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Found 238 results

  1. Dontview

    iCloud Issue

    Hello, finally I managed to setup my AMD Mavericks. I am using an USB Wifi Adapter (en1) for internet connection. Also I am able to login into the AppStore and iMessage. Just iCloud has some "communication Issue". I tried to delete: Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration COM.APPLE.NETWORK.IDENTIFICATION.PLIST Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration TNETWORKINTERFACE.PLIST My onboard Ethernet was recognized as eth0. I installed some .kext and used EthernetBuildIn Yes. Although I don't use a cable connection. Of course I used Chameleon Wizard to create a SMBios. I would really appreciate having iCloud for sharing passwords over my Systems... Any suggestions?
  2. ananthkishan

    Need help installing Lion for AMD system

    I have new AMD system assembled. I want to install Mountain lion or Lion in my PC , My pc configuration below. I am new to MAC OSX installation. I am basically a designer i need MAC for my designing purpose. Please do help me. PC CONFIGURATION ------------------------ Proc - AMD FX-4100 MB - ASUS M5A88-M Chipset - AMD 880G/980G (RS880P) + SB810/SB850 Graphics - Onboard(ATI/AMD Radeon HD 4250) Memory - 8GB HDD - samsung 1TB Please do help me installing MAC OSx. I have the retail iso of Mountain lion.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to update to 10.10.5 from 10.10 in VMWare, I downloaded the 10.10.5 SSEPlus V3 Kernel, all I need to know now is how to install it onto my system and get it working. Thanks. (I'm new to this, sorry)
  4. Fabio1971

    Nuovo Sub-forum per installazione "AMD"

    Nuovo Sub-Forum "AMD" In questo Nuovo Sub-forum potete creare i vostri Topic su piattaforma "AMD" per Mountain Lion. Fabio
  5. Hi its my first post(and sorry for my english), I have a problem after update 10.9.2, its my first hackintosh ,in secure mode all works well, but if i try to boot it normal its works slow and laggy. I try 3 kernels with their own System.kext and Sandbox.kex and a lot of bootflags...the only thing i know its that if disable my graphic card "nv_disable=1" it works ok... but without graphics ,so i think its a graphic problem... My build CPU: FX 8350 MB: MSI 970 Gaming GPU: GTX 770 Gigabyte some more? EDIT: Solved!!!!! I only change the S/L/Extensions Folder with the backup from 10.9.0 and it works fine but i want to know...:Works te same folder (i think it was graphics kext) to...10.9.5???
  6. Hi. I tried to install Snow Leopard on a PC HP Pro 1005 Series All in One with AMD E-450 APU with Radeon ™ HD Graphics 1.65GHz, but I could not. I used the EmpireEFI_V108 and EmpireEFI4AMD_SB600_support_added with a Mac OS X Snow Leopard Single Layer disk. I have a windows partition and another where I want to install the iOS, empty. Insert the Empire EFI and start with it, Darth Vader appears and the partitions in the hard drive, in my case I get 3 partitions, a 100MB system partition, the window partition and the new partition where I want to install the Snow Leopard, besides the Empire EFI disk. After I proceed to remove the Empire EFI disc and insert the Snow Leopard disk, the icon on the screen changes to the Snow Leopard disk. Now press enter and white letters appear in the screen as if reading the disk and the screen darkens but there are not moving later and the drive light is not blinking means that the drive is not reading from Snow Leopard disk. I hope you can help me to solve this problem. Regards.
  7. aaaaustin122

    MSI R9 280X Yosemite Issue

    Hello. I've been Hackintoshing for about a year now, so I thought I knew my ins and outs of Hackintoshing. But that reign of self confidence has been struck down as of late. I can't seem to get my MSI R9 280X 3GB Gaming to work right with Yosemite. Spec list as follows: CPU AMDFX 8350 MOBO GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 RAM: 8GB (irrelevant) GPU: MSI R9 280X 3G Gaming... I've been running this Machine on a Mavericks distro since I got into Hackintoshing, so I thought I'd step it up and completely wipe my drive and install Yosemite. I was successfully able to boot to installer and install with custom kernel, flags and booted after install. But after booting the graphics performance is just dreadful. I tried the old kexts I used from Mavericks but only made it worse. I've ran out of ideas and Google just wasn't working for me. So I came for help here. I am stuck and in need. I've read that the 270X's have framebuffer problems I don't know if this is what that is. I'm willing to add more information to help someone out. Thanks in advance. Hope to hear back.
  8. Hi guys, I have OS X running on a AMD 7750BE with gigabyte motherboard and it is running pretty smoothly. However, I noticed that it gets pretty sluggish after it comes back from sleep. Does anyone out there know what might be causing it or have experienced this problem before? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks
  9. JorgeMenderp

