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Found 555 results

  1. After installing the Nvidia Web Driver on my newly made Hackintosh, I noticed all the windows are sometimes not showing but shows more of the previous windows I had... if that makes sense... PLEASE HELP P.S the pic below is just one of the tabs... it's on all of them. I can't have no desktop screen or anything.
  2. First... If you need DSDT edits... -Post your full Clover folder with original tables in Origin folder(Extract with F4 in Clover boot screen) -Post Ioreg, extract with Ioreg Explorer http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=222606 -Run it, post files generated in your desktop http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=222609 Installation --Create a bootable copy of macOS Sierra Check out the link http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/559-flash-drive-maker/ --Create a bootable copy of macOS HighSierra Check out the link http://diskmakerx.com/ --Install Clover in USB stick https://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/files/Installer/ --Replace with my Clover folder CLOVER.zip --Install Sierra/High Sierra and boot into system! Post Installation --Install Clover in HDD/SSD and replace with my folder CLOVER.zip --Reboot and activate video! -Nvidia WebDriver Sierra http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312525-nvidia-web-driver-updates-for-macos-sierra-update-07212017/ -Nvidia WebDriver High Sierra http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/324195-nvidia-web-driver-updates-for-macos-high-sierra-update-10162017/ -Cuda http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302795-cuda-90214-is-out-update-10162017/ -DSDT My DSDT DSDT.GA H97M-DS3P MaLd0n.zip -Patches -FIX ERRORS AND WARNINGS -HPET -SATA -DMAC -SLPB -DARWIN -LPC -XHCI -HDEF -RTC -IRQs -SBUS -MIKEY -BUS1 -MCHC -ALS0 -SHUTDOWN -LAN -EC -PNLF -HDMI -FakeSMC https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-fakesmc-kozlek -Audio https://github.com/vit9696/AppleALC -LAN https://github.com/Mieze/IntelMausiEthernet -Credits and thanks to the old and new people in the community who developed patches, kexts and bootloaders! Slice, Kabyl, usr-sse2, jadran, Blackosx, dmazar, STLVNUB, pcj, apianti, JrCs, pene, FrodoKenny, skoczy, ycr.ru, Oscar09, xsmile, SoThOr, RehabMan, Download-Fritz, Zenit432, cecekpawon, Intel, Apple, Oracle, Chameleon Team, crazybirdy, Mieze, Mirone, Oldnapalm, netkas, Elconiglio, artut-pt, ErmaC, Pavo, Toleda, Master Chief and family, bcc9, The King, PMheart, Sherlocks, Micky1979, vit9696, vandroiy2013, Voodoo Team, Pike R. Alpha, lvs1974, Austere.J, CVad and many, many, many others! We're all here to have fun and learn from each other! ENJOY!
  3. A friend of mine called me for support in this project, so I put some effort to help him getting it work and wanted to write a few lines to explain how we reach this, knowing that still it's not 100%. Eventual advices will be greatly appreciated. With this particular hardware making it work was a little bit different than from guides I read. Bios settings: CFG-Lock: Disabled VT-d Tech: disabled Windows 8/8.1: enabled Boot mode: UEFI Check IGT instead of PEG to disable integrated graphic in BIOS preferences as we want to use NVIDIA card even without acceleration. User tominabox1 succeed with i6700k while we have an i7700k: need to patch Clover 2.4k (https://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/ ) with Clover Configurator. First prepare usb stick: I followed this: http://beyondspec.org/2017/01/04/the-foreigner-macos-sierra-10-12-2-on-an-alienware-13-r3-2016/ A little bit of tweaking was enough to make it boot: /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext is useless because it's the driver for a touchpad we don't have. Now on Clover Configurator: Graphics>ig-platform-id and set it as 0x19120000 (nVidia GTX 1060) Kernel and Kext Patching>FakeCPUID and set it as 0x0506e3 SMBIOS > set it up like an iMac 17,1 Disable SIP: you can find it at Rt Variables>CsrActiveConfig. Set it to 0x67 /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI/OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi is not needed as we used both OsxAptioFix2Drv.efi and OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi : boot was inconsistent but we found it working disabling PowerNap (dart=0) and Nvidia web driver (nv_disable=1) at boot. If you're lucky you'll see something like this: Graphics are recognized but there's only 8 MB of RAM because driver still is not installed. Here's the content of Driver64UEFI AppleImageCodec-64.efi AppleKeyAggregator-64.efi AppleUITheme-64.efi CsmVideoDxe-64.efi DataHubDxe-64.efi EmuVariableUefi-64.efi FSInject-64.efi