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Found 273 results

  1. yushi90

    DSDT: Last Steps! Help

    Hi Guys, I'm close to finishing my Laptop DSDT by means of Rehabmans Laptop Patches. in the attached screenshot you can see what still bothers me. I was looking for a brightness fix an read through rehabmans guides an articles. Thank your very much yushi90 Hi, here are my dsdt and ssdt with gfx0 dsdt-ssdt.zip
  2. Version 1.0


    iasl is the lastest as of now 2017-11-04 patchmatic was slightly tweaked based on Rehabman's, appending table names while extracting ACPI tables for convenience
  3. Hi there. I'm new to this site but not totally new to hack. I've had a hack since 10.4 and the latest version I ran was 10.9, not totally fixed but it worked to what I needed. Now I want to make the machine run as good as it can. I can see there has been a lot of changes/upgrades/new solutions since I installed my hack and I have a hard time to catch up. I've been able to boot and install macOSX and now I need the POST installation. I tried to install the clover EFI boot loader with these settings: and found the DSDT.aml and SSDT-0.aml from HERE found the apfs.efi and placed it in EFI -> EFI -> CLOVER -> driver64 and these kext in here: But when I boot it up this is the first bootscreen I have. No partions, no mouse control, no nothing. if I exit clover this screen appear. and now everything works. What is wrong? Cheers Soren
  4. Howdy all. Ive been researching for a long time and no one seems to have this problem with their t60. I have the PNLF device code in my dsdt but there is still no brightness slider. I even removed non-vanilla radeonhd.kext framebuffer, Silencer suggested it could be related to video driver/framebuffer but still no brightness slider in system preferences. at this point im stuck reading over the same threads and can find nothing new to try. I also tried the genericbrightness.kext method and still that brightness slider is nowhere to be found. i have a x1400 device id 7145. por favor help a brother out. this is the last step for my hackintosh to be complete dsdt_t60.rtf
  5. kylon

    Acer Aspire v5-571PG

    Version 3.0


    ACPI and Clover config for Acer Aspire v5-571PG intel i5-U IvyBridge Not Working: - sd card reader Tested on High Sierra 10.13.6 and Clover EFI 4678 Notes: Somehow boot Clover EFI. You may need to disable UEFI and boot Clover as Legacy with EmuVariable. After that, you should install and boot macOS to install clover as legacy in your EFI partition. Now disable Secure Boot and enable UEFI Mode. (remove EmuVariable) You may need more steps if you are dual-booting with Windows. **To reset your BIOS, power on the pc and hold the power button for about 30-40 seconds or you can short G2101 (RAM SLOT 1)** Feel free to ask for help. You will need: Clover install options: Install in EFI Partition, Install boot0af, Enable OsxAptioFixDrv-64 and script RC Latest Clover config (acerAspirev5-571PG - CCE Bank) from here ATH9KFixup (here) WhateverGreen (here) Rehabman AppleIntelBacklightInjector (here) in L\E + rebuild cache Rehabman Voodoo PS2 Controller (here) Rehabman ACPI Battery Driver (here) vit9696 AppleALC (here) + Lilu (here) Mieze Realtek RTL8111 (here)
  6. I always had problem with my display sleep on my old sapphire radeon hd4830 512mb card (it worked once perfectly but I don't have an idea why it worked for that 2-3 days), when osx should disable the monitor, the screen just freezes but the display not going into standby mode. If I plug my display into the other DVI connector on the card (it have 2 DVI and one s-video) then display sleep works perfectly BUT my display not recognized properly and I have 800x600 resolution. So I plugged my display back to the first DVI port (where I get 1920x1080 and everything but no display sleep) and checked my system in ioregistryexplorer and found some strange things: FIRST: it says my display is "CRT" but my display is LCD and OSX recognizes it nicely in about this mac and loads specific the color profile for it automatically. SECOND: no connect flags, it's totally zero. THIRD: what is that "pci1002,aa30@0,1" thing there? My vga card IDs are not equal with that and I don't have anything in DSDT.aml there. Is anyone have an idea what is the problem with my setup? Do I need to modify ati-personalities? Maybe someone have some DSDT.aml tweaks for my problem? I tried to inject connect flags and such via DSDT.aml, but they just won't get injected. Please if anyone have some idea, let me know. edit: I forgot: If I plug the monitor into the other connector, it still appears in @0 section, not in the @1 section. Problem solved by using Cardinal framebuffer instead of Motmot!
  7. hello i need help to compile my dsdt for my laptop this is my laptop spec Acer E5-471 core i3 4005U 1,7Ghz Intel HD 4400 ram 6GB 6676 Error syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_STORE 7078 Error syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_STORE 9706 Error syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting '(' 9762 Error syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting '(' 10756 Error syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting '(' 10775 Error syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting '(' 10919 Error syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting '(' 11440 Error syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting '(' 15401 Error syntax error, unexpected $end and premature End-Of-File i can't compile this dsdt because the last error thx DSDT E5-471.rar
  8. yushi90