    Post-Login Hangup

    While embarking on this Hackintosh adventure, I've tried to resolve everything myself, but I've hit a serious wall here. For starters, my setup is: CPU: AMD FX-6300 MoBo: Gigabyte 970A-D3 FD Graphics: ASUS GTX 760 Installed on a Sandisk SSD Dual-booted with Windows YosemiteZone distro So, I'm installed, and I can boot up just fine as long as I run my "npci=0x3000" and "PCIRootUID=0" boot flgas. My current issue is that after I type my password in, I am greeted by a neverending spinning beachball. To provide some background on what I think to be the cause, after getting YosemiteZone, I ran Mult. ibeast to get all my drivers and what not set up. I went for DSDT free, and installed my sound and network driver to start. At this point i could still boot, and so I once again went through Mult .ibeastand installed some other fixes such as enabling TRIM, and "1080p Display Mode", which I think to be the culprit. It was obvious that OS X was not taking advantage of my GTX, as large changes in visuals would slowly appear through a sequence of bars. Now, I can't get past the login screen. Some help would be greatly appreciated, as I've reached the end of my Mac knowhow. I tried Cmd+L, to hopefully bring up a log of what is the cause of this hangup, but I suppose that isn't possible before login. Thanks.
  10. lornaevo

    ML 10.8.4 AMD Radeon HD6450

    Hi Guys, So I got Mountain Lion running amazingly on my Desktop. I have an AMD RAdeon HD6450 which has 1HDMI, 1DVI, 1VGA connections. I would like to use Dual Monitors with this set up. Both my monitors have DVI and VGA but no HDMI. Which would my most cost effective way to accomplish this?
  11. scottryan1992

    Strange thing happening

    Hi Guys, Need some help here. My build is in my signature if you need to refer to that to help me. Basically I used one of Niresh Kexts for my Wifi Card... Airport now works fine and I can connect to my Home Wifi. The problem now is that when i try to go to a webpage, it loads to about a quarter of the way and stops loading. Also when I went to network diagnostics it shows connected but at the side Server and Internet are changing from green to red every 30 seconds or so. Its very strange, Im not sure what is going on. Extra help if you can... Can someone help me out with a graphics kext for the built in graphics on my AMD A8 APU?
  12. I have ML 10.8.2 on my AMD laptop. Specification AMD Phenom II n830 Triple core 2 GB DDR3 Ram Ati Radeon 5470M 512 MB The problem is sound, UI, and videos have lag. But if i move mouse no lag. I have tried voodootscsyncamd.kext but i doesn't work(the kest is loaded) So what should i do? Thanks
  13. Hi, folks! The title is quite self-explanatory: currently i have a G210 running. It works pretty OOB, even with the HDMI out. Audio is provided by the use of the latest VoodooHDA. This card, though, seems to be ending its lifetime, experiencing random crashes, specially with graphic-intensive games, but since some time ago, even with full screen movies and flash videos. I need a replacement for it, and i thought about the Zotac GT640, since it's newer, more powerful and fits in my board (since it's mATX, the PCI slot i use for ethernet is quite close to the one i use to my graphics, so any replacement has to take that in mind) and doesn't need that 4-or-six pin to work, drawing power from the PCI-e slot only. Unfortunately, i also use an AMD CPU with this HTPC, meaning that i cannot update to Mountain Lion without losing QE/CI because of a bug in the kernel (unless with some ATI cards, but its hit-or-miss and, given the use for this machine, this kind of uncertainty puts Mountain Lion out of question for now). Therefore, i'm in Lion, running in 32-bit kernel mode (because of the same QE/CI bug that affects Mountain Lion kernels for AMD), and i read somewhere that the drivers for Kepler are 64-bit only, so i'm out of luck. So, i need a graphics card that works OOB with 10.7.5 in 32-bit kernel mode, has a working HDMI out under OSX, and that fits in my motherboard, regarding the limits described above. I though about a GT240, which i also read elsewhere it's recommended for HTPC setups, but any alternative suggestion will be highly appreciated. Best regards!
  14. Every time i boot my system with a Yosemite usb i get glitchy graphics on the Yosemite installer screen i use "GraphicsEnabler=No" to boot i've tried to boot without it and I get the same problem i've tried to add -x, npci=0x3000, npci=0x2000 etc and i get the same problem. I even used 2 different usb's. System: Dell Precision Intel Xeon X5355 16 GB DDR2 ECC AMD Radeon 7770
  15. Fabio1971

    Nuovo Sub-forum per Installazione "AMD"

    Nuovo Sub-forum "AMD" In questa Nuova Sezione potete creare i vostri Topic su piattaforma "AMD" per Snow Leopard Fabio
  16. YorkiesWorld

    Is there a 10.9.5 for AMD processors?

