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  1. A few things are wrong i noticed that P-States are not where they should be so far i see 2 states 2530mhz and 798Mhz this needs to be fixed because even with my 2 batteries im getting like at a max 2 hours of battery life but with windows i had 10-12 hours before it was dead. And i just finished ordering a wifi card to replace the internal one right now so for now i must use a Linksys AE1000 which is fine for now. One other thing is that im having issues with only one more important thing VoodooPS2 does not work after sleep when setup with your instructions
  2. Well anyways my motherboard ended up going so i replaced it and the gpu with the fx770m so far it all works but the wifi card so im replacing that to i ended up flashing with a non whitelisted f.13 bios so all is swell thanks for all your help with the files and such
  3. The issue is ubuntu 12.10 beta, these versions dont not have all the packages ported to them please use ubuntu 12.04 LTS its more supported and if that doesnt work use the same ubuntu version talked about in the original post
  4. I have recently been trying to install Os X ML on my PC but i have ran into multiple issues: Graphics card drivers causing boot failure Boot partition mounts as read only at boot unless you boot into safemode Install Usb Made with Utilitys from tonymacx86 doesn't boot unless you use -x PCIRootUID=0 This is my Hardware: Foxconn P9657AA-8EKRS2H MotherBoard Intel P965+ICH8R Chipset Intel Core 2 Duo 6420 2.13Ghz <-- Overclocked To 2.50Ghz XFX Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Card <-- No Onboard Video Stock Realtek ALC883 (HDA) Marvel 88E8056 Lan <-- I dont need this but it would be nice to have it work if i do 1394a with VT6308P <-- i never use firewire Linksys AE1000 WLAN <--- Working in OS X ML with simple patchs My two HDD's: 1TB Seagate Windows 8 160Gb Seagate <-- Drive for Mac There is also no DSDT for my mainboard but if need be i can extract I would like to have full Frame buffer support for Videos, Games if possible but all i need is a system that will boot without safe-mode and that boots correctly with most of my hardware working I am also open to all install methods but i would like to stay with either Lion or Mountain Lion if possible Thank you all, Kevin