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Found 9 results

  1. I just installed Mavericks on my Atom-powered Asus 1201n. The installation method i used was cloning my successful installation on my main machine to a 16GB USB thumb drive, and then to a partition on my netbook, then adding fakesmc and nullcpupowermanagement, and installing Chameleon (r. 2171). Finally, i copied my working Extra folder from the main partition of my netbook to the new one.It sorta managed to boot - using -f - but it hangs right where the userland would, well, land. That means it's either something i missed - and i'm performing changes right now - or the kernel patcher module, that was our oasis with Mountain Lion, cannot handle Mavericks' kernel, which would be sad.I'll keep you all posted!
  2. Hello All, I've reached a dead end getting my file server up and running. I've installed 10.8.1, and can boot into the OS no problem using a patched kernel from here, as well as FakeSMC.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, and lnx2mac's RTL81XXX driver. HOWEVER, I try to install MacMan's Jmicron SATA and ATA drivers, and they do not load! These are listed as working with 10.8, so I'm confused. I have also installed ApplePCIIDE.kext, IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext, and tried booting with PCIROOT=1. I have a Mac Mini 3,1 system definition and serial from Chameleon Wizard. I think I also have an IOATAFamily that's been patched in there too, but maybe not... Currently, the IDE controller is registered as connected to the PCI bus, but the kext is not loaded. However, MacMan's kext should be the right one, this is the "GSATA" Gigabyte chip, JmicronXXX363. What can I do to get the kexts to load? Should I make a DSDT for this system (even though it doesn't seem to need it)? Would a different system definition help? Please help! I am soooo close to getting this system up! Thanks! PS: I can't get iCloud to work, either. It has a "communication error"...
  3. born2bkilled

    Advice on HP Mini 2140 Atom N270

    Hi guys, just looking for a little advice. I have a HP mini 2140 here with 1Gb of RAM, an N270 atom CPU and a blank hard drive. I intend to use it for work and it really needs to be stable and able to run for days on end without KPs or other crashes. my question is which OS to go for. any modern windows system seems to be too RAM demanding, this thing only has 1Gb of RAM at the moment. Ubuntu seems the obvious option, but the software i'm running at work has no linux versions. which leaves me with OSX. I've been running hackintosh machines for a while now so ill be fine installing the OS, but i can't decide what to go for when my only concern is low resource consumption and stability. Do i stay back in 10.6.2 land where everything is stable, but has very little support anymore in the community. Or do i install 10.7 with a patched kernel, which might be easier to work on (getting working kexts, bootloaders, etc) but will undoubtedly be more power hungry and prone to crashing? or should i go even further back? 10.5.8 would be pretty light on the system resources.... is anyone actually running one of these little netbooks with OSX anymore? any thoughts, advice or opinions are welcome. cheers.
  4. What kernel to use with the Intel Atom N450? I am trying to install Mac OS X Mountain Lion. My netbook is the Acer Aspire One 532h. It has the Intel Atom N450 1.66 GHz. The N450 is 64-bit. I know that because, I put Windows 7 64-bit on this netbook, And because on the Intel ARK website it says it is 64-bit. What kernel should I use? I would like to get Mountain Lion on this Computer. I don't care if the Graphics Card work. That is another project for me. Thank You
  5. xp5285

    [aiuto] iAtkos L2 HP netbook

    Ho provato ad avviare l'installazione di iatkos l2 da DVD masterizzato dall'immagine iso. Tutto bene fin quando, dopo le "scritte" del kernel, appare questa schermata http://db.tt/SBoJKcpQ e poi questa http://db.tt/Uz8YSbLp con una dissolvenza tra una e l'altra ogni 2 secondi circa. Ho avviato con -v poi -v mach_atom busratio=12 ma non cambia niente, rimane questa schermata e non carica niente. Ho un NetBook hp cpu Intel Atom 1,66 GHz 1 GB di RAM, Windows 7 Professional sull'hd interno, windows 8 dev preview sull'hd USB. Grazie in anticipo P.S. Ho provato su un fisso ma dopo Starting Darwin x86 lo schermo viene nero.
  6. Hi guys, I need testers who have netbook with Intel Atom or Celeron Processor I want to know, whether the kernel boots or not and If not, then upload an image with Details of what point the system gets stuck with information what bootloader do you use. thx 10.11.6-IPCA.zip
  7. Salve a tutti... vorrei iniziare un nuovo Progetto Hackintosh su questo simpatico Netbook Acer Aspire One D270 - 26Dbb La configurazione è la seguente: CPU: intel Atom N2600 (2 cores - 4 Threads) Scheda Video: Intel GMA 3600 (400 mhz - OpenGL 3.0 - DirectX 9.1) RAM: 1GB PC3-8500 DDR3 Come procediamo?
  8. theconnactic

    Sleep Issues!

    Hi! I have this Asus 1201n netbook, and it used to sleep and wake properly before i upgraded RAM memory to 3GB - it had only 2GB then. Since the upgrade, these sleep issues are being very difficult to tackle: as i said, they began with the 3GB RAM upgrade - when i updated the system to 10.8.5, but kept the 2GB of RAM, it used to sleep and wake without a single issue. Now the screen will sleep (turn black) and the HDD led with shut down, but the power and connection leds will both stay on, as well as the fans, and i won't be able to "wake" from this state, having to resort to a hard reset (which is always damaging to the system in the long term). Curiously, auto-sleep is working, but will lead the computer to the comatose state i described, so i had to set computer sleep to "never" in the Energy Saver preference pane, to avoid being forced to hard reset the computer furthermore. Console won't help: no suspect messages! That's really awful. I was using the SleepEnablerUniversal.kext to get sleep working before the RAM upgrade. Since it seemingly became ineffective after the upgrade, i tried a lot of SleepEnablers, always getting the above described result. Any help to solve or at least isolate the cause of this issue will be much appreciated. Best regards!
  9. 1) Is it somehow possible to "tame" (sorry for the awkward metaphor, but it's perhaps adequate) the vanilla Mountain Lion kernel (with boot flags, removal of some kexts etc) to at least boot when running on an atom CPU (which, besides its low performance, is Intel-made, is as new as core2 CPUs, is 64-bit ssse3-enabled and was indeed supported by Apple, even not being anymore)? I won't endeavour this on my almost perfectly working lion netbook, but i do have an older disassembled atom netbook from which i removed the 2'5''HD to use with a Windows machine. I could format this HD and reassembly the netbook, but i won't effort this if the more experienced folks here say that's a waste of time; 2) Is it somehow possible, even without direct access to the kernels's source code, to take the previous patches made for atom in past kernels and install them over the new one, like any other kext or driver, so Atom be supported? Thank you in advance and sorry if the questions are inept everyway.