    Just a question guys, I currently have Niresh 10.9.0 installed on my hackintosh and I'm wanting to upgrade to 10.9.5 but I'm not sure how? I'm using an AMD FX-4100 processor and can't seem to find anywhere with a download link for 10.9.5 that works with AMD CPUs? Any help would be great!
  17. I have AMD-hack (see in my signature) and getting in boot log messages like this 07/11/15 10:10:14,000 kernel[0]: USBF: 0.997 AppleUSBEHCI::CheckSleepCapability - controller will be unloaded across sleep System Profiler in USB section tells me USB is in Expansion Slot. So I cannot use sleep on this hackintosh. When I try inject clock-id with clover, I have USB marked as built-in, but mouse and keyboard does not work (I can only connect to my hack via TeamViewer or VNC to test sleep and get information) As I understand, I can use old IOUSBFamily.kext for 10.8.5 system, with forced sleep capability. But it seems to me not good solution. And that driver conflicts with GenericUSBxHCI.kext, so I can't use USB3.0 ports on my mobo. Is there any other way to force sleep capability for USB2.0 in 10.10.5 system? It is better if solution will be compatible with clover bootloader (I'm using v3270 now).
  18. noxified

    LF AMD desktop help/or tips?

    I'm going to start listing all my hardware: CPU: AMD FX 6350 Mother Board: AsRock 970 extreme 4 Video Card: Nvidia GT 730 (2gb, DDR3, 128 bits) RAM: 12 Gb Storage: 120 Gb kingston V300 SSD, 500 GB mechanical drive(both on sata3) Dual full HD displays. Right now I have a fully working hackintosh (intel laptop with yosemite) but I would like to have my desktop as well. Is it possible to install yosemite(or even mavericks)? if so, how? Is there any step by step guide? I trying following some tutorials on youtube, but it does not boot the installer. And I did not figured out how to switch to a AMD kernel. As far as I noticed, the kernel must be switched after the install it's finished. I'd be really grateful for some tips, at least..
  19. Hi everybody. My PC config: CPU: AMD Athlon II x2 240 RAM: 4 GB DDR2 GPU: nVidia GForce 9600 GT 512MB 258bit I have a problem with the hardware checking. It does not see my video card. Probably, someone has already install OSX on а similar hardware. Please help me. Thnx. P.S.: in the config file I changed video settings.
  20. Bom dia galera! Estou há uma semana tentando instalar mac OS 10.12 sierra processador AMD. Quando vou fazer bootable pelo Win32DiskImager ele chega até em uma frase, Using reloc block: yes.... e reinicia. Já no TransMac recebo a seguinte mensagem, This version of Mac OS X is not supported on this platform. Meu setup: PLACA MÃE: GIGABYTE 970A-UD3P PROCESSADOR: AMD FX-8350 MEMORIA RAM: 8GB 1866MHz DDR3 HYPERX PLACA DE VÍDEO: R9 380 4GB SDD: KINGSTON SUV300S37A 120GB HD: SAMSUNG HM500JJ 500GB
  21. Hi guys..I sucessfully installed Sierra 10.12.5 & Windows as a DualBoot..Im interested in trying macOS High Sierra..Im using an AMD FX 8320 Processor..Do we know when the beta kernel will come out ?
  22. THE BEGINNING As you folks can see in my signature, i'm an AMD hackintosher. That means that, some time in the past, i have the clever idea to invest some money on a cheap piece of hardware that nonetheless gave me lots of computational happiness, with (most of the times) little or no less performance compared to my friends' much pricier intel rigs, especially in day-to-day tasks. That means, unfortunately, that my times of hackintoshing have been giving me equal doses of fun and frustration, and all fun comes exclusively from OSX. Everyone who frequently reads OSX86 forums know by now that AMD machines are at the bottom of the chain food in the mackintosh world. OSX running on AMD could be already a dead subject, if there wasn't very skilled people working very hard (Q: Wanna know what "hard" means? Write an on-the-fly sse3 emulator!) for it to be possible. However, even with the talent and industriousness of those pro-AMD good people, well... sometimes the road comes to a dead end and that was kind of the case: the seventh iteration of OSX, Lion, added a new CPU instruction to the recipe, the ssse3 (believe, my friends, it is not just sse3 with one more "s"). This, by itself, put every AMD CPU but the newest ones, called Bulldozers or FX-Series, out of the party. Or that could have been the case, if we AMD user weren't so stubborn. Slowly, heterodox solutions popped here and there to make Lion roar on AMD machines. Better saying, almost like that: running strictly 32-bit, even on the Bulldozer machines, without support to many cool features like iCloud (Oops, i say it!) or even the stock Finder, this Lion err... Meows. So that was the situation. While Intel users lived in the safe and