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Found 200 results

  1. I get "com.apple.boot.plist not found" while trying to boot OS X 10.6 ISO in vmware player. Is there a fix for this? Pls reply ASAP My specs: Pentium E5200 2GB RAM nVidia GT610
  2. Hi. First of all I've read topic where Frank Nitty tried to install Mac OS from USB flash drive in this thread Thread. I have another situation. So, first thing that happened is I had the same error message when updated my hackintosh from 10.12 to 10.13 (from AppStore as always). But I've solved it by changing ProductName from 14,1 to 18,1 in SMBIOS section of config.plist Now I am trying to update from 10.13 to 10.13.1 and 18,1 does not help now. I get error "The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged" every time after files copying, and rebooting by installer. I've tried next ideas already: run the terminal command sudo NVRAM -c to reset my NVRAM before installing/upgrading High Sierra. Try Clover r4220+ (I have 4268) and remove FirmwareFeatures/FirmwareFeaturesMask/PlatformFeature and BIOS version/release date/Board-ID data from config.plist/SMBIOS to allow Clover to inject up to date values. Update to @Slice's latest FakeSMC v3.50. And also unplugged another drives with EFI from motherboard So, I cannot understand what I can do now, I think I've tried everything I could find on forums. Please help me to solve this. Thank you!
  3. "I have successfully installed Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2 - Kalyway on my HP 520 Notebook. It is running stable and good." "I will post about my experience soon. I am still experimenting with it. " This is about getting Mac OS X Lion up and running on an AMD Desktop. I have chosen Niresh's Distribution for my install. But I am sure that the procedure as well as the problems faced by everyone will be the same. So let's work it out. My Configuration: Motherboard: ASUS M4A88T-M-LE [ 880G Chipset ] Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 [ Black Edition ] Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5670 [ 1GB GDDR5 ] RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2 x 4GB Procedure: 1. SATA Mode changed to AHCI from IDE This is for people facing Still waiting for root device error. Changing SATA mode to AHCI corrects it. 2. Took out a RAM Hackintosh has problems with Dual Channels most of the time . 3. Suspend mode changed to S3 from AUTO I am not sure about this. I was reading about a successful AMD installation with this configuration. But I saw no difference yet. 4. Booted from DVD with Boot: "Kernel Cache"=\amd arch=i386 -v Successfull discovery of all 4 cores of the CPU and 4GB RAM. 5. And this is where I get Stuck: USBMSC Identifier (non unique): 000000264001 0x424 0x4060 0x182 USBF: 54.274 AppleUSBOHCI [0x7fdb800] :: CheckSleepCapability - controller will be unloaded across sleep Check screenshot for details of the error message with complete install log. Friends, Requesting assistance with these issues. Kindly post your problems with installing Mac OS X Lion on AMD in this thread.
  4. A Apple confirmou que tanto o aplicativo para Mac Aperture e o iPhoto para iOS, serão substituídos pelo novo Photos. O programa foi apresentado no WWDC 2014 e chegará oficialmente junto com o OS X Yosemite, pondo um fim na história das duas principais ferramentas de edição de fotos da empresa. A Apple pretende acabar com o desenvolvimento de sua ferramenta de gerenciamento de fotos Aperture e irá retirar o iPhoto de sua loja de aplicativos para o iPhone. O iPhoto é um aplicativo voltado para o gerenciamento de fotos, com uma pegada mais pessoal e o Aperture é uma ferramenta mais profissional para praticamente a mesma tarefa. No comunicado, a Apple informou que: “Com a introdução do novo aplicativo iPhotos e da Fototeca do iCloud, permitindo aos usuários armazenar com segurança todas as suas fotos no iCloud e acessá-los de qualquer lugar, não haverá nenhum novo desenvolvimento do Aperture”. Quanto as atuais bibliotecas de fotos do Aperture, a fabricante informou que quando o Photos para OS X chegar no próximo ano, os usuários poderão migrar as suas existentes para o Photos. O novo aplicativo Photos, foi anunciado na WWDC 2014, como sendo a nova plataforma para edição de fotos e de gestão. Agora, ao mesmo tempo que a Apple anunciou seus planos para manter a compatibilidade com o OS X Yosemite, a empresa também afirmou que deixará de desenvolver o Aperture e o iPhoto, o que claramente determina o fim de ambos. Espero que seja gratuito!!! Fonte: Techtudo, 9to5Mac
