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Found 7 results

  1. bloody_dart

    Ati Radeon Mobility Hd 5470 kext

    buonasera a tutti, innanzi tutto vorrei fare i miei più sinceri complimenti per esser riusciti a metter su uno dei migliori forum che abbia mai avuto il piacere di visitare ed al quale iscrivermi. La completezza che traspare da questo forum non fa altro che dimostrare l'incredibile passione che la gente mette in questi progetti. Inizio dicendo immediatamente che è la prima volta che mi affaccio all'installazione di un sistema Mac sul mio pc, lo so, verrò additato come un niubbo ed a malincuore accetterò le critiche XD la mia domanda potrà sembrare banale ma..... sto diventando scemo nel cercare di capire come si installa un kext sul mio computer se può servire riporto la mia configurazione per eliminare fraintendimenti : Acer Aspire 5740g Intel Core i5 2.26 GHz Ati Radeon Hd Mobility 5470 512mb Ram 4 gb Hard Disk 600 gb come configurazione non è molto entusiasmante ma sono rimasto solo con questo aspettando il nuovo fisso. il sistema operativo installato originariamente era un Windows 7 home premium che ho più volte formattato a causa dei vari esperimento che mi diletto a condurre. ho deciso qualche giorno fa di installare in una partizione di 100 gb Lion e devo dire che è andato tutto bene, funziona tutto...tranne la scheda grafica. ho provato "millemila" modi, ho visto ore ed ore di video su youtube, ho rischiato una cataratta a forza di leggere guide ovunque, ma il risultato misero da me raggiunto ( ovvero niente ) mi deprime alquanto. nonostante il mio inglese ( più che scolastico direi ) mi permette di leggere quasi tutto delle guide, non riesco a venirne fuori. qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi ? non ho idea come si installi un kext, cosa sia [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] o chameleon ( che poi ho anche installato sul comp ) come si modifichi apple.boot.plist, come posso servirmi dei vari comandi come - sudo o -v. spero che qualcuno accolga la mia richiesta XD grazie infinite
  2. Hello guys, I have OS X installed good and all, but I can't get the ATI card to have QE/CI. I've tried all the kexts, injectors, EDIDs, and framebuffers out there. But I think I know why it is happening. My laptop has an integrated graphics card and a discrete one. It has an Intel Graphics card (don't know which one...) and an ATI Mobility Radeon 5470. I cannot disable the Intel card in the BIOS. Is there any way I can disable the Intel card or get both of them to cooperate in OS X?
  3. Nirmal kumar

    ATI Radeon HD 5470 512 mb

    Hi, I installed Yosemite (Build 14A389) using Chameleon 2.3 svn r2437 but my graphics is not working properly. Please help!!
  4. Hello guys. My Speces are in my signature. Might help. But the way, here is my problem: I can't turn off my Hackintosh, or reboot. I will have to open it up, remove the battery and cmos plugs, wait 20s, plug it again, reconfigure BIOS, and boot up again. I found "a way around" that works SOMETIMES, that's whats concerning me, it just works sometimes. I just don't want to live with my computer unscrewed and having to open it up everyday just to see it works. (Use terminal > sudo reboot > pwd > enter) Here's a video demonstrating my problem: I already tried all kinds of DSDT Patches, speed restart, BIOS updates, and nothing happens. I was using another forums to solve some of my problems, but no one could help me with this *serious* problem. I know that this affects all Dell Vostros 5470, if not all, the major part of them. Someone here with some hardware knowledge could help me to solve this? Sorry about if that is in the wrong part of the forum, if it's wrong move for the right place please. Sorry again. Thank you very much if anyone can help me.
  5. Hello, From yesterday, I have been trying to turn my HP G62-B12eo to Hackbook. The only working this is Atheros AR9285 WiFi. My graphics card ATI 5470M is also working oob but it cannot recognise my internal monitor. On boot, kernel chooses Eumelar as default device frame buffer, but when it comes to start screen it shows a White screen. I have to connect the laptop with external screen with VGA cable in order to see an image. I have tried to inject edid in DisplayVendorID-756e6b6e and DisplayProductID-717 ... but it still can´t recognise the edid. Can anyone help me with this {censored}!! I have attached IOReg and DisplayId-717 file VGA Profile looks likes this: Edit: Using chimera as a bootloader, Couldnot use Clover as it gave boot0: error and dd if=/... didn´t fixed it. If I use kernal flag, AtiConfig=Hoolock then I have to connect laptop to HDMI cable, then I can use internal monitor (Really weird) Thank you! Regards dump.txt DisplayProductID-717.zip
  6. dome1234

    ATI Radeon 5470 Mobility on Mavericks

    I tried almost all combination, I have installed all ATI kext I need. I imported ATY_init.kext yet still, my graphic card is undetected. When ever I set GraphicsEnabler=Yes it boots into black screen. When I set it to "No" it boots but system info shows only 4MB of Graphic card. Everything else including wi-fi works fine. For some reason, ATY_init.kext is not loaded on my system whether I rebuilt the cache and set permissions over Kext wizard. I tried to grep from kextstat word ATY, but nothing comes up and there is no ATY_init.kext inside Extensions folder. Anyway, here is the output of ATI grep over kextstat. I also tried to install Framebuffer kext but same thing as ATY_init. Info - Computer: Aces Aspire 5741g (laptop) CPU: Intel Core Inside i5 RAM: 4GB System: Mavericks 10.9 Graphic card: ATI Radeon 5470 Mobility (2GB) Graphic card device ID: 0x68e0 I also tried different AtiConfig (Shrike, Eulemur, Hoolock) but black screen again $ kextstat | grep ATI 42 1 0xffffff7f81a2c000 0x172000 0x172000 com.apple.kext.ATISupport (7.0.0) <41 11 10 7 5 4 3 1> 43 0 0xffffff7f81ef5000 0x46000 0x46000 com.apple.kext.ATI5000Controller (7.0.0) <42 41 11 10 5 4 3 1> 55 0 0xffffff7f81b9e000 0x290000 0x290000 com.apple.ATIRadeonX3000 (7.0.0) <54 41 11 7 6 5 4 3 1>
  7. Hi guys, I want to install Mac os x ML on my Asus K52jr laptop, Intel Core i3-350M Processor (2.26 GHz) 4GB of DDR3 1066MHz DRAM (2GB x 2 slots), 8GB Max 500GB Hard Drive (5400 RPM) ATI 5470 Graphics Engine with 1GB DDR3 Dedicated VRAM; I found on the internet all the kexts needed for my laptop from people who have succeeded, I copied everything to /extra folder and to s/l/e folder, but i get an ,,AcpiFamily" kernel panic or ,,waiting for dsmos" error. Here is the archive Archive I got it from this post Post Someone with more experience, please tell me how should I do? Should I delete all kexts from the system folder and replace with the kexts from that archive? Or should I leave all of them? Thanks in advance!