been using an ML Hackintosh for years and finally decided to set up Yosemite. I split the drive so I could install Yosemite in a new partition and still keep ML. I used Clover and the install went well, I'm using Yosemite right now. But when I reboot to use ML I have a problem - I didn't think ahead that Clover would be configured for Yosemite and not ML. Also, I was using Chameleon as a boot loader, which was configured for ML, but I obviously wiped that out when I installed Clover. So now when I try to start ML it gets stuck at "RTC: only sing..." and that's all I get. I can access the ML partition from Yosemite so I haven't lost any data, but I'd like it get a boot loader configured for dual booting. I don't know if Clover can do this - it seems like I'd need to set up an additional EFI partition for ML's use so maybe some of you Hack gurus and direct me on this. Also, Clover's boot loader screen is butt ugly! Are there themes or different backgrounds that can be used?
  6. FileNVRAM

    Version 1.1.5-6.9.7


    New version of the module "FileNVRAM.dylib" and the Kext "FileNVRAM.kext" that allows to emulate NVRAM in the bootloader Chameleon. This version is compatible with Mac OS Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra. Do you need this module to work with iCloud, iMessage and Facetime when uses chameleon bootloader. =================== FileNVRAM.dylib =================== FileNVRAM copyright © 2013-2017 xZenue LLC. FileNVRAM is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license. =================== Bugs =================== Please report any bugs at https://public.xzenue.com/bugzilla/ =================== Requirements =================== Chameleon r2181 or newer =================== Sources =================== Micky1979 meklort
  7. Hello! I'm trying to install El Capitan on my Lenovo Yoga 300 but I can't even get any bootloader to show up after turning on the computer... I tried Enoch, Chameleon and Clover and neither of them works. My BIOS can't see Enoch USB, but sees Clover. Unfortunately, when I try to boot them I can see nothing... I tried Clover in UEFI only mode, with Legacy mode, but no success. Please help me! My laptop has Intel Celeron N3050 with Intel HD.
  8. Hi, I first started Hackintosh with a Yosemite installation. This was the second partition on an MBR drive with the first partition as NTFS w/o Windows. It worked fine despite what I've heard but it ran out of space so I cloned that partition to another drive. This was eventually pointless because it created a 160gb partition on a 500gb drive and I came to learn HFS cannot be resized if the table is MBR. Now, this clone, which I used for a long period of time, still boots fine. However, no bootloader recognizes the initial OSX partition. They both used to come up and work just fine however. Nowadays, I'm running macOS Sierra with a Clover EFI installation which doesn't recognize the first partition, nor does the chameleon from the second clone. I've tried installing Chameleon and Clover to that partition and booting from it, but no go. Thanks in advance.
  9. My Setup::::: Toshiba Satellite p55w-c5204 Processor: intel i7-5500u Graphics: Intel HD 5500 Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio Hard Drive: SSD 256 GB Ram: 8GB (4GB x 2) Display: Full HD IPS Wireless: Intel Wireless 7265AC I've successfully installed Hackintosh Sierra 10.12.3 with the help of TransMac app. I know the wireless isn't working as of now. So I've purchased a wireless usb device(Prolink WN2001) and it works. I somehow managed to make things work like audio, battery percentage etc. The main problem I'm facing is with Bootloader & Graphics. Intel HD5500 is detected but shows 7MB. The windows counterpart I've previously checked shows Dynamic Memory of 128 MB by default so it shouldn't be problem. My questions are::: 1. How can I boot with hard drive without USB being plugged in? 2. How to fix the graphics issue? Do osx need to be booted from the hard drive in order to fix graphics issue? Any help would be appreciated. ~Thanks
  10. ¡Hello guys! I was at google looking for news about hackintoshing, and i found in eBay one profile who is selling computers that supposedly works "native" with all OS. Windows,Mac,Linux..... Is this true? its a fake? How can it be done? im really curious about it jaja. here is one of their "supposedly products": http://www.ebay.com/itm/i7-6700K-4-3GHZ-OC-32GB-2400MHZ-250-SSD-4GB-GTX970-Hackintosh-macOS-Sierra/262812671304 what do you think guys?
