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  1. I'm having trouble understanding your posts. It looks like they come from a previous conversation. I'm writing this form a HP elite desk, Haswell i5 with a Intel HD 4600 card and two HDMI HP monitors. I'm new to this Haswell business. And haven't managed to setup my GFX and AUDIO properly. Where should I begin? I'm always used nVidia or ATI (AMD) GFx, but now, my company bought new workstations, and I'm stuck with this piece of haswell. Can anyone help?
  2. HP Elite Desk 800 G1 ultra slim desktop

    Got it to book, with the Kernel patch. Repeated when I updated to 10.9.1 Tried for the last two days to get the gfx and audio to work, no luck. I managed to extract the DSDT table from a ubuntu live CD, running on the same machine. But got no further than this. Can anyone help me figure out this haswell platform? In order to use my two EliteDisplay E231, I have to use both the onboard HDI ports (that only work with HP monitors, due to the socket design) What I'm aiming: sound. GFX with dual monitor. The rest is working.
  3. Hi there, This is my 10th hackintosh. And I have been setting them up since 10.5 or so. This one is putting up a fight. It doesn't boot at all. I get the Darwin boot prompt, the VESA info and in reboots a second after the apple logo shoes up. I never found and hackintosh that did not boot, period. The thing is, I get no kernel panic. Just a cold boot. And the output is so fast, that I cannot see what's going on. These are the specs... (I'm on an iPad, so I'll just post the link) http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press_kits/2013/HPDiscover2013/HPEliteDesk800_datasheet.pdf Can someone help?