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  1. hei dear friend can u please send me all the stuff that theme and icons and everything i think its great and u did it please mail me on cliffhangersoa@yahoo.com
  2. Osx restarts after update!

    use netkas update tutorial and everything will work fine and by the way i think iatkos is best. do it give me feedback
  3. Partition's don't show up in DiskUtil

    easy solution install iatkos v 1.0 it works almost on every pc
  4. Real nice Zephyroth 10.5.2 AMD install!

    hei please can u tell me how u done it because i have tried it now 6 times but after install i cant able to boot i get mbr error with vista installed on first partition.
  5. no my friend while copying or ading acpi.... ext u must always use kexthelper7 otherwise u must get kernel panic and by the way i have done 10.5.2 update on normal basis according to netkas prodesure nad ended with no ps2 ..... but i got everything working today on my pc also sleep works nad ps2 also, iam writing it veyr short because i have no time at all but planing to write whole tutorial for everything working in leopard. so please keep in touch and ask me questions one by one so i can answer u in short time but keep in your mind that your problem is nothing its piece of cake and credit goes to me and many others including insanelymac and our best friend google.
  6. Auto Updater

    It would be no problem but there is only two which u have to do before updating and that is first u have use netkas tutorial for installation which i svery simple and easy and the most worse thing is that after update everything goes oky but u need to put some working ps2 kext before rebooting otherwise u will be left with not working keyboard and mouse. Actually i done it on my pc and iam running 10.5.2 with grafic card driver updates from apple also which has increase my total performance upto 40 percent more.just let me know.