  11. Hi, I successfully installed el capitan on my laptop (HP-DV6 6c55se) almost everything work good except : - I need boot flags like -v and -f to system boot, I tried to edit Extra/org.chameleon.Boot .plist but it's didn't work, So I don't know why and where the bootloader boot flags. - I have tow graphic card (intel HD 3000 - ATI 6790m) ATI doesn't work but intel work with VRAM (Dynamic, Max): 384 MB
  12. I have installed Mac OSx Yosemite 10.10 and now as I cannot use the internet the mac is basically useless to me so I want to completely uninstall it from my computer first things first my computer specs: Processor: Intel Core i3-2328M Graphics Card: Intel HD 3000 Ram : 2GB HDD : 320GB 5200RPM Now the reason why I created this post okay so I have soo many important data on my windows partition and I don't even have a hard disk or anywhere to store my files to a place so I want to uninstall hackintosh completely keeping my windows drive , removing the boot loader, AND ALSO BY GETTING BACK MY HDD PARTITION ASSIGNED TO MAC OS! because all the tutorials I saw say there is either a risk you have reinstall windows or you mandatorily have to clean install windows.
  13. This is my first final release for my Custom CloverEFI Installer. It installs: - a patched DSDT.aml - a configured config.plist with SMBios 17.1 - all kexts you need - all necessary 64-Bit UEFI drivers - a theme I configured myself Credits: Mieze: Ethernet kexts Rehabman: USBInjectAll.kext vit9696: AppleALC.kext The Boot-Entries will occur anyway! This is what you need to patch yourself and can't be solved by the installer. How to do that is explained here: Clover Boot-Einträge löschen und erneutes auftreten verhindern. Requests for your own Custom Installer can be written here: Custom CloverEFI Installer Attention: This installer can only be used for the Z170-HD3P (rev 1.0) with the Bios version F5! Gigabyte edited the DSDT.aml in version F20 for the support of Intels KabyLake processors. You will also need to edit the Bios Settings, so that you are able to boot macOS. Please stick to these settings: Windows Features: Other OS Storage Boot: UEFI Only Secure Boot: Disabled Intel PPT: Disabled XHCI Hand-off: Enabled Super IO Configuration > Serial and Parallel Port - beide auf Disabled VT-D: Disable High Precision Timer: Disabled IOAPIC 24-119 Entries: Disabled Download: https://dropbox.com/s/2ez8qextj88ch6e/Clover_Z170-HD3P_F5.pkg.zip?dl=0 ============================================================================================================================================================ Hier gibt es mein erstes echtes Release für den Custom CloverEFI Installer. Dieser beinhaltet: - eine gepatchte DSDT.aml - eine angepasste config.plist mit SMBios 17.1 - alle nötigen Kexte - alle 64-Bit UEFI Treiber - ein Theme, welches ich selbst angepasst habe Credits: Mieze: Ethernet Kexte Rehabman: USBInjectAll.kext vit9696: AppleALC.kext Die Boot-Einträge werden mit diesem Installer trotzdem auftauchen! Diese muss leider jeder selbst löschen und einen eigenen hinzufügen. Wie das geht, habe ich hier erklärt: Clover Boot-Einträge löschen und erneutes auftreten verhindern. Anfragen für einen eigenen Installer bitte hier stellen: Custom CloverEFI Installer Achtung: Dieser Installer funktioniert ausschließlich für das Z170-HD3P (rev 1.0) mit der Bios Version F5! Die DSDT.aml ist seit der Bios Version F20 anders, wegen der KabyLake Unterstützung. Außerdem müssen die Bios Einstellungen angepasst werden, damit macOS auch gestartet werden kann. Diese Richtlinien sollten eingehalten werden: Windows Features: Other OS Storage Boot: UEFI Only Secure Boot: Disabled Intel PPT: Disabled XHCI Hand-off: Enabled Super IO Configuration > Serial and Parallel Port - beide auf Disabled VT-D: Disable High Precision Timer: Disabled IOAPIC 24-119 Entries: Disabled Download: https://dropbox.com/s/2ez8qextj88ch6e/Clover_Z170-HD3P_F5.pkg.zip?dl=0 ============================================================================================================================================================ Ca c'est le première version finale de mon Custom CloverEFI Installer. Il installe: - une DSDT.aml - une config.plist avec SMBios iMac 17.1 - tous les kexts nécessaires - tous les 64-Bit UEFI drivers - un thème que j'ai configuré moi même Credits: Mieze: Ethernet kexts Rehabman: USBInjectAll.kext vit9696: AppleALC.kext Vous devez effacer les Boot-Entries, parce que ça ne peut pas être résoudre par l'installer. Il y a une description pour faire ça: https://hackintosh-forum.de/index.php/Thread/27715-Clover-Boot-Einträge-löschen-und-erneutes-auftreten-verhindern/ Pour des requests des installers, vous pouvez m'écrire ici: https://hackintosh-forum.de/index.php/Thread/29966-Custom-CloverEFI-Installer/ Attention: Ce installer est seulement pour le Z170-HD3P avec Bios F5! Avec le Bios F20, Gigabyte a changé la DSDT.aml pour les KabyLake processeurs. Puis il y a quelques properties pour le Bios ce que sont important à changer: Windows Features: Other OS Storage Boot: UEFI Only Secure Boot: Disabled Intel PPT: Disabled XHCI Hand-off: Enabled Super IO Configuration > Serial and Parallel Port - beide auf Disabled VT-D: Disable High Precision Timer: Disabled IOAPIC 24-119 Entries: Disabled Download: https://dropbox.com/s/2ez8qextj88ch6e/Clover_Z170-HD3P_F5.pkg.zip?dl=0
  14. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, I'm really searching for some help with my "project" and hope some of you can help me out with this one! It's all coming down to a not starting "Finder" The full story, I bought a Mac Pro 1.1 (2006) a few day's ago. All stock, dual Intel Xeon 3Ghz, 5GB Ram and the stock video card (256MB). (Lion freshley installed) I wanted to upgrade to OSX El Capitain, and after a lot of research and a lot... yes a lot of trouble in making it all work I finally got it. I've thrown in a Geforce GTX 760 2GB Jetstream... couldn't wait to get cables for powering it, so I frankensteind it all with a second PSU. Installed Lion on a Samsung 850 EVO, and then followd a tutorial on how to install el capitain using Piker's boot. After 12 hours non stop messin around it worked, only after some time the mac froze and rebooted. I noticed that maby Google Chrome caused this to happen, and when using Safari it would work without any problem. I even can play 4K flawless. But still after some time it would crash, I monitored the CPU and Ram Usage, but there wasn't anything crazy happening at those things. .. didn't really got the time to instal other apps. Then I found out Finder wasn't responding. It kept on crashing. I tried a lot of things... deleting the plist files, resetting PRAM, VRAM, Savebooting, deleting cache, Disk repair (Disk Aid)... nothing worked. Is this maby a problem with the bootloader (Pike)? I hope someone can help me out! Thanks in advance, Greetings from Holland
  15. Good bye Clover-32

    Hi all, I want to say good bye to Clover-32 development. It was occupy my time and efforts while really it is obsolete. It can be used on processors that 32-bit only such as Pentium 4, old Athlon, Yonah, old Atom. On Yonah you can use 10.6. Other CPUs are very problematic for Hackintosh. All UEFI BIOSes are 64bit. Windows UEFI is 64bit only. macOS 10.8+ are 64bit only, moreover, 10.7 also requires 64bit CPU. For those who still have such computer I may recommend to use old Clover versions and other bootloaders. You will not have a profit from new development that striving for new hardware, new OSes, new technologies. I think this topic will be appropriate place to communicate about Clover32. Some coders may publish here their solutions for other such users.
  16. Hi people! In these days I'm trying to install macOS Sierra on my PC with also Windows installed. My hardware isn't exactly brand new: Intel Core 2 Quad q8600, 7GB ram and nVidia GTS450 1GB on an Asus P5Q SE, so no UEFI avaible. I'd like to install macOS on a 64GB Lexar USB 3 inserted in my USB 3 PCI-e x1 module, but my mobo doesn't see the device (incompatible bios?), I can see that only in Windows. My idea is to install a boot loader (Chameleon? Clover?) on a USB 2 stick connected directly to the motherboard and from that boot the MacOS on the Lexar USB 3 or Windows from my HDD. Is that possible? Clover or Chameleon could see my PCI-e module? Now, I was out of hackintosh scene for a while, I know that many things changed in these years, so sorry if I asked something obvious. Thank you in advance for your help!
