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Found 200 results

  1. Queria Hacer Una Consulta Como Podria Agregarle un kext a Empire EFI en Windows? Ya Que No Tengo La Oportunidad De Iniciar En Algun Mac os Para Hacerlo desde el Terminal... Desde Ya Gracias, Saludos
  2. Hey guys, new to InsanelyMac, seems like a great community. I recently got a EVGA GTX 780. I do a lot of gaming, which was my primary reason for that choice, but I also do some Adobe work on my OSX install. Understanding the known bugs with this card and 10.8.3, I determined that they would not affect my work that much (really just wanted that CUDA!). So I got it working on OSX, and obviously W7 fine, using the nVidia web drivers. OSX recognized it by name a details in system info and I was getting excited!! Then reality set in...After trying to enable CUDA using terminal commands I found on several sites, I realized even though the computer knew it was a 780, it wasn't truly recognizing it. When I would use GPU Sniffer for enabling CUDA for AE, I wasn't getting the same info as many others. It wasn't giving me the dialogue "Name: GTX 7xx...." but rather something like "Engine: Nvidia GTX 780 OpenGL Engine....". So I was unable to get that working and could not find a real reason or anyone else experiencing the same issue. Then on Windows, thinking it might be a BIOS or GPU firmware incompatibility, I tried installing the latest firmware for the 780. In the prompt for installation, at the "finding devices..." it determined I had no compatible devices....even though I had the latest GPU drivers installed and could max out all my games and tweak the card using the nvidia control panel. Now, my question is...Is this in fact a motherboard/BIOS incompatibility? My current MOBO is the GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 w/ UEFI U1h. They released an updated UEFI, U1l, in march '13, but I can't find any info if that is a GPU/7xx series compatibility update or something. Does anyone have any info on this matter? Really don't want to have to upgrade my MOBO and potentially my CPU if I don't have to. Thanks! P.S. This might also be a clue to the culprit....since upgrading my GPU, the MOBO splash screen hangs for about a minute or so on boot until finally going into the normal selection screen...I can't access BIOS either, if I try, my screen goes black once the spalsh screen moves on.
  3. Hi mates, Few months ago I bought PC. I played with Win8.1 for one month and then decided to install OSX Yosemite. I have a little experience with hackintosh on my Asus Zenbook UX32a and now I trying to run OSX on my current setup. Hardware is: 1. Motherboard: Asus Z97-K 2. CPU: Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz/5GT/s/6MB (BX80646I54570) 3. Video: Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 760 (GV-N760OC-2GD rev1.0) 4. RAM: Kingston DDR3-2400 16384MB PC3-19200 (Kit of 2x8192) HyperX Beast 5. 2 SSD, 1 HDD I found in neighboring forum topic, where some guy have very similar hardware (cannot find now). I made usb stick with OSX 10.10 Yosemite, put FakeSMC.kext. I took his clover config.plist, and my system booted not in normal mode. I really was very happy. I have installed OSX. Found solution for Ethernet (RealtekRTL8111.kext) and for Sound (audio_cloverALC-90_v2.0.command + realtekALC.kext). Currently all works fine, except HDMI Audio and sometimes solution for sound (audio_cloverALC-90_v2.0.command + realtekALC.kext) crashed and i cannot hear normal sound only crackles. As I know system can not work from Box very well. Maybe someone who knows how to diagnose system, to make it better etc. can help me? I didn't touch DSDT I take it from AIDA64 and simply put into patched folder of clover. I know here is field of improvements. So I want to prepare to release and have Rock solid system. I have attached my config and dsdt file. I can share any needed information to you. Thanks, config.plist.zip DSDT.aml.zip
  4. Hi! This is my 1st tutorial for t3500 Dell. https://youtu.be/15AKmofoLAQ
