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  1. franky dv9064

    Apple Tv and Windows Home server

    Hi, I've got a Windows home server with all my computers and a Freecom media player connected to it. They all work perfect toghether. the problem is that I use the freecom media player to watch my vxid movies on my TV via my network. All files are hosted on the home server. This works great but the freecom player doesn't. It does not support all my movies and it's slow a hell. I've looked accros and beyond but didn't really see a nice replacment for this. The Kiss players are to big, to crappy and to loud. So I've arrived at the Apple TV. This funky little thing looks great and I wonder a few things. 1) Is it possible to stream video's over the network ? (A absolute must) 2) Is their a way to get Xvid going without cracking it open (Or can I use a Itunes server on my WHS to stream the Xvid's) 3) Do you really need a mac in your place to get it to work ? Thnx alot in advance to answer some questions for me ! Franky
  2. Hi, Leo running great on this notebook untill I get my sony back from repair but I've cone arround a issue. "Sometimes" when I leave it on the screens goes black and all the lights come on. When I then press something to get it our of sleep the screens turns dark gr y (black but with the baclights on) and I can't do anything anymore. I have to reset the notebook before I can continue to work. Sleep normaly works since I use it verry often. Any thoughts ? Franky
  3. franky dv9064

    Hardware Compatibility List - Leopard 10.5.1

    Current OS X Version: 10.5.1 Install method: Kalyway -> stick it in, use the right drivers and voila working pussy! Manufacturer: HP (notebook) Model: Pavilion DV9064EA Motherboard Manufacturer: HP Model: ? Version: ? Bios Version: F.16 Chipset: ICH7 Audio: Working azalea LAN: working out of the box CPU Model Number: Core 2 Duo T7200 Recognised as: 2GHz Memory/DDR: 2GB (2x1GB) Video Manufacturer: Nvidia Model: G73 GeForce Go 7600 Bus Type: PCIe x16 Memory size: 256 Dual screen working: not tested but worked in tiger QE/CI working: yes Resolution changeable yes Required patches or bios flashing std driver in the kalyway DVD SATA/IDE working: both sata disks are working Wifi & patches Wlan: Working but I installed broadcom card from another HP DV6000, To bypass the HP stupid not supported wifi card error see this thread: link other peripherals/pci addon cards: USB, webcam, DVDRW works but cardreader and mic doesn't misc hardware: logitech v270 works logitech lx7 works HP basic DT528 keyboard works No power management so battery only last about 2h
  4. franky dv9064

    KALYWAY 10.5.1 DVD release (the official)

    installed it on a dv9064 without any problems wath so ever. I did installed a new broadcom wifi card a few month's back to run tiger.
  5. Nothing wronh there. The centrino style proc has dynamic speeds . It's the whole point of being battery friendly. Franky
  6. franky dv9064

    Be was stupid now I can't boot anymore

    Well I installed a new macx on a seperate HD and replaced the kext file. Olso ran the semtex 10.4.9 update. now it keeps on cirkeling at the apple logo
  7. franky dv9064

    Be was stupid now I can't boot anymore

    and if I've done so how can I replace the bad kernel and AppleSMBIOS.kext ? Just copy paste of run a correct 10.4.9 installer and choose the original disk ?
  8. franky dv9064

    Be was stupid now I can't boot anymore

    Thnx for replying. I tried to search the board for clues how to do wath you said but to no avail I'm afraid. Mainly because I'm an uther noob at hackintosh Can you pls point me in de correct direction ? thnx alot in advance !
  9. Hi, My dump ass let his mac install the updates and forgot to unchek the 10.4.9 update. It installed it fine but now my hackintosh won't boot I really need to prevent a clean install since I need the data. It now show's darwin for a few seconds then boots into the gray logo. After showing that for about 15 sec it reboot's. Any suggestions ? thnx ! Franky
  10. franky dv9064

    Mouse Pointer Problem

    well if you can't figure it out and just want the mouse pointer try ctrl+scroll that will give you the mouse for a bit. The problem is created by your grafix driver's btw.
  11. franky dv9064

    Delete button

    Thnx but I have a azerty keyboard. Any thought's ?
  12. franky dv9064

    Delete button

    Hi, Like topic description say's Ive got a plain laptop keyboard and want to get the delete button to work. This because I'm used to working with keyboord shortcuts. I've olso connected a Imac USB keyboard to the whole but that doesn't delete anything either. Anyone know how it's done ? I simply want to press delete or other easy function to well delete a file instead of dragging it to the garbage or right clicking and select delete. Any thoughts ? Oslo does anybody know if it's possible to change the shortcuts to copy paste from MAC+C/V to CTRL+C/V ? I've got long fingers and I have to do alot of copy paste in my job and now the shortcuts give me cramp after a while. thnx ! Franky
  13. franky dv9064

    Can not mount DMG

    Is their a way to prevent this from happening again if I upgrade to 10,4,9 ? I'm running 10.4.8 now but since I'm a post windows user I'm not comfortable not running the newest update
  14. franky dv9064

    Intel Wireless driver

    I read on your google page you don't have a 3495 car din house. If you want I can provide you with one to test with... Just email me on franky.reymenants at telenet.be Franky
  15. franky dv9064

    Can not mount DMG

    I should have waited a little longer huh Thnx for clearing it up !