confortable Palaces of Vanilla, we're from AMD side were left behind in the Wild Land of Doing It Ourselves. INTO THE WILD The famed and almost universally accepted theories of Charles Darwin, the Theory of Evolution of The Species and of natural selection proposes that, in the nature, only the fit survive and procreate. No, maybe that's what people usually think that Darwin stated, but anyway: the fact that we AMD hackintoshers have almost no support to make our machines work with the beloved OSX, except for a few good souls and great minds that develops cool things to support our hardware, this fact made us to either give up or read a lot and learn a lot: an authentic process of selection similar to the one that suposedly made the bacteria turn to plants, then to plants, than to, than to. There are people at the Intel side of the mountain that cannot tell the user library from the system one, and lots of them had built their machines using that uni and multi pets. That is neither bias, nor intends to be an insult out of pure envy (but i concede that the envy exists indeed, at least inside me): the AMD users that were lazy, incompatible with computers or just wanted something to work effortlessly so they could work hard on anything else, these now are either using Windows again, changed to Intel or (the more intelligent choice) bought a Mac. Indeed, a couple of months after the first useful AMD kernel for OSX Lion came out, a guy whose nickname is RAWX86 developed a kernel which made possible (for Bulldozer CPUs only, that's it) run Lion flawlessly, with 64-bit app support and all the small things. All the small things except the cloud-related ones. As always with AMD, with success comes frustration. INTERLUDE Besides my AMD desktop computer, i own a small and cheap Asus netbook, as you can also see in my signature. Like AMD, its Intel Atom CPU is not natively compatible with OSX and, even being supported for a while during the early Snow Leopard times, it's not any longer, and cannot run the vanilla kernel. However, Intel is Intel and, when coupled with OSX, the happy ending can sometimes be troublesome to achieve, but is as certain as the success of a new Apple device: the patches work somewhat better, since the CPU supports the same instructions of all modern Intel processors, and has a very closely related architectural design. Therefore, my little Asus can run versions of OSX as new as the last one, Mountain Lion 10.8.1. But not without its measure of woes: it was a real pain to get iCloud, FaceTime and other cloud features to work. Indeed, it ain't easy for anyone that runs a hackintosh and some indispensable steps must be accomplished for these features to be used: 1) You ought have a built-in ethernet working properly. I'm not saying just using the famed Chamaelon boot flag "EthernetBuiltIn=Yes". This, buddy, is not enough: you have to effectively configure your hardware so your LAN card is properly recognized by the OS, with a corrected kext loaded to it and assigned to the network interface assigned to en0. Do your homework! That, alone, solve all App Store and iTunes Store issues, even for AMD hacks. 2) You must get a valid serial number, so the Apple servers think they're talking with a real Mac. Do you really thought the Cupertino Colossus wouldn't have its beautiful paradisiac garden just without any fences? But you can dodge them using a very cool app called Chamaleon Wizard - google is your friend! - to generate a file called smbios with a (hopefully) valid serial number. This, along the first step, should be enough for everyone to have the full array of Apple cloud features. But is not. It was not enough for me and my little Atom CPU (speed-wise, it should be called Animal Traction, but does not matter, i love it, specially because it was very pocket-friendly). It was not enough for my AMD computer also, but let's left it aside for a while. I, frustrated and a little amused by the difficulty (remember that talk of natural selection) resorted to various additional, some of them quite unorthodox, like trying various versions of symbioses and an obscure method i found at a thread in Tonymac's, of getting a supposedly valid UUID (take a look: http://www.famkruith...et/uuid/uuidgen). Not needed to say, nothing worked. THE REAL CAGE OF THE LION Most people that posts in OSX86 forums know meklort, right? Should exchange some words with him: the guy is a genius. He, alone, solved the iCloud issue for almost every Atom OSX computer. At least in Mountain Lion: i don't know if he's done something about it for Lion. Theoretically, it should work. He addressed the problem with a single and very reasonable insight: why apple should give all of the amazing features