FirmwareVolume-64.efi HFSPlus.efi NTFS.efi OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi OsxFatBinaryDrv-64.efi SMCHelper-64.efi Attached you can find the usb-stick's UEFI and the final hard drive's one, working silently with apple boot logo mode on. You can copy this after downloading lately Nvidia web drivers; indeed, Pascal support is now official: check latest version WebDriver-378.05.05.15f01. Guide here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/to...ver-updates-for-macos-sierra-update-04192017/ CUDA too is requested for best results. AGDPfix-2.app is needed before rebooting: check out the 1.3 version that will fix graphic's kext. After installing you need to patch audio: https://www.hackintosh.zone/file/136-all-in-one-sound-solution/ will work on 90% cases. In this particular case we found Voodoo generic driver working. If volume is too low go to /S/L/E/VoodooHDA.kext and find the key VoodooHDAEnableHalfVolumeFix and change it from "true" to "false" We know it's still a mess but after a long time working on it this is by far the only 100% working version with Wifi, ethernet, audio and video. The only problem is during shutdown when it fails unmounting disks. These are comparison's results between Crapintosh (? definitely I wouldn't call this no more after testing it) and an official iMac 17,1 5k lately-2015 with i6700K and AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048 MB Blur test on Photoshop: We created on both computers a 600dpi 12x12 inches image (CMYK 8 bit: a 197.8 MB file) with a colored square on it and then Filter > Blur > Radial Blur, setting amount to 100, "zoom mode" and "best" checked. Official iMac 5k did it on 01:08:03 Hackintosh did it on 00:56:57 I know that is only my opinion, but Apple would better consider in making new hardware and not only phones: results are so impressive, even boot is fast! EFI-usb.zip EFI-hd.zip
  4. Hi everyone! I have a Sony Vaio Fit15E running macOS 10.12.5 with almost everything working. The only problem is that, when it wakes up from sleep (hibernatemode 3), the screen's backlight doesn't light up. In order to make it work, I have to close and open the lid one more time. After that, the backlight lights up just fine. The backlight worked fine until Yosemite, if i recall. I've tried a zillion methods, including some old GMA950 topics about that issue and also messed with all those darkwake options. I've attached my DSDT. It has the following patches: GFX0 -> IGPU, HDA Layout ID 3, Remapping Q8E and Q8F keys (for brightness keys) and Sony Vaio SVE Battery Patch. For brightness, I'm using the new method with separate SSDT_PNLF.aml. Brightness slider works fine. Also, I have the follwing kexts at Clover's other kext folder: ACPIBatteryManager.kext, CodecCommander.kext (HDA sound after sleep), FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext, FakePCIID.kext, USBInjectAll.kext (without these three, I can't get my built-in webcam and RT2870 usb wifi to work), FakeSMC.kext, RealtekRTL8111.kext and VoodooPS2Controller.kext. On System/Library/Extensions, I have: AppleHDA.kext (patched with HDA-Patcher) and RT2870USBWirelessDriver.kext. As boot flags, I have: npci=0x2000, dart=0 and slide=100 (with this flag, hibernatemode 25 'full hibernate' works). I'm really creating this topic because I don't know what else I can do. I have years of hackintosh (since Tiger, not on this same hardware, lol), but I can't find a solution for this particular issue. Thanks you all. DSDT.aml.zip
  5. Hello guys! now that i have done with MaLd0n and some user´s help, some hackintosh , i want to start in the laptops world. I have read some guides, issues and things that happens with laptops, so i want to buy the best hardware that are in the market at May of 2017. What are the best models of laptops for hackintosh that you like ? (all i5,i7 are welcome xD) ¡Thanks all!
  6. Lenovo 3000 N200 need help

    Hi there, I am new here and I am trying to install mac os snow leopard 10.6.2 by hazzard on a lenovo 3000 n200, with gma 965 video and 2.4ghz dual core proc! I have installed clover on another usb stick and now I am having trouble with this, see image below
  7. Buongiorno a tutti, ho un problema che mi è apparso sul mio hackintosh sierra 10.12.4 sul mio Toshiba Z30. Dopo un cambio di ram (upgrade da 8gb a 16gb) durante il boot la retroilluminazione va a 0. - Vedo la schermata del BIOS - Vedo la schermata di Clover, - Vedo il logo delle Apple -> quando la barra di caricamento arriva intorno a metà la retroilluminazione inizia a calare fino ad arrivato a 0 di conseguenza ho una schermata nera (in controluce si vede qualcosa, mentre col monitor esterno il video si vede correttamente). Sapete cosa può essere?