  5. Monte o InstallESD.dmg que se encontra na pasta Contents/SharedSupport do Install OS X 10.10 Developer Preview.app Monte o BaseSystem.dmg que está (oculto) em OS X Install ESD open /Volumes/OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/BaseSystem.dmg Usando o Utilitário de Disco restaure a partição OS X Base System para um pen drive (ou partição do HD) no formato Mac OS Expandido (Reg. Cronológico) Remova o link Packages da pasta System/Installation do pen drive rm /Volumes/OS\ X\ Base\ System\ 1/System/Installation/Packages Copie a pasta Packages de OS X Install ESD para a pasta System/Installation do pen drive cp -R /Volumes/OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/Packages /Volumes/OS\ X\ Base\ System\ 1/System/Installation Copie os arquivos BaseSystem.dmg e Basesystem.chunklist de OS X Install ESD para a raiz do pen drive cp /Volumes/OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/BaseSystem.* /Volumes/OS\ X\ Base\ System\ 1 Instale o Clover (r2694 ou posterior) no pen drive http://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/ Adicione kext-dev-mode=1 nos boot-args do Clover Exemplo de config.plist básico <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>Boot</key> <dict> <key>Arguments</key> <string>-v kext-dev-mode=1</string> </dict> <key>GUI</key> <dict> <key>Theme</key> <string>nome do tema</string> </dict> <key>SystemParameters</key> <dict> <key>InjectKexts</key> <true/> </dict> </dict> </plist> Copie as kexts essenciais (FakeSMC, NullCPUPowerManagement, etc) para EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10 Faça boot do pen drive e proceda com a instalação Não selecione português pois faltam os textos dos diálogos do instalador. Créditos: Perncabeluda, +ira, Oldnapalm. Topico Atualizado.
  6. Hi guys! I got sound working in the first laptop in signature thanks to Mirone and his patched AppleHDA for ALC233. Then a nifty user helped me enable the internal microphone in my AppleHDA, because not even Mirone managed to after two tries. Now it works, but it is at a very low volume. This is when I whistle, and it is the loudest noise that the mic picks up: As you can see ambient noise reduction is disabled, so it is a very poor quality sound, but that still seems like a person shouting from 3 km away. If I enable it, there is no sound at all being recorded by the internal microphone. This screenshot below is of when I shout, with my face close to the webcam (where the mic is) with ambient noise reduction DISABLED, notice how low the volume it picks up That is precisely why Dictation features of OSX dont work.... It tries to pick up my voice, but it never is loud enough for it to detect. That feature would be great for my job.... Being able to just say to the computer what to write. Would save me hours of looking at the screen. Also I would be able to skype anytime, and as I use Mac OSX as my daily driver, for entertainment and work, Skype is also an important part of my job... If you would help me fix this and boost the microphone volume,I could talk to my GF and my bosses without having to boot windows just for that.. My USB microphone is the one from Guitar Hero II (very poor quality, even the internal one performs better, at least in Windows) I am therefore attaching all my ACPI files and my AppleHDA, so maybe YOU could help me figure out a way to fix this issue... AppleHDA.kext.zip kosakgroove ACPI.zip Any suggestion is deeply welcome and appreciated. BTW I use layout-id 3 in the DSDT and MacbookPro 11,2 SMBIOS. HDMI audio, headphone/microphone jack and speakers work perfectly, boosting the volume of the internal microphone is the last concern, and the biggest one I had since the beggining. How ironic. Thanks in advance.
  7. So I have installed mac OS X with clover and I have noticed when booting into mac OS X the boot process bar reaches around 1/4 of the way then the monitor flashes on and off a few times and then I'm at the desktop. No full boot and no pretty transition to desktop. I'm guessing this happens because when OS X reaches the 2nd boot stage. The graphics card gets enabled fully. Is there a way to fix this? is there a way to enable the graphics card before booting into OS X? I found this post here but I'm not sure how to install this fix let alone if it will work.