of OSX out with the open-source XNU kernel? Nah, it could be that way. Something will be missing, precisely that something that, among other things, makes iCloud and related goodies tick. So he came out with his own patched kernel for 10.8: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/863180/kern...ocache.patched (if you have 10.8.1, try this one: mach_kernel_Atom 10.8.1(dev).zip). The patches weren't apllied to the source of the open-source XNU; instead, they were binary patches. And, pure magic, all started to shine: iCloud, FaceTime, iMessages, GameCenter. Pure joy. Of course they wouldn't have worked, the kernels, without following the steps mentioned before. Again, you have to do your homework! Would his method work on AMD machines? Of course, meklort told me: once someone writes correctly the patches for AMD CPUs, they could with all certainty be applied as binary patches and should work. I guess it's not an easy task, tough - i, certainly, don't have the skill to do it, and no one showed up with something like that even until now. But i was not prepared to give up yet! MY WORKAROUND TO GET ICLOUD TO WORK ON MY AMD MACHINE Are you still reading? Good! You're a pure breed AMD hackintosher, not some uni/multipuppy lazy guy (okay, call me envious, and no offense at all to the puppies owners, they're great tools to get the work done). Why did i talk so much about my atom experiences? Because from them, i learned enough to establish a realistic assessment of the facts, which are the following: - On contrary of what most people think, these iCloud, FaceTime etc issues are indeed somewhat kernel related. Recently, i decided to reformat the disk of my netbook, erasing all partitions and letting only OSX installed. The problem was OSX wasn't in the first partition, so i decided to reinstall and restore my system from a time machine back up. I when i finished, i tried to do a call using FaceTime and, surprise!, it didn't let me log in. I forgot to put meklort's kernel back. When i did it, reboot and all went back to normal; - I have to follow closely and carefully the basic steps of getting Apple's web-based services working; kernel tricks wouldn't suffice to achieve success; - The critical moment for iCloud to work is not the log in, is the first log in. Is not without reason that Apple instructs you to set up iCloud, not just "sign up and sign in" like the way of the App Store. In that critical moment, something in your system files are optimized and changed, so Apple can offer you a better and more customized service. At this very moment, your computer is also checked if it's a genuine Apple-branded computer, not some fake thing. The evidence (circumstantial, i confess) is that my netbook is always "signed in" iCloud, even when it's offline (of course, in this case no data is exchanged, but it stays logged in anyway, because it's not really a log in). Once we make through the first set up, i thought, we shouldn't bother anymore with kernels, serials and everything. But how to set up for the very first time, if our patched kernel is refused altogether? That was the way i achieved that, and i can bet that will work for everyone. You'll have to use your friend's Mac/Intel hack/Atom hack with working iCloud, and will need a working network between it and your own computer. I assume you already followed the basic steps for Apple's web services and features: 1) On the Mac/Intel hack/Atom hack, create a new user account; 2) Set up iCloud for this user account; 3) Log both this computer and your computer at the same network; 4) Start the migration assistant (/Applications/ Utilities/ Migration Assistant) in your computer. When prompted to chose which kind of migration, chose "from a Mac"; 5) Since both computers are in the same network, you should see the other computer, select it; 6) Start the migration assistant in the Mac/Intel hack/Atom hack. When prompted to chose which kind of migration, chose "to a Mac"; 7) Select your computer from the Mac/Intel hack/Atom hack; 8) A passcode will appear on your computer; check the Mac/Intel hack/Atom hack, will appear there too. If they match, hit continue; 9) When prompted to chose which files to migrate from the Mac/Intel hack/Atom hack, select under "users" the user you just created to set iCloud, and select "settings"; 10) When it ends, congratulations: you have iCloud working on your AMD hackintosh, like i do. Reboot it, and don't forget to erase the user account you created in your friend's computer. Attention! The method works for iCloud, but not for FaceTime! Apparently, FaceTime does make a live login every time, and every time the kernel is checked. Why am i saying that? First of all, it doesn't work in my AMD. Second, remember when i formatted my Atom netbook and forgot to change the kernel? FaceTime (and Messages also) would not connect. But my iCloud account, previously set up, was working flawlessly. If someone gets a workaround for it, post here.
