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  1. Hi there guys. This is Seige from OSXLatitude. I am reprogramming Chameleon to add better support for RS880 and RV620 cards. I will post updates on our forum in a new AMD topic soon. Running my first compiled tests tonight. I'll let you all know how it goes. Currently, the target system is an AMD Mobility board running with Radeon HD Mobility 4250 (9712). -Seige OSXLatitude
  2. The driver is still having the same load issue. I'm working on a hard drive that needed information migrated through the network, namely 97GB on full duplex at 1000baseT, and it cuts out every single time, also interrupts wireless. Once the driver cuts out, I lose all remote access to the Latitude D630 (NVidia). I have it running Lion 10.7.5. All updates applied. Installed this driver in place of the old Adlan one, and that is the result. Any thoughts? It is a problem, because that is the only machine that can do this job that we have, and I have it deployed across the city at my office, which closes its doors at 5p everyday, and its a pain to have to keep driving 40 minutes to reset the machine to reinitialize the driver for limited access. Any help is appreciated. -Seige
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    [FIXED] Intel GMA HD 5700MHD

    Has anyone made any headway on this? I have a Lenovo g560 with Intel Graphics HD 0046:8086 as well.. tried Manos option with the same 1024x768 resolution, and no acceleration as well. Hoping a solution is found pretty soon. -Seige
  4. Okay folks. I'm working on a new install of Snow Leopard 10.6.8 for a Gateway 3018GZ made in 2004... The install succeeded, installing iLife as we speak, and all updates are applied. I have most of the hardware functioning at this point. Except the Audio(AC'97 ICH4), Video(Intel 855GM), and ethernet(BCM4401). Tonight I almost managed to get the Audio to function using a recently patched kext, I now have the volume indicator showing at the top but no sound... /kneeclap. (Now If only I could get the backwards ticking internal clock to function properly..and tick forwards with the right time displayed... none of the RTC kexts are working... and have no DSDT for this system) I have searched all over the internet for any possible solution to the Sound issue, and the 855GM dilemma... the only drivers available for the videocard that I have were for Tiger 10.4.1. I happened to have an old install of Tiger still floating around and was able to pull the original 830/915 drivers from it, but they need to be recompiled entirely to use them. Question is, is there a newer driver that may be even remotely compatible for that old video card at all? Could use some help with the DSDT for that machine if you all have time. Only reason I'm bothering to go through the effort of this is that it is for a Band... and they want it done. Been at it for a month. Any assistance is welcome. Thank you all for your time, -Seige