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  1. rnbadrandom question! how on earth do you guys get sound to work on 1530 running 10.5.4? i have no speaker icon or nothing - tried the links on the front page but they dont seem to work?
  2. iamtheoneneo

    Apple drops iPhone NDA

    non-disclosure agreement - basically so companies dont get scammed or copied! pretty simple stuff really, although it seems there only applying this to released software , and not unreleased stuff - so really nothings changed all that much.
  3. iamtheoneneo

    Fring for iPhone works great.

    any word if it deletes all your text messages after a while? the beta versions had a known error within it that wiped all your texts messages in about 2 weeks - thats the only thing thats stopping me dl'ng this now. i dont care much that its on the app store - that in know way gaurentees that this app has been fixed.
  4. it is a fresh install of kalys 10.5.1. with vinalla kerns and not alot else. cant understand why it isnt working in norm mode.
  5. seems to work in safe mode (-x on boot) but not normally??? what could be causing the problem?
  6. ok still rediculous problems installing this over kalyway 10.5.1. it just doesnt work - hangs on restart of the update at the apple gear. dont no what to do , just did smbios , 9.4.0 kernel and still nothing. has anyone got this working on a 1530 or similiar specced machine??
  7. not much point in you shouting your mouth off - whether you created the guide or not! do you not think iv followed your guide? to the tee? do you not think i havent waited about 15 mins for this thing to stop hanging? answers: yes, yes, yes. thanks
  8. its the following specs: Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 2 GHz Intel PM965 mobo NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT - 256 MB SigmaTel STAC9228 sound Marvell Yukon 88E8040 PCI-E ethernet im just doing a 3rd try now, and yep following all the steps as you said but no luck after the 2nd! heres hpoing 3rd time lucky. ok getting annoyed now! 3rd time and still no luck: chose 9.4.0 kernel smbios macbookpro ps2 fix battery fix my error this time: indexsdb in si_consistencycheck seems i also have the previous two errors but happly passes them this time (perhaps bc of the smbios?) it then hangs at: dsmos: initilazing dsmos: hook and decryption contexts set! dsmos: starting... huh? english please apple! anyone actually got this working on a 1530 and what are your settings on the post update? Mysticus C* any ideas on settings based on specs posted above? its 800mhz fsb (i tihnk?) which is the same as macpro setting in smbios isnt it? does anyone recognise that error? thanks
  9. ok here goes, on a dell xps 1530 , kalyway 10.5.1 install on mbr with vinalla kern - all runs fine do the update steps (have done twice now), 1st try - vinilla kernel , gpu, sound intel rebooted failed to load past apple screen 2nd try (note wiped the drive with disk util and formatted) - 9.4.0 kernel , ICHx, restore net and sound rebooted and failed to load past apple screen. errors: no interface name for airport_brcm43xx iopublisherdivercallback() failed to initdevicefromservice() what the hell? any ideas? iv successfully managed to upgarde 10.5.1 to 10.5.2 in the past with out all this hassle and presumed it was bc i selected to many options the first time around and the kernel but now its done it again im not quite sure? - do you tihnk it might be bc i selected the ichx option??? EDIT: hang on i think im going mad, smbios ? must of missed that! going to try a 3rd time with that selected and no ichx and il report back and tell you waht happens.
  10. http://accessories.euro.dell.com/sna/produ...p;sku=555-10953 for sale a new , unopened dell mini n card for £25 which includes p+p. perfect for all those dell laptop owners trying to get wireless working on a hackintosh uk only.
  11. iamtheoneneo

    Selling my Hack Pro

    looking to sell a smilar system (same case and all!) lol, havent had any luck in months - annoying as there lush machines i just dont have the need for it anymore. problem is that the average user doesnt know how nice they are and would rather fork out £500 and get a sub par dell (insert company here) pc. they dont realise that a few extra £100 can mean some serious gaming/computing power. good luck!!! il watch your ebay entry with interest.
  12. iamtheoneneo

    Easy way to memorize Pi

    waste of time then ... right??oh saying that i just stupidly thought id waste time at work learning it. haha.only got to 22 decimal places3.1415926535897932384626 - i adapted the cadaeic text:onea poema ravenmidnights so dreary tired and wearysilently pondering volumes calculate the pi and circular typeending of scriptpretty clever. took about 30mins. cant be arsed to do any more.
  13. iamtheoneneo

    Adding Vista to Darwin bootloader?

    yeh thats not a bad option, but easybcd is easier imo.
  14. iamtheoneneo

    Worked great, then i tried to dual boot :*(

    seriously people make this way to complicated then it needs to be, here: 1) install osx, use disk utility to partition 3 spaces on the hdd 2) install xp on the next partition 3) put the osx disk back in 4) f8 at darwin loader 5) type: -s 6) type: fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 7) type: flag 1 8) type: write 9) type: quit 10) type: reboot job done now you can select either os in the darwin loader. wasnt that hard really.
  15. iamtheoneneo

    Adding Vista to Darwin bootloader?

    theres some vista based program that can let you do this - completly forgotten what its called though. someone should know but thats the way to go.