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  1. I got sound working by commenting out the line sound.virtualDev = "hdaudio" from my .vmx file. It's pretty choppy at the moment, but there are several posts about tuning parameters pciSound.DAC2InterruptsPerSec and pciSound.playBuffer. Will try tweaking these now.
  2. Has anyone been able to fix this problem? I'm getting exactly the same symptoms running Lion 10.7.3 in vmware ws 8 on a Ubuntu 11.10; I can see a list of devices in System Perferences -> Sound but the first time I try to play a sound the VM sound card disconnects with the vm message "Error in creating sound stream". I turned on "Gather debugging info" in the advanced options on VM Workstation. When the sound disconnects the following is logged: 2012-05-05T09:00:12.188+10:00| vcpu-0| I120: SoundAlsaSetHardwareParams: Failed to set Alsa hardware parameter (snd_pcm_hw_params): Invalid argument 2012-05-05T09:00:12.188+10:00| vcpu-0| I120: Msg_Post: Warning 2012-05-05T09:00:12.188+10:00| vcpu-0| I120: [msg.sound.ErrorCreateStream] Error in creating sound stream. Sound is disconnected. 2012-05-05T09:00:12.188+10:00| vcpu-0| I120: ----------------------------------------