  17. So I'm having this rather odd and seemingly unique problem. I go to boot "UEFI Sandisk Cruzer: Partition 1" which has clover on it. However, clover does not load. Instead, I get one line of text output which reads "boot0ss: error". There is no other output and the computer just hangs until I restart. Anyone have a fix for this?
  18. Clover flying editor

    Version 1.3


    A web-based Clover's config.plist editor, wrapper for kylon's CCE (Clover Cloud Editor). ---------------------------------------------- Info about CCE: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/313284-cloud-clover-editor-cce/ Source: https://bitbucket.or...or-cce/overview ---------------------------------------------- Info about this app: Clover flying editor is a web browser based on WebKit (code comes from Pandora's Box), Clover Cloud Editor is a PHP project © 2016 kylon, so this app is just a wrapper, in fact you can simply load it in Safari/Opera/Firefox/IE etc. by click here . The app works on Lion~Sierra. The purpose is to promote and help kylon's project. TODO: Adding a download Manager for compressed file extensions (.zip, .tar.bz2 etc).
  19. Hi, building Pandora's Box I need to compile Clover from source so I've created a script to do that following Clover devs advices. Well, Build_Clover.command can easily build a standard Clover, but also permit you to define macros that are not available on the standard package. So following Slice intruction here you can create a new package containing legacy boot file with all the macro you need by selecting them: =============================================================================== BUILD boot7 with additional macros <---------------------------------------------------- 1) USE_APPLE_HFSPLUS_DRIVER 2) USE_BIOS_BLOCKIO 3) NO_GRUB_DRIVERS 4) DISABLE_UDMA_SUPPORT 5) ENABLE_VBIOS_PATCH_CLOVEREFI 6) DISABLE_USB_SUPPORT 7) ENABLE_PS2MOUSE_LEGACYBOOT 8) DEBUG_ON_SERIAL_PORT 9) DISABLE_LTO 10) ENABLE_SECURE_BOOT 11) USE_ION 12) DISABLE_USB_MASS_STORAGE 13) ENABLE_USB_OHCI 14) ENABLE_USB_XHCI ONLY_SATA_0 added! actual macros defined: -D REAL_NVRAM -D NO_GRUB_DRIVERS_EMBEDDED -D ONLY_SATA_0 That affect boot7 only, enter you choice or press "b" to build: Result: also the package is customized to remind you what you have done! Push here to Download
  20. Buenas tardes, Mi caso es el siguiente (espero que alguno lo haya solucionado ya) Tengo instalado Mavericks y windows 7 en mi pc (Hackintosh), tenia instalado el bootloader Chameleon y corría perfectamente, decidí reinstalar W7. Pero después de haber instalado W7 se perdió el Bootloader para seleccionar el sistema. Por lo tanto siempre debo iniciar con el disco de instalación de Mac Os X. Ya no se que hacer. Ayuda!!!