  5. Buenas a toda la comunidad!!! En este post, me gustaria si pudieran ayudarme con info sobre el tema de SSDT y DSDT que la verdad, estuve leyendo en el foro y tambien fuera de el, pero casi todo el contenido esta en ingles, y no termino de entender si me falta algo mas para tener mi instalacion de Mac en condiciones Lo primero es saber basicamente que son los SSDT y DSDT. Yo en la guia que segui que es la de RampageDev, me da un SSDT para mi motherboard (Z97X Gaming 3), pero solo me indica ponerla en una carpeta del disco EFI y de ahi nada mas. Sin embargo yo veo que muchos hablan de inyectarlo y de instalarlo o modificarlo y esas cosas... y yo la verdad de no hice mas que copiarlo en la carpeta de EFI y ya esta. Y en cuanto a DSDT, no hice nada de eso en la instalacion, ya que la guia que segui no hablaba nada de eso... Me falta algo mas por hacer? Bueno sin mas que eso me despido y espero su ayuda como hasta aqui me brindaron. Muchas gracias!
  6. Version 1


    here is my DSDT patched for Dell 7537(1080P) with intel 4500U report me if there are any issues
  7. Hello, Although i'm confident it can be done, i'm looking for an *easier to follow guide (for noobies) to help me through it. If my understanding is correct, the main issue is configuring the motherboards power management in line with OSX's set up (Auto power off, sleep mode etc). This is the guide i've been trying to follow.. http://www.macbreake...hackintosh.html So far, I've descovered the B85 is a UEFI setup but i can't find a pre made patched BIOS for it, and for an unknown reason my computer wont open the UEFI patching utility posted on this thread http://www.insanelym...ching-utility/ so i'm falling at the first hurdle. My setup: Asus vanguard B85 Intel i7-4770k Asus GTX 780 Seagate 2TB BARRACUDA 3.5" SATA-III Hard Drive - 7200RPM 64MB Cache (OSX Install Drive) Samsung SATAlll SSD 250GB (Windows) Corsair 16GB RAM I'm really hoping someone out there can help! Cheers, Danielt
  8. Hi, I need to upgrade my Windows OS from Vista(x64) to Windows 7(x64) on a dual-boot computer. I didn't build the computer myself, and don't want to screw up the Macintosh side when I do the upgrade. This is not Apple hardware. When I boot up I am pressented with a non-windows boot menu, which lists OS X Leopard and Windows Vista. I'm trying to understand if this boot menu is launching from the OS X hard drive. If I disconnect the power and SATA cables from the OS X hard drive, I don't see any boot menu, and the computer boots directly into Windows. Would a Windows upgrade install be as easy as unplugging the OS X drive and running the installer, or am I missing something? Thanks in advance, Drew Here is an image of my disc management in Vista:
  9. Kio​

    Flash player 13 error

    Hi! Someone is having problems with flash player version 13.x? Versión X.201 work, but I have "Green" graphic issues on the player. Have Mavericks on AMD
  10. I've installed Mac Os X 10.9.1 Mavericks on my Intel Haswell NUC Core i5 (D54250WYK), which has mini Display port output. I connected Nuc with 27-inch Korean monitor (Crossover 2763amg) with mini Display port - Display port cable to get 2560x1440 resolution. Installation was working fine without any issue, then i restarted my machine to load Mavericks and got login screen. After i type my user account password, os x shutd down immediately in 1-2 seconds. If i boot with "-v -x" flags (verbose, save mode), then everything goes fine, but there is poor graphics acceleration. I've also noticed if i connect my Nuc to old 17-inch LG monitor through HDMI cable (mini HDMI - HDMI), then there is no a such issue, but resolution is 1080p. Another strange thing, if i change Org.chameleon.Boot.plist file located in /Extra folder of my SSD for lower resolution (from 2560x1440 -> 2048x1152) then i have os x shuts down after login screen not every time - sometimes it occured, sometimes not. The same behaviour if i connect my Nuc with passive mini DP - DVI adapter + DVI cable (the