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  1. hey guys,tweaking my video card. help REALLY appreciated

    ok well we are good to go. 570 hd is killing it in the hackintosh, and im using chimera now, it was a matter of my seagate 1tb being a brat.... i had to explore the contents of the chimera installer, pull out and copy boot01h, unmount my boot partition, and stick boot01h into it with a terminal command. Thanks a lot you guys..... really appreciate it. everything is working like a dream except for icloud but if i figure it out ill drop you a line!
  2. hey guys,tweaking my video card. help REALLY appreciated

    ahahaha SO true that the t shirt will be worn for days on end, and it does look like a beast. its a toss up between http://www.newegg.co...N82E16814150521 or http://www.newegg.co...N82E16814127582 or http://www.newegg.co...N82E16814500231 Im just hoping the 570 hd from evga which has one fan does not sound like a jet like my single fan 6870. I really dont feel like ordering off newegg and waiting, and im not sure they have the msi twin frozr that would be the other choice with a duel fan... hmm. there is just WAY too many options. 560 ti 448. or 570 hd superclocked or reg. 1 gb or 2gb. its enough to drive a man insane
  3. hey guys,tweaking my video card. help REALLY appreciated

    its loud in both, probably louder in windows id say. I have a custom fan control setup for it in both, but definately gets hotter in win7. Sooooo Im being really really ocd and now im looking into the 570 HD. im thinking that for a few dollars more it would be totally worth it. What do you think about that card/ ease of use in 10.7.3? It would be the same method for any 500 series card right? Since the 6900 series amd cards are not supported im thinking this might be my best band for my buck? oh and ps, my GF LOVES TO NAG hahahaha. and i dont need earplugs, i just zone out in a game, or making music in logic on my hack pro. That way she doesnt see earplugs and thinks im a jerk, she just thinks im a geek.
  4. hey guys,tweaking my video card. help REALLY appreciated

    hey dude thanks for the response! yeah a buddy of mine got a 560 ti and it was down to that or the 6870 hd and i went with the 6870 hd because it was out of the box with my hackintosh, and i really do like it, but the single fan xfx that i have is just way too loud. After seeing the 560ti in action though it might just be worth fiddling with because its a BEAST! im using a 47" LG tv right now so i really dont need multiple monitors, and i SLI is always there for the future. guess it will be a spontaneous decusion once i get over to micro center. Are you from boston by the way?
  5. so im all up and running for the most part. dual boot between win 7 and os x lion. im just not really happy with my xfx 6870 single fan. It sounds like the jets that fly over my house from logan airport. I did research for the build and thats why i chose what i did, however i didnt know about the dual fan 6870, and since microcenter didnt have them, they didnt tell me about them. since im changing anyways and can spend a few more dollars, whats my best option? ga z68x ud3h b3 i5 2500k xfx radeon 6870 crucial ballistix 8gb 1333 seagate 1tb 3,5 crucial 128 2.5 ssd should i stick with the xfx 6870 hd and just get the two fan model? has there been any better luck with the 6950s ?? how about a 560 ti? my friend just got one right after i got mine, and its REALLY nice, hes getting much better rates OOB, but hes not using a hack pro. so in terms of ease of use, quality, price everything.... can someone give me some advice? it has to be soon because i need to order from newegg asap to return mine to microcenter before its too late. Thanks!
  6. help with sleep or icloud please?

    thanks for the response skazier, im the same guy from above, but for some reason it wont let me log in through facebook today. Ill definately try that, and yes... i have ethernetbuiltin in my boot.plist... i can access the app store just fine, i can even log into mobile me and see that my account has been transferred to an icloud acct. its just that icloud wont work..... i can access it from my windows side, and my iphone, just not the mac side.