  8. OS X Lion on ThinkPad T510i: ThinkPad T510i 4314-6BG (also works on T410, T410 AMT, T510 and W510) Before asking it thread. Please fill data about your hardware and software. Without it I can't help Custom working WLAN cards in Lenovos There is a list of current half and full size WLAN cards working native in OSX I use Atheros AR5BHB92 (Atheros 9280) in my T510i + modded BIOS without whitelist check And one important remark about full size cards in all lenovo lineup - WWAN slot is only USB or USB+mSATA capable on Lenovos, there is no mini-PCIe lines in WWAN slot - so full size cards won't work at all. Only way to drive it is to make some mini-PCIe cable extender for WLAN slot and place connected to that cable card instead of WWAN. Half size cards Atheros AR5B93 - 802.11 b/g/n - single-band: 2.4GHz only. МасOS up to 150 Mbps, Windows up to 300 Mbps. - PCI-id [168c:002a] - Native in Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 и 10.8. AirDrop Works. Atheros AR5BHB92 - 802.11 a/b/g/n - dual-band: 2.4GHz + 5GHz. МасOS up to 150 Mbps on 2.4GHz and up to 300 Mbps on 5GHz, Windows up to 300 Mbps on both bands. - PCI-id [168c:002a] - Native in Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 и 10.8. AirDrop Works. Broadcom BCM94322HM8L - 802.11 a/b/g/n - dual-band: 2.4GHz + 5GHz. МасOS up to 150 Mbps on 2.4GHz and up to 300 Mbps on 5GHz, Windows up to 300 Mbps on both bands. - PCI-id [14e4,432b] - Native in Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 и 10.8. AirDrop Works. Full list of supported cards is here Recent changes 2013.11.12 -OS X Mavericks update guide with links 2012.12.02 - Calibration profile for 1920x1080 AUO B156HW01 V5 95% Gamut screen dispcalGUI ThinkPad W520 Display 1920 2012-04-30 D6500 2.2 HQ 3xCurve+MTX.icm.zip 2012.11.29 - Fixed and tested with WWAN card whitelist in Lenovo T510 Bios file (T410 and W510 bioses was patched successfully before) Sierra MC8781 works fine and depends on signal strength works UMPS or HSPA speeds 2012.11.14 - Starting huge update of files for all T/W*10 Thinkpads lineup - Added file packs for T410/T510/W510 for OSX 10.6/10.7/10.8 installation - Added modified versions of Thinkpad's BIOS with removed whitelist for WLAN and WWAN cards 2012.10.02 Simple install guide for Lion and Mountain Lion added T510 step by step patches archive added T410/W510/W520 dsdts 2012.09.13 Kexts + dsdt + info update 2012.08.01 DSDT + Kexts update 2012.07.18 LAN kext updated for OSX 10.8 2012.07.14 OSX Mountain Lion easy install guide 2012.07.13 Files updated for OSX 10.8 GM Installation 2012.02.07 Latest DSDT with Battery indication fix and fan sensor fix by acediac, works del with Lion AppleACPI 1.4, but for now USB wake after sleep doesn't work well, hope to deal with usb soon 2012.02.05 2012.01.22 HDMI Audio freeze desktop after boot for about few minutes I rollback some changes to dsdt and replaced older AppleHDA with no HDMI patch applied Files here http://www.insanelym...dpost&p=1788533 2012.01.21 2012.01.17 Donations are welcome Latest DSDT and kexts are included in archive below Latest DSDT with Battery indication fix and fan sensor fix by acediac, works well with Lion AppleACPI 1.4, but for now USB wake after sleep doesn't work well
  9. Hi there! So I got a OSX install USB. I boot from it, Clover shows. In there are options to boot from Windows or the install usb. I boot from the install usb. After a minute or two of the apple logo with the spinning circle I come back to clover. I try the install USB again, it comes back to clover again. What should I try? By the way I'm following this guide: http://cloverboot.weebly.com/install-osx.html And where it shows the apple logo screen, it comes back to the clover screen after a minute or so. Thank you so much!! Intel i7 4790 Gigabyte Z97X-SLI MSI Nvidia 960 4GB 8GB Corsair RAM Windows 10
  10. I don't know much about Hackintoshes other than they are extremely picky when it comes to compatibility. Can someone help me? I've attached a list with my entire count of parts in my computer. Thank you all! MY-PC.txt
  11. Hey there, i tried to install osx mountain lion using vmware 8 ... Ich bypassed the vertualization becuase my computer doesnt support that and when i start the machine i get a blank grey screen with a blocked sign inside it and then the window closes ... I would be very greatful if someone could help me! I really love to get that os! Thanks a lot!
  12. Hey guys, Every time since I installed the HD 4400 kext to my Hackintosh, I get pixelation occurring just before the login screen comes up. Does any body know what this is? If so, what is it? Why does it do it? and How can I prevent it from happening? (Photo attachments included.) Kind Regards, Moosehead1
  13. Biotekk