resolution in this case is 1920x1200): sometimes shuts down after login screen occured, sometimes - not. Also, i've tried Windows 7x64 installing, and everything worked without below problem in 2560x1440. I've heard about Lapic Kernel patching for Haswell CPU's, but i haven't tried it yet. Where could be the cause of this behaviour in Max OS X? Any suggestions? Here is my suggestion: Try another mini DP - DP cable. Try MINI DP - DUAL LINK DVI adapters like: Monoprice Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt Plus USB To Dual-Link DVI Adaptor Kanex iAdapt C30 MDPC30 Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter StarTech.com mdp 2 dvi Mini DisplayPort to DVI Dual-Link Apple mini Display port to Dual Link DVI adapter Try External usb3.0 video capture card moved topic to this forum's section
  11. Hello. i have not much experience with OSx86 .. okay .. i know nothing xD Thats why i need your help: My System: Asus P5Q Deluxe Mainboard LG DVD Burner SATA Seagate 250 GB SATA HDD Creative Sound Card Model : SB0410 Nvidia GTX 260 GraphicCard Apple Pro KeyBoard Logitec MX518 Mouse ML3U OSx 10.8.3 succesful installed. booted with Clover CD. Installed Bootloader with #####. OSx Update to OSx 10.8.5 DSDT. Autopatcher used to make an DSDT.aml and moved this to "Extras" I have following problems, and im not able to solve this, tried several DSDT and kext on database but no one works : USB onBoard doesnt work. It works only with my Mouse and Keyboard, i can only connect Sticks via Apple keyboard. DVD drive does all 30 Seconds an "read" noise I cannot find correct drivers for my GTX 260. (full support) Drivers ive tried Crashed my System completly (i had to reinstall it 2 times -.- ) Also cannot find or install correct drivers for my Creative Soundcard ( tried it with kXAudio Drivers but takes no effect ) My HDD also shuts down after 5 Minutes not in use....... but starts after 1 Minute again Can you please help me ? I seacrhed all over the web but im to stupid or there are no good drivers, DSDT´s and kexkt .........
  12. Hello, For the last couple weeks I have been trying to find the "perfect" guide to dual-boot. I came across with SO many methods (tonymac,niresh,myhack,iAtkos,and about 100 000 other methods) that I'm very confused. Here is my problem: I'd like to dual-boot windows and mavericks on the same drive, but from what I read during my researches, they mentioned multiple times reinstalling Windows. So I'd like to know if there is any way to do this without losing my data or if there's not and then I have to backup all my system. I have mavericks running smoothly in vmware workstation 10 if that's of any use. My computer specs are the following: OS name Microsoft Windows 8.1 Version 6.3.9600 Compilation 9600 ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Model X55A x64-based PC SKU system ASUS-NotebookSKU Processor Intel® Pentium® CPU 2020M @ 2.40GHz, 2400 Mhz, 2 cores, 2 logic processors Date/Bios version American Megatrends Inc. X55A.415, 09/11/2012 SMBIOS 2.7 BIOS mode UEFI If you could me to a guide telling what to do after the USB creation, I would appreciate. Thanks in advance! ps: sorry if I'm on the wrong section and sorry for bad english :s 4gb ram
  13. Hi all, Can someone have the haswell-e such 5820k or above, tell that handbrake rip an iso image into mp4 or mkv how much cpu usagae? I have i7-930 and i5-4430 haswell, both went 99% cpu usage. Becuase I am looking for Haswell-E. Thank you all,
  14. HxC_Pokecore

    965BE and a 5770

    I'm wanting to install OS X on a spare 160GB HDD that I have, but every thread I find on it for my hardware gets sidetracked or just dies. I saw this thread: http://www.insanelym...age__mode__show And I'm thinking of following it but I just wanted to get other people's opinions first. I am aware that this is only for 10.6.7 and lower, so that's why I'm asking here. I'd really like to be running Mountain Lion, but if it's not yet possible then I suppose I can settle for 10.6/10.7,, I also need Optical (SPDIF) output to be working. Again, if it's not possible than I can deal with it but it's what I use for my speakers, so. Specs: Operating System Microsoft Windows 8 Pro 64-bit CPU AMD Phenom II X4 965 41 °C Deneb 45nm Technology RAM 4.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 669MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC. M4A87TD EVO (AM3) 41 °C Graphics ASUS ML238 (1920x1080@60Hz) ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series (Undefined) Hard Drives 56GB OCZ-VERTEX3 ATA Device (SSD) 30 °C 466GB Western Digital WDC WD5000AADS-00M2B0 ATA Device (SATA) 44 °C Optical Drives TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223C ATA Device Audio AMD High Definition Audio Device