  8. Hi guys I am currently facing some problems here I got a tower with: MSI Z170A SLI PLUS board G.Skill 32GB DDR4 Memory Intel i5 6500 Overclocked to 4.51GHz Gainward GTX 1060 6GB Here is the BIOS files I am using Windows are working extremely fine here, stable temperature, no thermal throttling Ubuntu also works after disabing c-state in grub using intel_idle.max_cstate=0 I cannot seems to get macOS 10.12 working with the overclocked chip, macOS works complete fine without overclock The symptoms are the same if I didn’t add the boot argument in Linux, no USB, No hard drive, no signal output from monitor, no nothing The question is: How do I disable C State complete while CLOVER executing the EFI file? seems it's a Darwin/Unix/Linux Kernel limitation. Thanks a lot Update: Solved, see post #10
  9. Classic Hackintosh

    Have found an old Dell laptop with the following specs: -Intel Pentium III M with 1.2GHz -Intel 830MP -512MB -16MB ATI Radeon Mobility M6 -40 GB HDD Can it run Mac Os X Tiger and when yes which patched release do I need? Couldnt found anything, probably everything is already down.
  10. Ryzen Kernel

    I've been trying to follow the progress on the current Ryzen kernel being developed by Bronya and Co, and I keep seeing people say that it's "not working" for FX processors. This is very, very confusing to me. The two architectures are so different from one another, why would anyone expect the same kernel to work on them both? I surprised some people are having success at all, given things like the SenseMI tech, so it seems to me that trying to get one kernel to work on non-Ryzen systems is counterproductive. I have a feeling I'm just not understanding something basic, and rather than post (again) in the development thread, I hoped someone would take pity on me and answer here. Thank you in advance for reading/replying.
  11. Mavericks/Yosemite laptop Overheating (Core 2 Duo)Hello guys, i have a problem with my laptop Bangho, Motherboard made by Clevo which has an overheating problem, this problem happens in every hackintosh that i install, no matter what, my pc would overheat to over 70º, i been using HWmonitor to check my temperatures and it's over 70º and sometimes it goes over 80º which is really weird becouse when i use windows my pc works at around 30º-40º, if you want to know my specs, here they are: Cpu: Core 2 Duo P8400 @ 2.26GHz Gpu: nVidia GeForce 9300m GS (236mb) Ram: 3 GB 1x2gb 1x1gb Audio: Intel 82801I (ICH9 Family) Wireless Adapter: Atheros AR9285 Motherboard: Clevo M746TU (I think) Laptop Model: Bangho B-76XOTU Os: Niresh Mavericks (And tested Yosemite Zone) getting same problem with both OS Stuff i already tried: - Install NullCpuPowerManagement (Didn't Work, high temperature) - Delete NullCpuPowerManagement and installing Patched intelcpupowermanagement from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] (Getting Kernel Panic) - Install [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] (Didn't Work, high temperature) - Using -cpus=1 (Didn't Work, high temperature) To finalize i must add that when my laptop gets really hot it turns off itself Other Details: - System is really slow to load, mainly becouse it stuck a while in a line like this: [iOBluetoothHCIController][searchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! Update: I managed to get working intelcpupowermanagement but there's no change in temperature That's All! And thanks for the help
  12. Hi I've installed Mavericks and Yosemite on HP Z400 last year and they are working perfect since then. I'm now trying to upgrade to El Capitan from a week but I couldn't pass through this error. Can someone check the issue and let me know whats causing it? I have followed this guide with combination of others to make Mavericks and Yosemite work; HP Z400/Z600/Z800 Workstations OS X 10.10.x/10.11.x Installation ... Please see the error screen attached. I will appreciate if someone help me out with it. Thanks a lot! System Specs: HPZ400 6Dimm Model CPU: W3565 RAM: 8 GB DDR3 HDD: 500GB GPU: GT630 I was using Patched DSDT and SSDT with my previous builds and I'm using those in El Capitan as well. plist details: ​<dict> <key>DSDT</key> <string>/Extra/DSDT.aml</string> <key>DropSSDT</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>EnableHDMIAudio</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1920x1080x32</string> <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>-v nvda_drv=1</string> <key>PrivateData</key> <string>No</string> <key>SMBIOS</key> <string>/Extra/SMBios.plist</string> <key>SkipAtiGfx</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>SkipIntelGfx</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>SystemType</key> <string>3</string> <key>Timeout</key> <string>2</string> </dict> Kernel.Plist <dict><key>KernelLapicError</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>KernelPm</key> <string>Yes</string> </dict>
