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Found 8 results

  1. Qwels




    Audio. For sound cards with chip PCI C-Media. CMI8738-v55-MC6: The default input device: Yes The default output device Yes System default output device:Yes Input channels 2 Manufacturer C-Media The output channels 2 The current sampling rate- 44100 - 44800 It works since 2010 year - OS 10.6 ± 10.12.6 + (10.13.2 (17С88 -YES)
  2. Marta Reis

    Audio ALC898 - Problem

    Audio was running fine but at some point got disabled and I can't find why. I can no longer detect output or input devices at System preferences. Trying to get the audio back I tried realtekALC/patch in place and cloverALC/Clover patched methods. Hope you can find detailed info on those files. I need help and guidance to enable audio. Which steps should I follow to make sure I'll start the process from scratch. How can I disable AppleHDA.Kext, Realtek.Kext and any modification I might have made when trying to enable it. *Running UEFI Clover on a z77x-UP5-TH (ALC 898) - Mavericks 10.9.3 realtekALC.kext.zip audio_cloverALC-90_v2.command.zip AppleHDA.kext.zip config.plist.zip S:L:E.zip SSDT.DSDT.zip
  3. Alright all you boys and girls audio nuts. Motu has released the UB version of MOTU digital performer which can be found here: http://lasso.motu.com/downloads/filelist.l...ing&-search For all you naughty people that use the version found on the internet I am happy to report the updates works with serial. You just need to make sure that your CD (not DVD) copy of DP5 (non UB) is in, then use any name and # it gives you. Speed increase > 80% when demo project loaded vs non UB.
  4. Finally, Waves, one of the premeire plug-in makers for audio programs have released their MacIntel update. You can read more about it here. Note that it benchmarks the older duo core, expect at least 30-50% increase with the newer duo core 2. More info here:
  5. Ever wonder how to connect the new power of the MacIntels with the PC? Why would you want to do that you may say? Well, you may be one of the many recent switchers that have invested thousands of dollars, euros, etc into Gigastudio, VST plug-ins, Soft Synths, etc. Now there is a way. I am still awaiting an official response, however this is one of the latest ways to connect the PC and MAC together. One scenario would be having Logic as the master and running VST plug-ins, and instruments from the PC also taking the load of the MAC. Read more here: http://www.musiclab.com/products/rpl_info.htm
  6. Hello thanks to anyone for helping! My problem is that when I play a video or a song or anything that uses audio it is pretty scratchy. I would really like help on this! Thank you all!
  7. assassinale

    Rx 460 HDMI Audio

    hi everyone! I made an mackintosh with Sierra, an intel core i5 and an AMD rx 460. everything works fine, except for the HDMI Audio. i tried to use one of those SSDT file, I put the right one in "/Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched/" but the HDMI audio don't work. How can I solve this? thank you.
  8. grisno

    REALTEK ALC282 v2

    Version 1.00


    Hi people, This is a preliminary installer to activate the sound card REALTEK ALC282-v2 (10ec:0282) with LayoutID 1 or 3 in MacOS. This installer does not contain AppleHDA patched Kext. To work properly, it must be installed over vanilla AppleHDA.kext. I want to thank the whole community for their efforts and content provided, because without these it would not be possible to create this installer. I would appreciate comments and suggestions!! Status: Speakers : OKHeadphones : OKHDMI Audio : OK (Intel HD4K Tested)LineIn : N/A (Model Without LineIn)MicInt : OKMicIntNoiseReduction : OKMicExt : N/A (Model Without MicExt)AutoDetectLineIn : N/A (Model Without LineIn)Sleep : OKWakeUp : OKAutoSleep : OKHibernate : OKSiri : OK Tested Laptops: - HP Pavillion 15-D002SS Coming Soon: - Unified installer for the different supported operating systems. - Support model with LineIn jack. Modified Verbs: 01271C20 01271D00 01271EA0 01271F9001471C10 01471D00 01471E17 01471F9001871CF0 01871D00 01871E00 01871F40 01E71CF0 01E71D00 01E71E00 01E71F4002171C30 02171D10 02171E21 02171F0001470C02 DSDT: Patch to apply with MaciASL in your DSDT ######################################### HDEF v1.00######################################## into method label _DSM parent_label HDEF remove_entry;into device label HDEF insertbeginMethod (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized)\n{\n If (LEqual (Arg2, Zero)) { Return (Buffer() { 0x03 } ) }\n Return (Package()\n {\n "layout-id", Buffer() { 0x01, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 },\n //"layout-id", Buffer() { 0x03, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 },\n "hda-gfx", Buffer() { "onboard-1" },\n "PinConfigurations", Buffer() { },\n })\n}\nend;