  15. Hi all! I'm new to the idea of installing Mac on my PC. I basically want to be able to run it through VirtualBox and I've seen a whole load of tutorials on how to do this but I've always run into problems. I would like to be able to get as many things working as I can, and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how I should get started? My Specs Are as follows: AMD FX-4100 Quad Core Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Graphics Card Microsoft Windows 8.1 64bit 2 SSD drives and a standard Sata Hard Drive with 1 DVD Drive 16GB of RAM I would like to run it through VirtualBox if possible, can anyone recommend what version of OSX I need to set everything up? Thanks in advance!
  16. i tried to install osx mavericks using vmware 8 / windows 7 ... Ich bypassed the vertualization becuase my computer doesnt support that and when i start the machine i get EFI VMware virtual scsi hard drive (0.0) unsuccessful.. So i deleted the line "firmware=efi" from the .vmx file and i got it to boot but now i get stuck at loading darwin x/86 ... And nothing happens... I tried f8 and then -v and cpus=1 and so on but also nothing happened ... I would be very greatful if you could help me! I really love to get that os! Thanks a lot!
  17. I have an HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b0000es. I made brightness keys work but I can't make wifi button to work. Any ideas? It's handled via _Q15 acpi method.
  18. hello to all, I would like to get some help to install any OSX on a packard bell EasyNote TE I now write the repo pc : computer: Computer Type ACPI x64 -based PC Motherboard: Processor Type Intel ® Celeron ® CPU 1000M@1.80GHz 2x , 1800 MHz Motherboard Name Packard Bell EG50_HC_CR Motherboard Chipset Unknown BIOS Type Insyde ( 19/02/13 ) Video Card: Video Adapter Intel ® HD Graphics ( 1873078 KB) Multimedia : Audio Device for High Definition Audio Controller [ 8086 - 1e20 ] [ NODB ] storage : IDE Controller Intel ® 7 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI controller Storage controller Broadcom Memory Stick Disk Drive TOSHIBA MK5059GSXP (465 GB, IDE) Optical Drive MAT{censored}A DVD -RAM UJ8E1 Network Adapter Broadcom Virtual Wireless Adapter DMI : Manufacturer DMI BIOS Insyde Corp. DMI BIOS Version v2.14 DMI System Manufacturer Packard Bell Product DMI System EasyNote TE11HC thanks for the help -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------italiano-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ciao a tutti, vorrei avere un aiuto per installare qualsiasi osx su un packard bell EasyNote TE ora scrivo il repo del pc : Computer: Tipo computer ACPI x64-based PC Scheda madre: Tipo processore Intel® Celeron® CPU 1000M @ 1.80GHz 2x , 1800 MHz Nome scheda madre Packard Bell EG50_HC_CR Chipset scheda madre Sconosciuto Tipo BIOS Insyde (02/19/13) Scheda video: Adattatore video Intel® HD Graphics (1873078 KB) Multimedia: Periferica audio Controller per High Definition Audio [8086- 1E20] [NoDB] Archiviazione: Controller IDE Intel® 7 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller Controller di archiviazione Broadcom Memory Stick Unità disco TOSHIBA MK5059GSXP (465 GB, IDE) Unità ottica MAT{censored}A DVD-RAM UJ8E1 Adattatore di rete Broadcom Virtual Wireless Adapter DMI: Produttore DMI del BIOS Insyde Corp. Versione DMI del BIOS V2.14 Produttore DMI di sistema Packard Bell Prodotto DMI di sistema EasyNote TE11HC grazie mille per l'aiuto Report.txt
  19. Hi, I'm trying to install OS X 10.11 on my computer using clover, however I can't get past this screen (the picture is attached). I'm using FakeCPUID and my boot arguments are: dart=0 -xcpm -z -f -s -x -v PCIBootUID=1 nv_disable=1 graphicsenabler=no My specs are: MSI H87M-G43 Motherboard, an Intel G3258 Pentium Processor and a Nvidia 960 GPU Can anyone help?
