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Found 8 results

  1. skunks

    multi-version card

    Please advice a budget graphics (with 2 monitors support) card that is suitable for both OSx86 10.5 and 10.11. (OSs between 10.5 and 10.11 are welcome also) Is it possible to "predict" this card will be supported in future OS releases? (with certain probability) I mean what card can be called the most "durable" in terms of future MacOS versions comatibility?
  2. I'm wondering if I should update to 10.5.8 Most programs like GIMP need 10.5.7, so I go to update, and notice 10.5.8 - should I do this? I know that GIMP will work on 10.5.8, it's that I don't know whether I will screw something up. I want to update because of app compatibility - I tried installing SL before (iATKOS S3 v2) but it failed so I'm using 10.5 (imo I like Leopard and SL more than Lion.) My main reasons are to do with Safari and GIMP - iTunes keeps nagging me to get Safari 4.0.3 and GIMP is one of my favourite free editors.
  3. Leibensraum - Beta testers welcome! Genre: Music Piano Tool Download: Leibensraum Beta 2016 Mac OS X (i386).zip or Download external link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tbsg413tktavw6f/Leibensraum_Beta_2016_Mac_OS_X_%28i386%29%282%29.zip Leibensraum version 1.0 Beta for Mac OS X Application (i386) Disclaimer: Use software at own risk! All copyrights are reserved to it's legal owner(s). Leibensraum give 17 keys of toy piano to make a simple but high quality piano on the go for Mac OS X. =================== Update 4rd July 16 + CoreAudio + Flashing Keys + Leibensraum melody + Plays up to 3 keys simultaneous + Keys bindings, key note / keyboard input: c4 c = [z] # = d = [x] # = [d] e = [c] f = [v] # = [g] g = # = [h] a = [n] # = [j] b = [m] c5 c = [,] # = [l] d = [.] # = [ö] e = [-] -------------------------- 1.0 Beta First release 4rd July 2016 ==================== Successfully tested on OSX86 (i386) Mac OS X 10.5.4 Leopard, HP6930, 8 GB RAM. ∫∫∫ ·◊.◊- ˘  ||¬ /.)._____(BV)___
  4. WARNING! DO NOT DOWNLOAD BEFORE READ ALL BELOW! USE AT OWN RISK. PCSX Reloaded 1.9.92 Custom Build for mac os x 10.5 Preface: Onto OSX86 with a unsupported gpu, chances are not that many but with a huge stack of memory and previous trial-error *patience* experience the chance had to be taken and so I did. The main part of this build is minor change to PeopsSoftGL.psxplugin (Included in .app), all credit to them. This build is for all have accelerated gpu problems! Changes that turn off acceleration: PeopsSoftGL plugins/DFXVideo/macsrc/PluginGLView.m Line: 100. NSOpenGLPFAAccelerated, change to: //NSOpenGLPFAAccelerated, Conclusion: 60 frames per second (Resident Evil 2 Preview) works in window mode. Crash at fullscreen. Before this build there was black screen, with sound and with a twist to click top window and drag around made somehow graphics to be drawn but disappeared as soon released mouse off window. Now as said got 60 frames per second and video except fullscreen! Might that be the next challenge. Screen-size: 1280x800 PCSX.zip
  5. orangesmasher221

    Wifi Kexts for Dell XPS M140/630m?

    Are there any working wifi kexts for ideneb 10.5.7 for dell xps m140? I know there is one that can connect to insecure wifi, but are there any that can connect to secure wifi?
  6. fantomas1

    Mac OS X intro movie

    Version 2.0


    The famous Mac OS X intro movie http://youtu.be/kEtbCCRvapg
  7. BETA: THUNDER for Mac OS X Nostalgic musical application of beta version and fully working. Built for Mac OS X 10.5 and up, tested on Leopard and Snow Leopard. Download includes 32-Bit i386 version and 32/64-Bit i386/X64 version. Free beta download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3u6i1m3kiae7a43/THUNDER+THE+TAPE.zip THUNDER Back in the middle of the 90's, it was me and my friend A### that meet together in front my Macintosh LC630. Loaded with coffee and Catch snus we took almost every free moment to play a lot of fun games like Marathon, Power Pete, Crystal Caliburn etc. And in between we were discovering the digital music-tracker era. Back then, the internet was an telephone/modem expensive thing and our last resort was to the times we got a Mac magazine with following floppy disk (later CD-Rom). Those magazine-floppies came loaded with freeware and promo-software and a lot more. I would say today that those magazines was part of the computer-ring connecting the fanatic users around the world by spreading collective music and it´s tools also to users that lack internet. A### was impressed by the new techno/dance era and at my place we soon started passionately coding tracking-music together, that later resulted in this release. I can't explain what it was and it´s nostalgic feeling that still surrounds me when describe, why we back in the days were sitting indoors in the hottest summer-vacation days and do this but it is somehow right there in the music we made. Might that You also hear it?... It was a few days ago when I went through the skeleton closet and found an old box with memorabilia. At bottom of that box found a tape similar to this applications splash-screen. After put the tape in the Sony Walkman and listen through it, the tape suddenly stopped after some song to find out, that the tape was cut off and repaired about 20 years ago and still it plays! Thereof one of the songs has this stop in it. After do my best record and make this application I am considered that this project currently finished. Enjoy!
  8. Moosehead1

    Realtek ALC650 kext help

    Hi Forum, Does anybody know where I might find a kext that works with the Reatek ALC650 or does anybody know how I can patch my AppleHDA to work with this? My Compaq Presario SR1401NX has iPC OS X 10.5.6 installed,1GB DDR SDRAM with 2.66GHz Intel Celeron D with graphics Intel 82845G Extreme Graphics 64MB (shared memory) works OK (no kext to install) but my sound doesnt work. I tried installing the AC'97 Codec from the customize menu on install but that did not work either . Please help.