  13. Hi all, I've been searching long and hard for 2 days straight trying to install Hackintosh to my system. I've found many kernels but none that I've tried seem to work. My specs are AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.41 GHz, 12GB ram, NVIDIA Geforce GTX560, and a 1tb HDD. My only request for whoever is reading this id to help me locate/build a kernel for my system. Preferably, I would like 10.12, 10.11, or at the very least 10.10 (nothing less) for my MacOS. I am sort of a noob but I know basic terms and applications commonly used while Hackintoshing. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Seth
  14. Hello all, I am getting prepared to build another hackintosh, and I have run into something that is puzzling me. I have 2 Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo external hard drives that I've used for years with my MacBook Pro. It is my intent to begin moving away from using my MacBook Pro whenever I finish my hackintosh. As the title of this thread suggests, I am building a dual boot system with Win7 and OS X. I want to be able to use my external hard drives seamlessly between the two operating systems, but I'm having trouble finding a way that I can plug my drives into when the system is finally built(or perhaps I'm having trouble understanding the concept in its entirety). If you were not already aware, the My Book Thunderbolt Duo's I/O consists only of 2 thunderbolt ports on the rear for connection, no USB. And even if it did have USB ports, I wouldn't be able to daisy chain the two drives, as I do now, which is at the moment also daisy chained in with the monitor I'm using. So, is there anything I can buy(like a pci card or hub) that will allow me to plug my thunderbolt hard drives into my computer, that will give me full thunderbolt functionality between both operation systems? Once I get my hackintosh built, I'll be plugging the monitor into the gfx card(obviously), so thunderbolt storage is the main functionality desired. But if there is something out there that supports thunderbolt video and storage in a hackintosh like mine, don't neglect to let me know. Here is my pcpartpicker list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/R2j2nn I am building a custom water loop for this hackintosh, so certain otherwise essential components may be left blank in this list. Thanks is advance!
  15. Acer Aspire V3-772G

    So I tried to install macOS on my acer using a appstore version of Sierra, now the booting and also the installing went all fine, but I have only 7mb vram, the keyboard/touchpad wasn't working, no sound, ofc no WIFI and not even the ethernet was available. Now i know that is is fairly standard, but i cant get even one of those things to work. I'm not used to macOS not even speaking of hackintosh soooo yea i could use some help On the other hand, im not a total computer noob, so given a little instruction i should be able to fix this, i hope. Now to the specs, i have a hw report down in the attachments, you will see that i have two hard drives, a 1TB HDD as well as a 500GB SSD, i want to install Sierra on the 1TB HDD as i'm not using it at the moment. I attached the ACPI tables edit: i also have a sierra VM under windows 10 if that is needed edit 2: i donated to iatkos about 24h ago, so i'll get that in at least 24h Acer Aspire V3-772g.HTM ACPI origin.rar
  16. ¡Hello guys! I was at google looking for news about hackintoshing, and i found in eBay one profile who is selling computers that supposedly works "native" with all OS. Windows,Mac,Linux..... Is this true? its a fake? How can it be done? im really curious about it jaja. here is one of their "supposedly products": http://www.ebay.com/itm/i7-6700K-4-3GHZ-OC-32GB-2400MHZ-250-SSD-4GB-GTX970-Hackintosh-macOS-Sierra/262812671304 what do you think guys?
  17. Hi all, I have a Dell Optiplex 780 Desktop that I turned into a Hackintosh. Everything is okay so far, other then a few things; I cannot buy a Wifi adapter at this point in time because my router is far away from my Hackintosh and long range adapters are very expensive, far more then I want to spend. I have a MGM Electronics WiFi USB (Part number 831-3397) laying around, is it compatible with macOS Sierra? It worked on Windows 7 when it was installed. I also created my installer with a universal beast that is titled 7.0.1, and the Clover version is 3766. I have a bunch of kexts and configs that do not work well with the latest version on Clover, and when booting, sends me into a kernel panic. Is there anyway I can install 3766 to my HDD, or do I have to use a new set of configs? I used this setup: CLOVER.zip Can someone help me install Clover to my hard drive and have these files work for it? Thank you all so much in advance
  18. Hello, im looking for a graphic card for my build. I have been using integrated graphics (Intel HD 4600) of my Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H in my Mavericks. Now I have Sierra installed and I need a better graphics. I use my hackintosh for music production (Logic Pro X and Pro tools) also for video edition with Final Cut Pro X and Photoshop. I don't need a really hi-end graphic card, because I don't play games. I want a good performance working with this programs. Of course with a 100% compatibility with Sierra jajaja I have seen a lot of graphics cards, but I don't really know what kind of graphic card I need. Im not new hackintoshing, but yes with graphics cards jaja. thanks you so much for your help!