  20. Hi Everyone! I'm running a Hackintosh. I'm a music producer and i have a USB Audio Interface wich starts to crackle after like 2-6 minutes. It sound like robotic crackling{censored}. Well, it's annoying and i have a lot of work to do. Please! Could you help me out with this problem? It must be something with OS X cuz, when i put it on another or yeah, a REAL MAC, it works fine. And it works fine with/in Windows to. I've installed all the drivers and yeah, it still starts to crackle. :/ Please, help me out! What to do? Thanks in Advance! Highwell
  21. Jalouly

    Stuck at Lion Setup

    Hi everyone, I downloaded niresh's Lion 10.7.3, restored it on my 8 GB flash drive using Disk Utility, and installed Chameleon bootloader on them, I booted from the flash drive, and I got the below picture, if I boot it normally, i I get kernel panic before even getting into the setup. I tried booting with -x arch=i386 cpus=1 nothing worked, same kernel panic before getting into the setup. This is an attached picture of booting using only -v It stucks at that point
  22. Basically I need some help. What would you reccomend, what do you think is the best cheap laptop to hackintosh? The end goal is running 10.6.8 - 10.7 with Logic Pro 9 as the main application running, wifi and everything else is less important to me. Thanks.
  23. I'm trying to re-enter the mac world after a few years away and I am facing again an old issue I couldn't find a fix back in Lion. The problem is with my Zotac GeForce 9800 GT 1024mb ( mobo -> DVI | VGA | HDMI ). It works fine with graphics acceleration and all by simple GraphicsEnabler=Yes, but if i just plug in the HDMI cable to the card, OS X will freeze. If i shut it down and plug the HDMI cable and turn it back on, it will give me a black screen instead of the login prompt. My goal is to enable dual display with my monitor by DVI and my TV by HDMI. I've tried several things so far, there are times the black screen is replaced by a grayish screen, but no mouse pointer and no login prompt. If I connect HDMI alone to the TV, BIOS/Bootloaders messages show up fine, but the same thing happens at OS X login. I tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes in both Chameleon (2.2svn r2391) and Clover (v2k r2850 and r2890), same results. Tried DSDT patch from several guides, but I don't know if I did it correctly, because it simply didn't change anything and I can't boot without GraphicsEnabler=Yes. Also tried quite a few NVCAPs and display-cfg, no luck. I'm triple booting in this machine with OS X Yosemite 10.10 Beta 2, Windows 8 and Ubuntu 14.04.1, so if there's a chance to get proper ROM or NVCAP or whatever from these OSes, I'm good to go. Any help would be appreciated. Here are my ioreg dump and my patched DSDT: EDIT: Corrected attachments and added 10de_0614.rom. DSDT.aml.zip DSDT.aml.zip
