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  1. Hi Maldon, you dont need to do the DSDT edits like this editing the actual file. Clover has sections in it called drop dsdt tables and then patch each item from the clover config.plist file alone. just an update for people who keep posting their dsdt's and you dont need to edit every dsdt file people post. What program and patches are you using to do the patches?
  2. this is a problem on me as well. It seems the new driver causes some kind of problems with clover. Sometimes I get a hang on AppleIntelCPU power management kext as well from this driver. I have a 970 so I just reverted to old driver and it works fine. Good luck probobly write flux dev's to fix it Bro, you dont know what you are talking about. How about sending me your apple cinema display bro. Thx. night shift only works on certain models of monitors. You could spoof that model but i highly doubt you are that intelligent, no offense.
  3. still getting a minute or two of black screen, it definitly is dependant on monitors, if i have 3 montiros its longer, if 2 monitors its shorter, if 1 monitor its shorter, etc. Anyways to check the logs to see whats going on with the NVIDIA driver?
  4. updated to new nvidia drivers on 970 on 10.12.2 and takes a good minute of black screen before login window shows. if I nv_disable the drivers it loads right away, so its something with the nvidia web driver. Any idea how to get logs of what is going on with nvidia web driver?
  5. I get a black screen now with the updated driver on 10.12.2. After about 1 minute the black screen goes away and OSX finishes its loading fill bar and login screen shows up. Not sure whats going on. Definitly related to nvidia web driver. If I disable osx loads up fine without any black screen for a minute.
  6. pascal support yet? I want to get a 1080
  7. what patches you use on DSDT to fix cant sleep problem for Z170?
  8. welcome to 2001 when apple added that to the linernotes of all its machines
  9. MacDELLintosh

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    {censored} you rule dood, dont stop, keep it coming for forever mang
  10. Hey guys, I need help getting my p-states c-states on a GAEX58-DS4, i7 920. Is there no patch for an i7 920 floating around? I run stock appleintelcpupm and get sleep but temps are 60 degrees, so i ran LPC patches on DSDT and temps went back down to nullcpupm levels of 49 degrees, only sleep now doesnt work?!?!? ITs been 4 years since DSDT came out and there is no general way to do this? I have C-states p-states generator in chimera and I did notice performance drop with LPC patches on DSDT. Any help would be appreciated. Is there nobody with a i7 920 possible DSDT patch for speedstep/sleep ? is it different for every motherboard bios? Afaik, each CPU can only be dealt with in the same way, these mobo's all have same bios, (GAEX58). why is intelspeedstep part of script also greyed out, how do I activate it . It says (ADVANCE USERS) etc, and I try to enable but its not enabled, enablind, and ive read every txt document in script, it doesnt say how to add your own patches to hackinstaller or how to get speedstepping working on the GAEX58 chipsets. Ive read through and most people are using this exact mobo with sleep enabler kext and it works, but no one really goes the vanilla speedster route
  11. MacDELLintosh

    OSX86 10.5 Leo [ToH]-RC2 SSE3/SSE2 Intel Only

    put it on a external HDD and boot from that, oh and check if you are running an intel machine .. should be good then
  12. MacDELLintosh

    OSX86 10.5 Leo [ToH]-RC2 SSE3/SSE2 Intel Only

    this is not retail this is a beta release, retail is 9A588 or something when you doing about mac , you should post the build #, click teh 10.5 and it will show you biuld #. no props for anything less than retail