  21. Hi there! So I got a OSX install USB. I boot from it, Clover shows. In there are options to boot from Windows or the install usb. I boot from the install usb. After a minute or two of the apple logo with the spinning circle I come back to clover. I try the install USB again, it comes back to clover again. What should I try? By the way I'm following this guide: http://cloverboot.weebly.com/install-osx.html And where it shows the apple logo screen, it comes back to the clover screen after a minute or so. Thank you so much!! Intel i7 4790 Gigabyte Z97X-SLI MSI Nvidia 960 4GB 8GB Corsair RAM Windows 10
  22. Hola a todos, he intentado instalar por activa y por pasiva Yosemite, y solamente consigo KP en el disco de instalación, ni siquiera puedo arrancar la utilidad, estoy a punto de desistir y quedarme con Maveriks que me funciona bien, pero quisiera poder usar algunas funcionalidades de 10.10, como Xcode actualizado, migrar a fotos desde iphoto, etc.... Antes que nada os pongo la configuracion actua de mis sistema: Placa base Asus P5B-SE Procesador Intel Core2 Quad 6600 Memoria 8Gb DDR2 800mhz Gráfica Nvidia GTX260 Varios discos duros uno de ellos SSD No encuentro un tutorial que me indique como instalar Yosemite, desde Leopard, siempre usaba istaladores, hasta que conocí chameleon, despues utilicé myhack para instalar maveriks, alguna manita que me echaron con el dsdt.aml , SMbios.plist, etc...., pero cero que a partir de 10.10 cambia todo este tema, al parecer el bootloader a usar es clover, que es algo mas avanzado y según algunos post que he leído maravilloso. Pues ahí me pierdo, no se usar Clover, no entiendo el arranque. Hasta ahora en uno de mis discos duros creaba dos particiones, una de 8gb la cual usaba a modo de instalador (a modo de USBinstaller) y la otra donde instalaba osx, después con CCC pasaba al SSD todo el sistema. Por favor iluminarme un poco, Adjunto foto de uno de los kp que suelta el usb de instalación al intentar arrancar (el usb de instalación está hecho con diskmaker +chameleon tal y como explicaba el maestro Derty en uno de los post de este mismo foro http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/301588-crear-instalador-yosemite-usb/). Gracias.
  23. Just curious. One of the drawbacks for me (as a perfectionist I guess) of building a Hackintosh is having to use a third-party bootloader to start the system. I know, this isn't bad, it isn't going to make it much slower, but for me it's just a thing. I've been doing a little bit of research into the stock Apple bootloader and stumbled onto this Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BootX_(Apple) Of course this is the older version (PowerPC), but it does have a reference to the new Intel EFI bootloader (reference #4: https://web.archive.org/web/20080706145146/http://developer.apple.com/documentation/MacOSX/Conceptual/BPSystemStartup/Articles/BootProcess.html I have searched this forum and haven't found anything definitive. So I just wanted to ask: has anyone attempted to boot from a modified Apple bootloader? If not, what are the main reasons this won't work? More notes: I've heard that one of the reasons this is not possible is because motherboards lack HFS+ support. Is it possible however to have the bootloader load the HFS driver? No, I don't have good access to an actual Mac, so I haven't done any experimentation myself. Yes, I have a satisfactory knowledge of operating systems, I know generally what a bootloader does, and if you throw jargon at me I'll understand it, or at least try to - so don't be afraid to post very technical comments
  24. The only kext being injected in Clover is FakeSMC.kext yet somehow VoodooPS2Controller.kext is running when I boot with clover and kexts from S/L/E are being disabled. For instance, my battery and hardware sensors kexts are disabled when I load from Clover but work when booting from Chameleon. I have checked every folder, there are no Voodoo kexts, is there a driver or something injecting Voodoo kexts in Clover, the only changes I've made is in the config file? When I boot with Chameleon all of my kexts from S/L/E are working fine and VoodooPS2Controller doesn't load (as it should). Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong? I have an Asus UX303LN and these are my specs along with my config file. i5 4210u 1TB HDD Intel HD 4400 nVidia 840m [disabled in Clover] FocalTech Touchpad config.zip
  25. Okay, so I have a triple boot system and I'm having a range of problems with clover first off 1) it's not even showing up! the PC boots automatically into Windows, and when I select one of the TWO(?) "Mac OS X"s from my motherboard's boot picker it just boots me into Windows as well. I tried a fix to change bootmgfw.efi in EFI/Microsoft to cloverx64.efi but this just kept windows from booting and only allowed me to boot up Mac. 2) there are several options for Windows, like four. how do I hide the options I don't need? I can't seem to be able to do it from Clover Configurator so can someone please help? 3) Arch Linux is not showing up at all under Clover. Note to you guys: I'd really like to NOT have to setup Arch all over again. Any help would be so appreciated! My main complaint about these forums is that it seems I can hardly ever get a reply.. so break the cycle! Thank you. P.S. If nobody knows a fix, I feel like maybe uninstalling Clover first and then trying a fresh reinstall might work. Anyone know how to do this without breaking my system? :~D