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  1. Hello guys, So title says all, since its impossible for me to change GPU, upgrading my RAM would be a nice choice to improve gaming ? I'm thinking of getting a 4GB one so it will make 10GB total. My GPU now is a 384mb Intel HD Graphics 3000 here is a pic
  2. Hello everybody So my following problem is to get my Layout changed from ISO to ANSI The problem is that the Menu for changing that only appears if I connect an USB Keyboard on my notebook. Plus when I get the menu with the usb keyboard and try to recognize the notebook keyboard, it says it can't be recognized and freezes. I already tried changing my kexts and my abnt2 layout but no luck. If I just change to ANSI I can get my keyboard with all working fine (the \ and ' keys are switched)
  3. Microphone not working and no Battery Indicator

    I know where it is, I just don't know what to edit on it.
  4. Microphone not working and no Battery Indicator

    I already edited my chameleon.boot.plist and put the EthernetBuiltIn key and string on it. No, my usb adapter is not en0 thats why it didn't work. Is there a way to fix it without having a working ethernet card
  5. Dictation feature working?

    Here are the screenshots and My wireless card isn't working too btw.
  6. Dictation feature working?

    So could you help me doing that ? My Ethernet card is JMicron JMC250 and I guess it is not supported on mac. I already tried the EFI Studio method, PCIRootUID=1, deleting NetworkInterfaces.plist and none of them worked, it gives me no Ethernet option when I try to add Devices on the Network prefpane. There is only VPN, 6to4 and PPPoE. None of them are my network.
  7. Microphone not working and no Battery Indicator

    Yeah my ethernet card is JMicron JMC250 and it is not supported. So does this means I will never get dictation working ? Or App Store or Facetime ?
  8. Hello everybody, So the title says everything, when I press the button two times, dictation starts and half a second later it finishes itself, not givng me a chance to say anything. I dont have any idea of what can it be I already added ethernet built in to my chameleon.boot.plist but no luck. I dont use ethernet because my ethernet card is not supported (JMicron JMC250) I use USB ASUS N-10 Adapter to get wireless connection. I Already tried the EFI Studio method to fix the App Store login error but no luck too. So, Im so lost about it, any help is appreciated Thanks (:
  9. Microphone not working and no Battery Indicator

    Okay so I found out my microphone is working, I say a VoodooHDA prefpane so I was playing with it until I get an almost clean audio, it is still kinda crackle. The problem now is really the dictation app, when I press the button 2 times, it starts and finish itself, giving me no chance to talk. May be related to my App Store and FaceTime login error.
  10. Dictation feature working?

    Hello buddies, so Im having the same problem here, but I think my built in microphone isnt working. When I press 2 times the button, the dictation appears and says OK then closes Itself. And it seems my microphone doesnt work with VoodooHDA.kext. I tried to record audio but as I expected there was no sound. I already edited the org.chameleon.boot.plist but no luck. I dont use wired connection because my ethernet card is not supported (JMicron 250) I use the ASUS N-10 USB to get wireless working here. And yes my App Store doesnt work when I try to login with my Apple ID. Facetime doesnt work too.
  11. Microphone not working and no Battery Indicator

    Im still reading it carefully. I might be slow on doing that, I found it interesting since it covers the HDMI output too which I dont have. About the battery, what should I do to get the Battery Indicator working (question) Update: I got the battery indicator working by installing the ACPIPlataform.kext that comes with it. The problem is that this ACPIPlatform is needed to show the battery, and the original ACPIPlatform.kext that comes with Mountain Lion was used to get Sleep (or pause) working. When I exchange ACPIPlatform one with another, I have a X on the indicator saying that there is no battery connected. So, I kinda need to join the ability of Sleep of one with the ability of Battery Indicator of another. About the Audio, can I use AppleHDA or these ALCs instead of VoodooHDA (question) it may work I guess. I just dont know how to find which ALC is on my notebook. Just to note, and it may help, when I installed VoodooHDA version 0.2.61 my microphone kinda worked, I could even see activity on the sound prefpane, but the audio was horrible, crackled, couldn't hear a thing clean.
  12. Microphone not working and no Battery Indicator

    @nyolc8 I have already done that, nothing happens, there shows me a Microphone (ATAPI) but its already selected, when I double click on it nothing happens. @PookyMacMan I didnt understand what you said. I presume AFAIK stand for As far as I know. What do you mean by Update kext caches after installing the kext. About the permissions, I don't understand about it, I just always repair permissions with CCleaner and Kext Utility. Thanks for helping (:
  13. So I wanted to give this Dictation a try, but I found out my microphone is not working. Im using VoodooHDA.kext so I have audio working (Speaker ATAPI) but my microphone is not working I guess (Microphone ATAPI) I tried to record audio with quicktime and there is no sound recorded. I try to use dictation but when I press the button 2 times, the dictation starts and finish itself, not giving me a chance to speak. Also, there is another problem that is not really a problem, but its very annoying. I dont have a battery indicator in the top bar. When I try to enable it, it disables itself, so I cannot know how much is my battery charged. I tried to add VoodooBattery on my S/L/E and on my E/E but no luck. Thanks (:
  14. Hello guys So I'm having problems in getting it to work. With Lion I got it working perfectly by following this method. 1- Remove the kexts from S/L/E so I can boot 2- Change my smbios.plist to MacBook 8,3 (0116) 3- Put the kexts back plus some other kexts patched for 0116 But in ML, after the installation and first boot, the system already recognizes it but the graphics aren't working properly. I tried the same method above to get it working, and it kinda worked, but, the problem is that everything is very laggy. The launchpad is very slow and laggy so as everything, and there is no QE/CI enabled because there is no Translucent Bar option. I want it to run smoothly like on Lion. So, guys please help me, my notebook is a Megaware Volcano.
  15. The problem is very simple to solve. Don't do nothing. After the fresh install of ML, just boot with "UseKernelCache=No" If it works, add "UseKernelCache=No" to the Kernel Flags in your org.chameleon.boot.plist