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Found 7 results

  1. mrspike13

    Safe Mode

    Hi all Sorry for what might seem like a very n00bish question - I rarely ask for help in forums as I normally manage to find answers by searching Google but with what seems like a simple problem, I can't figure out how to do it! I have installed OSX Snow Leopard from a USB memory stick on a hackintosh. Managed to get sound working, WiFi etc. All was going well until the OS updated itself (I think it said updating to 10.6.8) Now upon boot I get a kernel panic. I believe this is caused by 10.6.8 not working with hacked Audio drivers "VoodooHDA(2.7.1)" and the fix involves simply booting the machine in safe mode and removing these drivers. But how do I boot in to safe mode??? I've tried holding shift. I've tried booting the USB memory stick into the installer and starting Terminal then attempting to set the -x flag but when I restart I still get the kernel panic. I haven't posted my machine spec as I guess that is immaterial. The USB memory stick consists of a retail copy of Snow Leopard which has been patched with EP45UD3P.... Any help would be greatly appreciated Ta Mike
  2. I could use any help I could get with this one, thanks in advance.... I'm freezing up on the gray screen with the apple and the spinning wheel. I've tried re-starting after removing my peripherals, no luck. I think my problem might be this: I installed some new software recently and the machine might be trying to boot from the wrong volume (I left an image mounted by mistake, which is being read as a drive I think). So I'd like to get in and delete that software. As a next step I'd like to try Safe Mode next but am having trouble doing it. Do I hit "-x" during startup, and if so at what point in the startup process? Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thank you!!! ~ T
  3. Ecco l'errore che mi compare se non metto -x Ah purtroppo ho bruciato la mia chiavetta da 16GB :/ e ne devo usare un'altra da 32GB, devo prima partizionarla vero? (Come procedo?)
  4. I installed everything nice and easy and can boot into OS X 10.6 easily by using the -x boot flag. However, without it I can only get passed the apple splash only to be hit with an ugly glitched looking black and grey screen. However, I can boot without any flags using the ModCD. The screen resolution no matter how I boot it is whack, just can't see the finder bar. So I just need help figuring ot what is going on. I have the impression that it is a graphics card error, but my GPU is recognized completely by the system. My specs: GATEWAY GT5228 -Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 6100 -Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4600 -CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ -RAM: 2GB DDR2 I want to also add that I used SnowLeo for the installation and used the following options in 'Customize' (note, I did not take out in memory or my GPU during installation): -Azaila audio -ATI_init -Chameleon R5 -AMD Patch -Chocolate Kernel -FakeSMC -PlatformUUID -AppleTRL8169(LAN) -LegacyApplePIIXATA Any help is much appreciated I am also willing to reinstall if you suggest it.
  5. Greetings people of InsanelyMac! I have managed to successfully install EC, but I cannot boot it up and finish installation (account creation etc.). There must be a way to fix this problem. I erased my disk and made it a GPT, because it is better. The flags I used during installation were GraphicsEnabler=No, IGPEnabler=Yes, IGPlatformID=01660004. I tried to use the same flags for booting with no luck. I did a -v run and these are the results (Warning! Large Image!): http://i.imgur.com/FWaZAXJ.jpg I tried -x as well. I managed to reach +- 60% of the progress bar but then my laptop rebooted and got back to bootloader. I am sure there is a solution because people have managed to install Mac on my laptop model before (their tutorials are incomplete, I did search for solutions in video comments) and because I managed to install the OS, there must be a way to boot it up. I will deeply appreciate everyone's help. Thank you for your time! If you need further info, do not hesitate to comment!!
  6. russell16688

    Can only boot in Safe mode

    Hi Everyone, I'm running a Dell Inspiron 17R 5721 and I have managed to gradually get to the point of the bootloader working and my system will boot but only with -x as a boot flag. I also can only use an external screen to view my login. I have tried all sorts and I can't work out where to go from here and would really appreciate any help to try and get it up and running. I feel like I'm so close but I just don't know what to do to get the final things running smoothly. I have used myhack to get the system installed and run [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] after installation as myhack didn't work natively to get it to boot from the hard drive. Is there anythign else I need to run to stop it only starting in safe mode? I can also run a non safe mode boot with verbose and show where it freezes if that helps. Thanks
  7. Hola amigos, soy nuevo en el foro y estoy empezando con mi primer hackintosh, para ello tengo el siguiente equipo: -Placa GA-B75M-D3H -Intel Core i7 3770 -Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 1600 -Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB -Asus GeForce GTX 650 Eco 2GB GDDR5 -TP-Link TL-WDN4800 Por lo que he estado investigando esta configuración era muy compatible. Inicialmente decidí instalar Mountain Lion mediante la instalación por DVD de la distro Niresh, porque así no necesitaba otro equipo con OS X. Bueno pues empezé configurando UEFI, configure lo del SATA en AHCI, luego el xHCI mode en Auto, en lugar de Smart Auto, y luego puse xHCI Hand-off y EHCI Hand -off en ENABLED. Así que después inicié la instalación desde el dvd pero no arrancaba el instalador, se quedaba colgado, después de muchos intentos descubrí que con el comando -x si arrancaba y realicé la instalación de Mountain Lion. Después al arrancarle arrancaba perfectamente y como lo que quería era tener la última versión, es decir Mavericks, la descargue del App Store y cree un USB de arranque. Cuando realicé la instalación tuve el mismo problema que con ML que sólo me arrancaba con -x, pero después al reiniciar, en el arranque a diferencia del ML, que arrancaba bien, en Mavericks sólo me arranca con el comando -x, sino no arranca, se queda como colgado en el arranque. He probado a instalarle el bootloader con el Chimera, y nada, luego el Chamaleon y nada, y también el Clover y no he conseguido nada. Es más cuando conecto el otro disco duro, que tiene Windows 7 se me inicia el arranque de el Windows 7, aunque pulse F12 y seleccione el disco duro SSD que es donde está el Mavericks. El disco duro de windows 7 es uno viejo que tenía por casa. Tengo un par de dudas a parte de esto sobre hackintosh: Cuando instalo el OS X, tanto el ML como Mavericks, me reconoce casi todo los componentes, excepto la tarjeta de red, pero la parcheo, pero lo que me preocupa es que en teoría me reconoce el sonido, reconoce Sonido intel de alta definición, pero no funciona. En Mavericks los gráficos van un poco trabados, aunque me reconoce la tarjeta perfectamente salen unos cuadritos en la parte inferior izquierda y los efectos gráficos van un poco trabados, me imagino que sea que al entrar en modo seguro con -x tenga estas limitaciones, porque en Mountain Lion iba perfectamente y en los dos me reconoce la gráfica. Otra duda que tengo es que cuando instalamos Chamaleon o Clover, si no hemos elegido la configuración optima y tenemos que volver a instalarlo, la nueva instalación sustituye a la anterior o cómo la desinstalamos? o si instalamos un programa de bootloader y luego otro, el primero se desinstala o se sobrescribe por el nuevo? Esta parte no me ha quedado muy clara. Soy un novato en esto y aunque he estado bastante tiempo documentándome sobre el tema todavía tengo muchas dudas, espero que no sean demasiado tontas. Un saludo y gracias de antemano.