    DSDT: Last Steps! Help!

    Hi Guys, I'm close to finishing my Laptop DSDT by means of Rehabmans Laptop Patches. in the attached screenshot you can see what still bothers me. I was looking for a brightness fix an read through rehabmans guides an articles. Thank your very much yushi90 Sorry, I posted this on the wrong place!! Could a moderator move it for me?
  9. A mudança para UEFI BIOS (U1b) em minha placa mãe gigabyte GAZ68MA-D2H-B3 deu certo. O Lion 10.7.4 sobe sem a necessidade de DSDT e SSDT com Speedstep. Porém alguns problemas acontecem: sem som e com vídeo básico de 3M. Existem muito poucos posts sobre o assunto e os que estavam discutindo estão fora do ar(?). Porém achei algo no Apple.life que indica o uso de uma nova DSDT, pois a antiga não serve mais. Baixei uma para minha placa com a bios correspondente e com PATCH já aplicado que ressuscita meu som e pci mas com a configuração de uma placa gráfica ATI. Tentei editar com os dados de meu DSDT antigo mas não consegui "compilar". Será que enviando em anexo as duas e meu IORegistry dá para fazer a nova com os dados de minha NVIDEA GTX550Ti? UEFI-BIOS.zip
  10. crisx95

    Help with DSDT for Hp 15-P030nl

    Hi, if I post it here, can someone help me making the DSDT for the HP 15-p030nl? I'm not able to correct the errors. Sry for my worst english, i'm Italian and new to this world! Thanks in advance!
  11. i have acer one 531h which is an atom base processor. i have installed hazard 10.6.6 and it works fine but my problem is i dont have sound and a wifi. I tried many times installing the atheros ar9b95 kext and acl899 kext and still no luck. Do I need to have DSDT to enable these components? I cant find also compatible DSDT for my netbook. please advice. Just a newbie..
  12. genofloresaz

    Could someone please patch a DSDT for me?