    Audio computer hackintosh

    was thinking of doing a build of this setup, motherboard I'm thinking about one of the following, the MSI X99A LGA2011-3 RAIDER MSI X99A SLI PLUS, Socket-2011-3 CPU becomes 5820k ago I wonder who Noctua CPU cooling or water cooling is better to prefer, however, heard that the can was more load? RAM should be enough 24 or 32 GB 2133mgz 4x 8gb or how it will be framed in the quad? graphics I have thought a Ari or nvidia which has support for 3-6 monitors as being future-proof do not need fancy then only be used for music production, then I lit a bea suitably silenced chassi tex fractal design or corsair and Samsung 256 ssd m2 PCI-E or regular samsung 950 pro what is thought about this? Thanks in Advance
  14. Salve a tutti, come da titolo chiedo aiuto per effettuare l'update del mio Hachintosh Hazard 10.6.6i al 10.6.8 sul mio Note Book Acer 5920 (non versione g). Ho cercato di tutto in rete, diverse guide ma nessuna specifica per il mio notebook. La domanda è: Chi mi fornirebbe un a guida passo passo su come effettuare l'update senza rischiare di bloccare tutto; che ho installati diversi programmi e ci sono diversi dati all'interno, quindi vorrei evitare di cancellare tutto e installare di nuovo da capo. Grazie mille a chi mi potrà aiutare!!!! p.s. il note book è in dual boot con win 7 32 bit
  15. Hello everyone. Recently I've been interested in trying out and using Mac OS X. However, neither my PC's nor my laptop's hardware allow for a Hackintosh installation. Fortunately, I will be buying a new custom built PC soon and I will try to install Windows 7, Mountain Lion and Xubuntu on it. I don't have many options as you cannot find many pieces of hardware over here, however using guide found on hackintosh.com, I think I have found the optimal PC I can build with it. Here it is: Case Fazn-A18 Piano Black - Midi (A1008) Power Supply Turbo-X-650W Value Series CPU Intel-Core i5 3570K (s 1155 , 3.4 GHz , 6 MB) Cooler Xigmatek-Gaia SD1283 Heatpipe Cooler 120mm (Intel 775, 1156, 1366 & AMD AM2/AM3) Motherboard Gigabyte-Z77MX-D3H (s 1155 , Z77 , DDR3 , HDMI) RAM Corsair-Vengeance 8GB Quad 1600 C9 Hard Drive Seagate-Barracuda 1TB HDD 3.5" (64MB Cache, 7200RPM, Sata 6Gb/s) Graphics Card MSI-GT 640 (PCI Express 16 ,2 GB GDDR3) DVD Reader Samsung-DVD-RW SH-222BB Sata Black Bulk I was wondering if this PC would be capable of running Mountain Lion... Also, this is my first attempt at a Hackintosh system, so I have to ask that: Will I be able to access networks through ethernet cables fine, or is it mandatory to get a WiFi adapter card to? Thanks for your help, shamanas
  16. Hello folks!! I wanted to know how to create a penboot ubuntu to use on your PC? tried using unebootin app, but does not load. anyone have any suggestions?
  17. vandebergz

    OS X on Compaq Presario CQ40

    Hello everyone. I have this old notebook I want to try to install Hackintosh into it. I wonder if it could run Lion and up. The specs are: Compaq Presario CQ40-114AX Processor: AMD Turion x2 RM-70 Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series RAM: 3gb Chipset: AMD 780G Detailed speccs I really hope anyone can tell me which version and which OSX installation file I should have, and help me in advance... Thank you very much.
  18. Moin_khan

