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  1. I need a little bit more instructions to correct that problem
  2. It worked fine before that I change the disk
  3. it boot well with "-v UseKernelCache=NO npci=0x2000"
  4. It boot correctly with a boot option, but it won't in ''normal mode'' (without boot option)
  5. It boot completely with that
  6. i don't know, is it a option to check?
  7. Hi, I restored Mountain Lion on a larger hdd, i got the boot0 error and i fixed it but, it stuck to the apple logo screen at start up now. Here is a picture of the boot with -v The only way to boot in mac os, is in safe mode or -f
  8. Hard drive switch

    it worked! thanks
  9. Hard drive switch

    Is it looking good?
  10. Hard drive switch

    I delete all the kext related to bluetooth and i got this: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/89/110712185000.jpg
  11. Hard drive switch

    This is where it stop to load http://imageshack.us/f/402/img0423pv.jpg
  12. Hi, i'm trying to install mac os x on a friend's Asus p52f, but it don't work with my Retail DVD and my ###### USB. The only way i found to install mountain lion on his hard drive was to put it in my laptop. When it boot, it stuck on the apple logo with the loading lines.