  19. Ciao ragazzi, sono nuovo di questo forum, ho letto praticamente tutti i post ma non sono riuscito a risolvere il mio problema, quindi eccomi qui a sperare nell'aiuto di qualcuno di voi Allora, ho recentemente installato El Capitan (dopo aver provato Sierra senza successo) sul mio computer che monta, come da titolo, una Sapphire R9 290 tri-x, abbinata ad un i5-4670k e una mobo della asrock modello MB85 pro 4. Il mio sistema riconosce la mia scheda video, ma solo 3mb su 4gb... Come ho già detto le ho provate tutte ma senza alcun risultato. Questo problema naturalmente mi porta ad innumerevoli glitch grafici e ad una risoluzione massima molto bassa. Attualmente, tramite clover configurator ho impostato FBName = "Radeon" e FakeId = "0x67B11002" con inject ATI spuntato. Spero in un vostro miracolo -.- grazie a tutti in anticipo.
  20. Hi, (I known I have posted about an Acer Laptop before, but I got a new one recently) I have so far managed to create a bootable USB with macOS Sierra on and I can't get to the install screen. I can boot to the flash drive and see the clover screen but then it won't boot to an install screen. It shows the Apple Logo and then the progress bar shows up and does nothing. (It basically stalls I think) My Laptop specs are. (Acer Aspire F15 (F5-573G)) Intel Core i7-6500u Nvidia GTX 950M Intel HD Graphics 520 8GB DDR4 Memory 120GB SSD I don't own a mac so I had to create the USB using a .raw file I downloaded which must work because it worked on the tutorial and I followed every step. I have pretty good knowledge of computers but no where near an expert. But if you need any more information, you will need to give me a clue on how to answer your question. Please don't comment if this is stupid or something, I'm only hear to get an answer and to get to the installation screen to install macOS Sierra. Thanks, Daniel
  21. Hi, im leaving Mavericks in my Hackintosh to Sierra. I have toons of plugins and all my music apps stable and working. I want to get this SSD cloned to my other HD. I have tried Carboon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper! But with both programs isn't botable and both copies with the same problem. After of cloning i tried to start the bootloader (I have chimera in this Mavericks) Then tried to start. No Chimera, so i reintalled. Then again i tried to start. At this time, chimera boot and i can select this new clone HD. In normal mode, the Apple logo appear and then crash with this reports: (Image 1 Attached) In verboose mode, the same with this report: (Image 2 Attached) What can i do to get it botable ? Thanks guys!!
  22. Hi guys. I need to buy a laptop to use for editing video with final c pro and use logic and photoshop.. I dont have all the money for a macbook so i would to go fo hackintosh. My only problem that is driving me crazy is the fact that i cant hackintosh a laptop with double nvidia + intel graphics because of Optimus that only work on windows os. So my question is There are some good performance laptop (2015-2016-2017) that i can use ps, fcp x and logic pro smooth, but with a graphic card NOT intel integrated hd.. Like only with GPU nvidia or ati very good(supported in osx and fully work) ?? I have from 400 to 800 euros budget. This thing is driving me crazy, may u can help me plz ?
