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  1. Hey guys, So, I got this case off ebay for £40, planning to build a hackintosh inside it. When it got here, however, it was fully kitted with the logic board and everything else, except the hard drive. Naturally, first thing I did was plugged it in and fired it up. I just got an icon on the screen, a folder with a flashing ? and the Finder smiley icon. Googling around told me this means it can't find anything to boot from. My next step was to try putting in a blank hard drive - no change, and then a hard drive with Snow Leopard* installed - still no change * I know snow leopard doesn't run on PPC. I was just seeing if it'd try and do anything. Its also worth noting that holding keys at startup doesn't do anything (ie it wont open disk manager etc - not sure if it needs an OS to do that maybe?) - If I hold click the drive DOES open. So, anyone know what else I can try? I'd love to get this thing up and running if I can!
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    Hey guys, I'm Flenix. Here as having various issues with various macs, and it looks like a nice community! Always thought I knew an alright amount about computers... until I took the "easy" quiz to get in. Finally finished the first one!