  23. The issue: you are on 10.8.x, and decide to watch a DVD movie. You insert a disc in your DVD-RW device and either nothing happens or a dialog box opens offering to open media with some other application. You try to manually open DVDPlayer.app (Applications>Utilities) and this happens: The cause: in general, this error is caused by an unsupported AHCI SATA controller. Click on the Apple logo>About this Mac>More info>System report, and locate SATA. It's likely DVDPlayer won't work for you if you see this: Possible workarounds: DVDPlayer.app needs a properly recognized internal SATA DVD-R or RW device. When your SATA controller is not supported, all SATA devices will be seen as external - and will be displayed with orange icons in your desktop. So the orange icon kext fix could possibly solve the issue, but then you'll lose hot swapping (http://lnx2mac.blogs...disk-icons.html). An user, rd8111, developed a fix for unknown SATA controllers (http://www.insanelym...em-information/), but it's untested for this particular issue and if it would break hot swapping. So the optimal fix is to deal with the issue where it occurs - the DVD playback itself! The solution: Copy to your desktop the file in /SystemLibrary/Frameworks/DVDPlayback.framework/Versions/A/DVDPlayback. Download a hex editor of your choice - i used HexEdit - and open it. Select find/replace (or hit command+f) and find the word internal and replace it by external. Repeat for all ocurrances or use the replace all options. Let the wrap box checked. When you're done, back up the original file, save the one you just edited to the place the original was located in and try to insert a disc on your DVD-RW device: it should open the DVDPlayer.app immediately. Credits: this solution was not a creation of mine and its inventor deserves all our appreciation. You can say thank you here: http://macenstein.co...orking-in-lion/ All the best!
  24. I have scoured the internet for an answer to this, but no luck. When I try to boot into my OS X El Capitan Virtual Machine, I get an error (Pictures Below). I have tried to reinstall VMware, reinstall the Virtual Machine. I have used the unlocker provided by someone else, and installed flags to the text file. But none has worked. Processor: AMD FX 8320E @ 3.20GHz Memory: 8GB DDR3 Below is my .VMX file. El Capitan VMX.txt
  25. Hello folks, I already posted this on Ask Different but didn't get any good answer yet. It may be too specialized for Ask Different, but I was told I may found kext experts here 1 - Original issue I own a Macbook Pro 15" from Early 2011, which suffers from the well-known-but-denied-by-Apple GPU problem. TL;DR: the AMD Radeon HD 6XX0M is dead and the Macbook can't boot, or can boot but with huge graphic glitches on screen. 2 - Workaround There is a workaround to this problem, which consists to disable the AMD GPU and only use the Intel HD 3000 chipset. The main way to do this is to use a software like gfxCardStatus. However, since my Macbook wasn't booting (stuck on blue screen after Apple logo), I managed to disable my AMD Radeon HD 6490M by entering single-user mode and deleting the following files from /System/Library/Extensions/ : AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext AMDRadeonVADriver.bundle AMDRadeonX3000GLDriver.bundle AMDRadeonX4000GLDriver.bundle ATI2400Controller.kext ATI2600Controller.kext ATI3800Controller.kext ATI4600Controller.kext ATI4800Controller.kext ATI5000Controller.kext ATI6000Controller.kext ATI7000Controller.kext ATIFramebuffer.kext ATIRadeonX2000.kext ATIRadeonX2000GA.plugin ATIRadeonX2000GLDriver.bundle ATIRadeonX2000VADriver.bundle ATISupport.kext 3 - Remaining problems But, as I said, this is just a workaround to get OS X to boot. I now have 2 main issues: - I can't plug an external screen on the Thunderbolt port - I can't play any avi or mkv video I know there isn't any solution for the first issue, since the Intel HD 3000 is not even physically linked to the Thunderbolt port. However, I am looking for a solution to the second issue. The Intel HD 3000 chipset may not be a killer GPU, but I am sure it can handle a simple video, and even 1080p videos. When I open a video file in VLC, I get the following error: And in the logs: I think Mac OS X is trying to get OpenGL acceleration thanks to the AMD GPU. And since the GPU is supposed to work properly, it never tries to get the adequate features from the Intel HD 3000 chipset. So, is there any way to get more from this chipset?