  24. Dear all, I need to install mac os on my laptop Toshiba C660-1ME - 4G RAM - Intel Corei5 - External NVIDIA GeForce 315M (1G) - HDD 500G I try to burn iATKOS_L2 lion 10.7.2 on DVD & boot it , but it was too slow in installation & after installation , I removed it. I try to burn iATKOS S3 Snow Leopard 10.6.3 it boot , but give me apple logo & no installation & reboot . Please help me ..... My labtop specifications : الكمبيوتر: نوع الكمبيوتر ACPI x64-based PC نظام التشغيل Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate حزمة الخدمة للنظام [ TRIAL VERSION ] Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421 DirectX DirectX 10.1 إسم الكمبيوتر SHAKERCS-PC إسم المستخدم ShakerCS مجال تسجيل الدخول [ TRIAL VERSION ] التاريخ \ الوقت 2011-11-29 / 22:17 اللوحة الأم: CPU نوع الـ 2x , 2300 MHz (12 x 192) إسم اللوحة الأم مجهول مجموعة رقائق اللوحة الأم مجهول ذاكرة النظام [ TRIAL VERSION ] BIOS نوع الـ AMI (06/16/10) العرض: كرت الفيديو NVIDIA GeForce 315M (1024 مب) كرت الفيديو NVIDIA GeForce 315M (1024 مب) الشاشة Generic PnP Monitor [NoDB] الوسائط: كرت الصوت High Definition Audio Controller [10DE-0BE3] [NoDB] كرت الصوت High Definition Audio Controller [8086-1C20] [NoDB] المخزون: IDE تحكم Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller محرك القرص Generic- Multi-Card USB Device محرك القرص Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 USB Device (7 قب, USB) محرك القرص TOSHIBA MK5076GSXN ATA Device (465 قب, IDE) محرك بصري HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT30N ATA Device الصلبة SMART حالة أقراص OK تقسيمات: C: (NTFS) [ TRIAL VERSION ] D: (NTFS) 209.1 قب (39.1 قب الحر) H: (NTFS) 62783 مب (62692 مب الحر) الحجم الكلي [ TRIAL VERSION ] الإدخال: لوحة المفاتيح Standard PS/2 Keyboard فأرة HID-compliant mouse فأرة PS/2 Compatible Mouse الشبكة: الرئيسي IP عنوان [ TRIAL VERSION ] الرئيسي MAC عنوان B4-74-9F-F0-D9-CF كرت الشبكة Anchorfree HSS Adapter كرت الشبكة Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter (192. [ TRIAL VERSION ]) كرت الشبكة Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter كرت الشبكة Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller كرت الشبكة VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet1 (192. [ TRIAL VERSION ]) كرت الشبكة VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet8 (192. [ TRIAL VERSION ]) المحيطيات: الطابعة Fax الطابعة Microsoft XPS Document Writer الطابعة Send To OneNote 2010 USB2 تحكم Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller [8086-1C26] [NoDB] USB2 تحكم Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller [8086-1C2D] [NoDB] USB جهاز الـ Chicony USB 2.0 Camera USB جهاز الـ Generic USB Hub USB جهاز الـ Generic USB Hub USB جهاز الـ USB Composite Device USB جهاز الـ USB Input Device USB جهاز الـ USB Mass Storage Device USB جهاز الـ USB Mass Storage Device البطارية Microsoft AC Adapter البطارية Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery البطارية Microsoft Composite Battery DMI: للكمبيوتر المركزي BIOS بائع الـ TOSHIBA للكمبيوتر المركزي BIOS نسخة الـ 1.00 مصنع نظام الكمبيوتر المركزي TOSHIBA منتج نظام الكمبيوتر المركزي SATELLITE C660 نسخة نظام الكمبيوتر المركزي PSC1SE-00G009AR رقم تسلسل نظام الكمبيوتر المركزي [ TRIAL VERSION ] المعرّف الوحيد العالمي للكمبيوتر المركزي [ TRIAL VERSION ] مصنع اللوحة الأم للكمبيوتر المركزي TOSHIBA منتج اللوحة الأم للكمبيوتر المركزي PWWHA نسخة اللوحة الأم للكمبيوتر المركزي 1.00 رقم تسلسل اللوحة الأم للكمبيوتر المركزي [ TRIAL VERSION ] مصنع هيكل الكمبيوتر المركزي TOSHIBA نسخة هيكل الكمبيوتر المركزي N/A رقم تسلسل هيكل الكمبيوتر المركزي [ TRIAL VERSION ] بطاقة موجودات الكمبيوتر المركزي [ TRIAL VERSION ] نوع الكمبيوتر المركزي Notebook
  25. I am doing it under Sierra via VM and system refuses to do this (install to apps), also there is no ption to "buy" El Capitan from store. If someone give me advice how to make it run I will be very glad.