    I need to get QE/CI working on my Dell Latitude D620 but I don't know how to DSDT, or even how to use one. If someone could PLEASE patch one for me, tell me what to do with it and upload it here? Dell Latitude D620: Graphics: Intel GMA 950 27A28086 Processor: 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo T2300 RAM: (if it matters) 2 GB DDR2 667 MHz SDRAM Motherboard: Dell 0TD761 Version: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 (iAtkos S3 V2) Currently using kexts from this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/199572-gma950-27a2-vaio-uxtx-its-working-now/ but only getting native resolution :/ IF ANYMORE INFORMATION IS NEEDED LET ME KNOW PLEASE.
  13. When I turn on xHCI option in my UEFI-BIOS,system cannot use usb mouse and usb keyboard. I think, IOUSBFamily.kext don't work. this is my dsdt.aml, ssdt.aml(created by ssdtpgen.sh) and clover config.plist any suggest? DSDT.zip
  14. hey, I am running SL 10.6.8 on the P75 D3 along with the 3770k processor and palit GT 520 (dont work!) graphics. I tried editing and the compiling the DSDT myself but always ended in error and on trying to boot will give me a KP. Any chance if someone can help me with a patched/edited DSDT for my mobo if I include the DSL for my mobo? If I can get the DSDT to work then I can try injecting my cards device id to get it recognized. Please help guys. The original freshly extracted unedited/unpatched DSL file is included as an attachment, maybe other people can also benefit from this. P75D3Fresh.zip
  15. Hi. I'm new to the forum so if there is anything wrong with my post, please let me know. So, I'm using Asus N56VZ with Yosemite. After patching my DSDT for wifi and brightness issue, my fan goes crazy, and run fast and noisy all the time. My DSDT.aml is attached. Please help. Thank you. DSDT.aml.zip
  16. I have working DSDT but the only thing that doesn't work is my PCI slot which I attached USB expansion card in. It works fine when booted but doesn't wake up after sleep. All other port, PCI-E wakes up except that two PCI slot. I've tried to patch DSDT in PEX3 (that is what I see in ioregistry), but no luck. Can someone help? Thanks. I've attached DSDT here and it is PEX3 that I am trying to get it fixed. DSDT-GP-Full.aml.zip
  17. Hi everyone, i have tried patching my new generate dsdt following the instruction from http://legacy.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?t=28851 and yet, i get a lots of error when compiling it so here,i attached my dsdt , much appreciated if any of you could help me to tried compiling it. acpi_dsdt.zip
  18. Hello everyone! I am sharing the DSDT that DSDT Editor was able to extract for me. I have a near-complete installation, I am just missing small things like the brightness, USB 3, Sleep and to somehow disable the touchscreen since it is acting up the OS. I know that, for brightness, I need to add a PNLF (or similar...) device. But I am not able to spot my screen - I only find GFX0, but I am unable to idendify my screen like LCD0. The same comes in for sleep - when I select the Stand-By option from the shutdown-dialog it does indeed go down, but when I press the On/Off button again, it seems to crash as it tries to wake up, then completely reboots and prints me an error message in the dialog "The system wasnt shut down properly". But due to my Impairment, I am unable to actually read the error report :/ For USB 3, I installed "GenericXHCI" - or something like that - but it didn't work as well. Furthermore, if I make the OS boot with caches (In clover, "NoCaches"=>false) then I actualy loose my 2nd USB hub which correspondents to the actual ports on the device where I could plug in a device. I also have to use NullCPU because the OS doesnt seem tor eally like my processor - but idendifies it completely correctly as an intel i5. O.o I hope somebody is able to help me. My setup: Mashine: Vaio Duo 11 (SVD1121X--) Processor: Intel i5 (1,7GHz, dual-core) HD: 128GB SSD Graphics: Intel HD 4000 Screen (/ Touchscreen): some 1920-like resolution, its a retina-display, because when I reduce the actual screen resolution, the image litterally appears multiple times. It's 11" widescreen Boot: UEFI. Using CloverEFI Boot-args: slide=0 Regards, Ingwie! PS: Since uploading doesnt work at all since I am "not permitted": http://ingwiephoenix.tk/DSDT.aml
  19. -- To Moderators: This is a re-post, as I originally posted it in the wrong forum: http://www.insanelym...ble-sleep-mode/ ... Feel free to delete it --- Hey guys! So I successfully installed MacOS 10.8.3 on my Acer Aspire 5740-6378. I also have successfully installed the Intel HD Graphics kexts (QE and CI for 10.8.3). I found a working kext to make the touchpad fully functional and another working text to have a working battery status indicator. My only major issue is sleep mode. I can't get it work no matter how hard I try. I've tried: 1) SleepEnabler and removing nullcpupowermanagement.kext Result: Sleep Mode = black screen and then fan buzz, while computer never completely turns "off" 2) Extracting and patching my DSDT with the "Aspire 5740" DSDT from olarila. Result: Can't boot into MacOS When I tried rebuilding my DSDT (using DSDT Editor) and fixing for errors - I got 4 warnings that I couldn't "fix". When attempting to use the DSDT (putting it in the Extras folder), I kept getting kernel panics when trying to boot into MacOS. I then had to remove the DSDT to get back into MacOS (I am not using a DSDT at the moment!). 3) Using no DSDT with nullcpupowermanagement.kext (currently what I am doing now) Same result as #1 I have made a backup of my DSDT (unpatched) using this perl code via terminal: dsdt-original.aml.zip And here is my patched DSDT that results in 4 warnings from the compiler and does not allow me to boot into MacOS: DSDT-patched-4warnings.aml.zip Please help me fix my DSDT, as I heard this might be the best way to fix the sleep mode issue! Also, does anybody know if I need an SSDT as well? I've never made one nor have any idea on how to make one for this laptop. Finally, one other issue I have, which is minor, and that occasionally the Kernel panics (using no DSDT) during boot up and forces me to force shutdown and try to get into MacOS again, but it's random (doesn't always happen!). When I do get into MacOS (and I usually do with no DSDT), the system is fully functional. I am hoping that with a correct DSDT that this will also fix this issue as well. Lastly, I can reboot and shutdown with no problems, sound works, webcam works, graphics work with perfect resolution, and speed is great.
  20. TomZanna