  23. Premessa d'obbligo: spero d'aver azzeccato la sezione giusta. In caso contrario chiedo venia. Salve a tutti, sto valutando l'acquisto e, quindi, l'aggiunta al già forse troppo vasto ed obsoleto parco macchine Apple di un hackintosh. L'idea di un altro iMac, di un Mac Pro nuovo (il posacenere, il barattolo, ...) o di uno usato (a trovarlo, un 5,1) si sta allontanando sempre più per ovvi motivi: la poca espandibilità dei primi due, l'incongruenza costo/potenza del secondo, la reperibilità, il costo (d'acquisto e aggiornamento) e l'affidabilità di un usato del terzo. Da queste considerazioni nasce l'idea di un hackintosh. E da questa epifania digitale il problema: cosa scegliere. Ho cercato sul forum, sul sito, sul sito del concorrente innominabile, su internet in generale le informazioni, ma, sinceramente, non fugano tutti i miei dubbi e, quando non li aumentano, molto spesso sono obsolete. Immagino siano, queste, richieste quotidiani, fastidiose, noiose, ma tant'è: con timidezza, ci provo. Partiamo dalle esigenze. Sono un grafico e l'80% della mia attività si svolge con InDesign, Photoshop ed Illustrator. A corredo del magico trio tutta una serie di applicativi più o meno complessi. Talvolta un po' di montaggio video per particolari e specifiche richieste. Poi web, database, ecc. Seguono sogni e speranze: velocizzare quello che faccio ora - ça va sans dire - e cercare di aggiungere qualche "opportunità" in più. 3D, montaggio video decente, un blando uso ludico, la possibilità di sfruttare la funzione remota con Nvidia Shield Pro. I pezzi che compongono la macchina, ovviamente: Processore. Intel Core i7 (serie 6, serie 7) o Intel Xeon? Io, già qui, mi fermo. Guardando alle configurazioni dei Mac Pro si nota che tutti montano gli Xeon. È forse un fattore di qualità e/o potenza e/o affidabilità superiore? Di converso, tutte le configurazioni che ho trovato su internet sono costantemente ignorati a favore dei più comuni (?) i7 7700, i7 7600, i5 e via discorrendo. Esempio Xeon: link Esempio i7: link Scheda madre. Per me: buio completo. Ho realizzato solo ultimamente che ATX, ITX, mITX, ecc. sono le misure per il case. Il resto: arabo. Singolo o doppio processore? C'è differenza fra il supporto a i5-i7 ed a Xeon? In ambo i casi: uno o due processori? Come si comporta un hackintosh con, eventualmente, una coppia di cervelli? Raffreddamento. Vorrei il raffreddamento a liquido per la credo (e spero) ovvia riduzione del rumore e la maggiore affidabilità. Che tipo di manutenzione ha bisogno? Vanno fatti i rabbocchi tipo un radiatore di una vecchia macchina? Alimentatore. Fino a qualche tempo fa i termini da tenere in considerazione erano: "Corsair" e "Bronze". Sono ancora affidabili? Scheda video. Tralasciando la Titan da 12GB ché mi servono ambo i reni, che cosa bisognerebbe scegliere per avere: - compatibilità con OS X; - una buona affidabilità dal punto di vista ludico (con Windows, magari, vista la non particolarmente vasta offerta Apple); - supporto per Nvidia Shield. Case. Uno semplice, senza vetri, senza led, senza spigoli futuristici, un classico parallelepipedo senza bombature, arrotondamenti... Pannelli fonoassorbenti? Corsair? Esempio: link Connessioni senza fili. Wi-fi, bluetooth. Integrate nella scheda madre o schede aggiuntive? Connessioni cablate. USB 2, 3. Firewire. Thunderbolt. HDMI. Sapevo di una non perfetta compatibilità con thunderbolt, ma è una funzionalità poco importante, al momento. Dischi rigidi. Andrei su una ormai classica accoppiata SSD + HD classici. RAM. Questo caso credo sia il più semplice da gestire salvo un dubbio: solitamente, su Mac, non ci sono problemi di dimensione dei banchi nel senso che puoi mettere un banco da 4GB, uno da 8GB ed uno da 2GB ed il sistema li somma. Ricordo di una regola secondo la quale i banchi devono essere tutti uguali, ma non so se è una particolarità di un determinato tipo di RAM o di scheda madre o di processore. Grazie in anticipo per tutto l'aiuto che potrete offrire.
  24. I have installed Mac OSx Yosemite 10.10 and now as I cannot use the internet the mac is basically useless to me so I want to completely uninstall it from my computer first things first my computer specs: Processor: Intel Core i3-2328M Graphics Card: Intel HD 3000 Ram : 2GB HDD : 320GB 5200RPM Now the reason why I created this post okay so I have soo many important data on my windows partition and I don't even have a hard disk or anywhere to store my files to a place so I want to uninstall hackintosh completely keeping my windows drive , removing the boot loader, AND ALSO BY GETTING BACK MY HDD PARTITION ASSIGNED TO MAC OS! because all the tutorials I saw say there is either a risk you have reinstall windows or you mandatorily have to clean install windows.
  25. Boa Tarde,a alguma possibilidade dessa placa iniciar com Clover normal sem Black screen? https://translate.google.com.br/translate?hl=pt-BR&sl=en&u=https://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiboot/tickets/293/&prev=search Alguém que manja poderia me confirmar se essa placa roda ou vai rodar normal sem ter que esperar em tela preta até aparecer tela de login? Abraço