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  1. Hi all, I think I've scoured as many places as possible and am unable to find a solution, so I come cap in hand hoping someone can point me in the right direction or better yet, show me how to fix my issue (tech issue anyway) I know there maybe some issues arising from what i am about to describe so please spare me a little as this is my last ditch attempt to save years of critical files and settings so am willing to try anything at this point unfortunately. So basically I'm trying to boot up a copy of previously crashed hdd which I've managed to save virtually and now hoping to boot it up in order to copy off or copy some file settings that took me ages to configure on my Mac OSX Tiger(10.4.11). So far this has been the order of play: 1. Mac OSX Tiger (10.4.11), mid 2007 iMac, intel core duo 2, 3GB Ram, 300 GB HDD 2. Hdd Started failing and eventually crashed with no way to recover 3. To test backup strategy i recall making a hdd copy with carbon copy cloner late last year which i have managed to find (named it something like macosx_nov2011.sparsefile) 4. Replaced hdd myself with 1TB hdd, no original disk so decided to upgrade to OSX Lion 10.7.3 (actually, snow leopard and then upgrade) 5. Converted sparsefile to dmg and then to iso so that I could perhaps boot in VirtualBox(actually not sure if conversion steps necessary, but managed to do a "VBoxManage convertfromraw -format VDI macosx_nov2011.iso") 6. started up virtualbox and it looks like its about to boot which gets me very excited and then this: Waiting on <dict ID="0"><key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID="1!>IOResources</string><key>IOResourceMatch</key><string ID="2">boot-uuid-media</string></dict> Still waiting for root device Still waiting for root device Still waiting for root device Still waiting for root device Looking through the forums I see similar topics have been raised before, but not with my specific issue. If I am wrong please correct me or direct me to read over again. So in a nutshell, what I want to do is this boot Mac Tiger 10.4.11(saved as iso/dmg) as a guest OS running vb 4.1.12. I hope any of you gurus can help, I would be really apprieciative! Thanks for any help in advance Mon