    Post install Acer A515-51

    Buongiorno, ho installato Mac OS Mojave su un Acer A515-51-602C. CPU Intel i5 8250U con UHD620 GPU Nvidia GeForce MX150 RAM 8GB HDD 1TB WiFi Intel AC 3168 Non funziona - Touchpad I2C - Audio - Batteria - Tasti FN - Lettore SD - Wifi (e mai funzionarà) - GPU dedicata (e mai funzionerà) Attualmente il touchpad è collegato tramite PS2 ma, se possibile, preferirei usarlo tramite I2C (posso cambiarlo dal BIOS). CLOVER.zip Report.zip
  21. Hello and thanks in advance for your help.. I recently installed 10.8.5 on an old Acer Aspire m5630 pc (Gigabyte/Acer EG31m motherboard upgraded to a Quad Core Xeon CPU). The install went smoothly but I'm not able to get any sound or usb 2 speeds. After searching the inter webs, I have not been able to fix either of these issues. I've attached my DSDT in hopes that someone can take a look and let me know if it good or not. I should mention that I've tried deleting AppleHPET and some other fixes that I've read on other hackintosh sites but none of them have helped with the USB issue. I was able to get audio working via VooDoo, but I found the volume was fluctuating during songs and am hoping to find a better solution. Again, thanks for any suggestions and please let me know if there's other information that would help to diagnose these issues. Tim DSDT.aml.zip
  22. chriz74

    --- edit

    my error.
  23. Clemaister

    About : AMD Radeon HD6320

    Hi everyone, I finally got my HP Pavilion dm1-4136sf (AMD E-450 processor) working on Mac OSX 10.9. Now I'm trying to find some kexts to get the display working properly. The matter is that my graphic card is an AMD Radeon HD6320, and I head that for some reasons it is complicated to find kext for it. I tried the kext AMDRadeon6000.kext, but seems not to be loaded when booting according to Kext Wizard (in loaded kext interface). Does anyone has any clue ?
  24. Hello! I've been trying to install 10.8 on my Asus N53SV-DH72 with the following specs: Intel i7-2670QM 2.2 Intel HD3000, device id 0116 NVIDIA Geforce GT 540M, device id 0DF4 Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless, device id 002B Realtek PCIe GBE, device id 8168 Realtex High Definition audio, device id 0269 I created my usb following this guide. My first error loading the installer was the PowerManagement kernel panic, which I solved using myHack instead of making my usb as this reply suggested. I got further on the installer, but it stalled in the [iOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed part. I created my own dsdt following this guide and used the remaining extra files of this reply and I got passed the bluetooth part. After all the files are loaded all I get is a black screen. When I press fn+f8 I see what seems to be the installer, but with a lot of glitches, as you can see in this video. The mouse can be seen and moved normally though. I've tried the some boot flags like DisplayEnabler and cpus, etc. I also tried making a myHack 10.9 installer with my dsdt file, and the results were almost the same. I get stalled in the glitches of the installer GUI. Any clue? Thanks!
  25. TomZanna

    Post install Asus X550JX DM217T

    Sto aiutando un ragazzo ad installare High Sierra su un Asus X550JX. Le specifiche sono: i7 4720HQ GTX 950M HDD 1TB RAM 8GB Wi-Fi Atheros AR9462 AR5B22 Siamo a buon punto. Non funziona audio(forse id errato), wifi(se si riesce, so che nel 90% è un no), percentuale della batteria e bisogna disattivare la dedicata(da BIOS non è possibile). Se viene rimosso l'SSDT per disattivare la dedicata(è quello allegato nella guida di Gengik) il sistema non parte più. Se potete dare un occhio al config perché ogni tanto fa qualche glitch grafico. Grazie mille