    Restart Problem

    Hi friends I installed Niresh12495-OSX-10.8-ISO successfully on my PC but after installation when i select the drive from bootloader on which i installed Mac it restarts and takes me back to boot loader again it doesn't even show any message when in just hit enter on mac volume it restarts suddenly i also tried -v but unfortunatly after loading many files quickly it again restarts suddenly before i can see on which lines it stoped. I have installed Mac OS X 1.5.5 before this version it also restarted after installation and then i installed Mac on the last partition of my HD and it worked fine but this time that trick doesn't seem to work bcuz it restarts even though i have installed it on the last partition of my HD any help please...
  19. Salve a tutti ragazzi! Sono sempre stato desideroso di provare OSX e oggi preso dalla curiosità ho provato a installare yosemite. Adesso il problema sta proprio nelle partizioni. Ogni qual volta cerco di formattare o installare su una partizione OSX la utility disco mi avvisa dello spazio insufficiente. Dopo aver fatto varie ricerche ho finalmente scoperto che lo spazio manca sulla partizione EFI. Partizione che non riesco a capire come allargare, visto che su windows è praticamente intoccabile (provati vari sw) e con gparted non ho idea di come muovermi. Vi metto lo screen qui sotto, la efi è la partizione sda1. Spero che qualcuno di voi possa aiutarmi!
  20. Hi everyone. I am trying to boot to my Mac but am getting an unusual issue with "NVEnabler::Probe fails" with absolutely no "DSMOS has arrived" message. I am unsure if it is to do with my GeForce 8400GS 512MB temporary graphics card (as my GTX 470 bust on me with lines down the screen last week) I am totally lost. I have tried the kexts for Mountain Lion 10.8.3 for this card but no luck at all. Since I am new to Mac OS X entirely, I have no idea how to get the logs. :L Help with this would be greatly appreciated as it is seriously annoying me and I'm about to pull my hair out with anger over it.. lol Thanks. EDIT: Unfortunately this is all I could get to show what happens. http://youtu.be/UHuSWzwvkoI
  21. spec3

    [Aiuto] Yosemite su P6T SE

    salve, volevo procedere con l'installazione di Yosemite su P6t se, ho alcune domande..uso il vaso di pandora? sapete dirmi cosa aggiungere in post installazione? il DSDT tengo quello di mavericks? grazie in anticipo
  22. Edit: this post can be deleted, internet lag created 2
  23. Benny-Danny

    [Ajuda] Qual OSx instalar?

    Olá!! Sou novo no mundo do hackintosh. Posso dizer que percebo algumas coisas de computador pois montei o meu computador actual (e já lhe fiz uns upgrades) e instalo SO e programas sem problemas.. mas, antes de avançar com uma instalação hackintosh, gostaria de esclarecer umas dúvidas que tenho. Já experimentei o system info e, de acordo com o resultado, parece que os meus componentes são compatíveis. Se puderem, veja a imagem que anexo para confirmar. Após analisar a imagem, a minha pergunta é: Qual é o OSx mais recomendado (e de preferencia o mais recente possível) que posso instalar na minha máquina? Actualmente tenho o windows 7, e tenho 4 discos independentes (não são partições) ligados a funcionar. Posso manter o windows 7 à mesma a funcionar? O que vou precisar (software, passoas a dar, etc) para poder correr o OSx no meu computador actual? Agradecia ajuda nesta área pois hackintosh não estou mesmo nada à vontade. Se encaminharem-me para outros sites/posts/tópicos, por favor não o façam para algo inglês pois o meu inglês é muito mau.. Se eu estiver a fazer alguma coisa de errado com este post, por favor digam-me. Aguardo informação. Obrigado desde já!
  24. Hi guys! I have recently succeeded in installing OS X 10.8.2 on my ASUS laptop using iatkos ML2. Everything works, but I don't have a bootloader. If I boot without the USB Stick with iatkos and Chameleon bootloader, it shows me boot0:error. I tried installing Chimera 2.1.2 and 2.0.1 with [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url], even tried installing the bootloader used on iatkos stick, but after restart same error. Can you please show me how to install a bootloader? I couldn't find anything on Google.
  25. Angelo_

    Come configurare asus ac51usb wifi

    Ciao ho acquistato questo adattatore wifi in quanto sembrava essere compatibile fino a sierra e mi serve per un altro hackintosh in casa non raggiungibile da ethernet e per il prezzo(circa 20€) era meglio degli edimax da 300mbps solo che sto riscontrando dei problemi nel farlo funzionare, ho installato il kext per l'mtk 7610u da qui e installato con kext wizard(manualmente non dava risultati) per poi installare il software di asus solo che quest ultimo non riesco a farlo funzionare dato che si avvia e compare per poco l'iconcina in alto a destra per poi scomparire e non si apre mai l'utility come su windows, qualcuno ha questa o usb simili e sa come sistemare questo problema? osx mi vede l'esistenza di un wifi ma non mi sembra mi dia modo di connettermici in alcun modo. Grazie