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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I decided to try the public beta of OSX Yosemite, after a somewhat lengthy installation I find myself in my new system where almost all works perfectly kext. Everything except the sound, I find several kext designed to Yosemite but none works. So I'm asking for your help to successfully run my chipset (ALC887) I am looking for preferably a solution via VoodooHDA (if possible w/ surround but I dream a little), but I am willing to test any solutions that work. Thanks in advance
  2. Fabio1971

    Rilasciata "Pandora Beta 2"

    Rilasciata la nuova versione di "Pandora Beta 2" Download Tutte le novità della nuova versione Beta 2 Newly designed interface with preference and settings. Enoch bootloader update to the revision 2248 Added support for Snow Leopard (This mean that the app can run on Snow Leopard but CAN'T create the USB/DVD for Snow Leopard) Added HTML Credits System integrated directly into Pandora. Added the Help manual (integrated in OS X). Added Sparkle Software (self Update of Pandora's Box). Added support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks DP1. Added check for missing MBR patch (to continue in GUID). Fixed bugs with bootloader in post-install. Fixed bugs with creating the Recovery HD partition. Fixed bug with missing AppleIntelE1000.kext installation. Added kernel flags and Intel HD4000 support to the bootloader options. Added modules for Enoch bootloader. Enlarged Laptop section, with two different kexts for battery support, LegacyAGPM.kext for better power management of Nvidia cards (different for Lion and ML). AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext patch, available during installation. Added log system (during installation and post-installation), with "notifications" in ML and Mavericks. Added RTC patch for Mavericks. Added GenericUSBXHCI.kext, for Lion, ML and new build for Mavericks. Added AppleATIATA.kext (ATI PATA and SATA controllers). Switch from Trim patches to Trim Enabler.app for non-Apple SSD. Added latest HWmonitor stuff from kozlek project (FakeSMC.kext, Plugins and HWmonitor.app). Added Rotate Daemon (fix for AMD7000 cards). Added OpenCL patches for Lion and ML in differents cards/OS X versions. Added Intel HD4000-HD3000 support on 6/7 Series chipset. Added Desktop version of LegacyAGPM.kext for better power management of Nvidia cards (different for Lion and ML). Added Repair permission and rebuild caches on others Volumes. Added Backup Hackintosh files function. Improve stability on each OS X versions when creating the Pandora System Options (on the fly). Deleted the ACPI folders, now the .aml tables can leave into InsanelyBox directly. Other minor bug fixes. Added Translations for Italian and Spanish. Maggiori informazioni su caratteristiche e guida disponibile : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/289758-pandoras-box-beta-2-testing/ Fabio Primo Aggiornamento Pandora Beta 2 vers. 1.31
  3. ludox

    High Sierra Beta

    E' stata rilasciata la beta 2
  4. Pandora's Box (Beta 2 testing) From the Beta 1 have changed many things. There is a preferences window where you can choose the options related to the application or to the script, a more complex management of the Script actions. Application side changes The App has the new Info Window, Help section, Preferences Window and the menu is localized in 9 language. We have implemented the Sparkle Framework to auto update the App at the latest version. Help Window For the off-line help we have implemented a solution that can help you to choose the correct options for the customizations. Preferences Window In the first tab there are the options for the Updates side. You can choose: Automatically check for updates - The App check automatically for updates with an interval chosen in the select-box above Download automatically updates Send system profile informations - This send us your App usage. At moment we not receive the infos and you can check or not check. It's not different. In the second tab there are the options for the Script side. Here you can choose: Media - The support where the script create the image. OS X Version - The version of the system to be restored on the media chosen above. Configuration - Here you can choose the configuration of the system. (If you have an i3-5-7 choose an option with NullCPUPowerManagement) Resolution - Resolution for boot loader and, if you boot with -x option and your video card is not supported by the system, is the main resolution in OS while running. Mac Model - The model that match with your computer. Create RecoveryHD - This option create the RecoveryHD with the BaseSystem of you DMG All the select-box have an empty option at first place, select it to choose in the script execution the option. The "Create RecoveryHD" must have a "-". The preferences is stored separately for each user. If you change computer (or if you use the App for the first time) you must re-select the options. Credits for the App style & functions: INPopoverController: https://github...dragiek FlipView: http://mac...nGOivl09c FlipWindow: http://mac...nGdCvl09c Sparkle: http://sparkl...chak.org/ RoundWindow: http://www.co...-x.html Download: Pandora's Box v1.30 (Beta 2)