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  1. Does anyone have an answer for this one? No sound seems to be the standard here.
  2. [i5 3570k] iAtkos L2 Black Screen

    it sounds like your having an issue with your bios setup. how are you treating your your disk's, IDE or ACHI?
  3. dual boot question(FIX)

    Yes, the operating system (if installed correctly with the right drivers/kext) should not effect one another due to the seperate drives. The only peice that links the two together is the MBP.
  4. I think the dsdt may need editing as you are not the only one with audio issues. I have the intel audio but no sound will come out of any of the ports
  5. dual boot question(FIX)

    The operating systems will act independently of one another, if I understand your answer correctly. One should not effect the other.
  6. P6T SE i7 980 Everything went smoothly except I have no audio. I have tried a number of ALC1200's but none of them seem to be working. Any tips?
  7. Okay I just wanted to make sure that it will work with the 980 that I have, I was a little apprehensive. Once I use the DSDT i'm assuming I will still have to patch the DSDT with my graphics card? Sound Card? I know where to get the kext for the ALC1200 so that should be good. I'll have a report for you in a few hours on how it goes. If i'm wrong with my assumption please correct me. And thank you again for all your work and help.
  8. Asus P6TSE latest DSDT required.

    This is a threat that is picked up when people are searching for the P6T-SE could someone provide links for the P6T-SE i7 9XX series for Snow Leapard and Lion so we have a repository for people to go to. Thanks in advance.
  9. iatkos L2 stuck at apple logo

    Be aware that it takes a long time for everything to load. Also when you are actually installing the OS you can put your bios to IDCE and then when you got to start it should be AHCI. What is the verbose stopping point, where does it hang, or have an error?
  10. Dual Boot Separate Drives | PROS/CONS

    eep357 is right to say that you should always keep a linux live CD handy. You never know when you will need to make changes from the terminal. just and FYI if you are using mulitple operating systems and decide to go with the ext4 file system you can check out macfuse, fuse-ext2, and fuse4x to link thoose file systems to OS X. I did it just the other day, very helpful if your running several diffrent operating systems. I could not get my Archlinux distro to mount my OS X hard drive, but could get my ext4 hard drives mounted to OS X.
  11. For some reason I am unable to view the guide (permissions). I will read it when it becomes avaible, thank you for the heads up. UPDATE: After reading the rules I see my error, I have taken out offending piece. Rules noted and will be followed.
  12. While I am extremely new to the game I will be trying to the P6T-SE i7 980x tonight. My only question is the 980 the same as 980x, if not which should I be using? Also, to be clear, no usage of dsdt installers (**censored after reading new guidlines**) for the dsdt? Just link it and rebuild permissions correct in chameleon? i7 980 6 ddr3 ram GTX 470 P6T-SE I had everything running fine but then I started to recieve no sound when updating to 10.7.4 so I started installing kext hoping they would work. No I have to start from scratch. Once I have completly set everything up I will write a guide and show where the links can be found (unless someone beats me to it). Thanks for the feed back ahead of time. I will update you tonight