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  1. Sorry i have a Rampage III Extreme, worked perfectly before this update. The drop ssdt method didn't work either, i just get spinning spinning nothing else after a while it says to reboot computer.
  2. For me with the rampage iii extreme i also don't get kp it simply doesn't boot up, mouse light goes off right away then it spins until it says i must reboot the computer. i deleted the dsdt.aml in /Extra and no go. Hope we can find what's the issue, seems like mine and afd_sg's problems are different Going to try the drop ssdt, if there's anything else you need tested let me know please .
  3. Same thing for me. current update is a nono. Mouse light goess of after apple logo, keyboard also does nothing, then the wheel will start spinning and after a while it says you must restart your computer, bummer. Any idea?
  4. Yeah you must use a opencl enabler now MB3ast or so Also by the way the problem of not being able to change for macpro3,1 to 4,1 and 5,1 is due to the AppleTyMCEDriver.kext in case someone is wondering, since 3,1 doesn't seem to load the AppleGraphicsPowerManagement
  5. Hello, i have a Asus Rampage iii Extreme and a i7 920 and Lion 10.7.3 Anyway i was quite shocked to see that my Asus 580 gtx doesn't have a vesa mode that goes up to even 1920 1080 let alone further than that, is there any way to flash another bios with that vesa mode or to edit the bios to add it? booting up looks messed up due to that . Also i installed lion , added dsdt etc but my 580gtx will only work at full screen when i use the 5xx enabler, is it normal for the 580 to not be at full resolution after fresh install and having to add vendor id? Also is it beneficial or even possible to add graphics cards to the dsdt or it's not worth it performance / easy of use wise? I also edited AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext and added the thresholds under macpro5,1 , anything else i need to do squeeze the most performance from this card under lion? Thank you very much
  6. Hello, thank you very much for your hard work on this , managed to get my rampage iii extreme going but got a couple of questions : Is there a way to make geek bench not show hackintosh ? i have a rampage iii extreme a core i7 920 and system is set as mac pro 3,1, the weird thing is that if i change smbios to a mac pro 4,1 or anything else the installation / lion boot up will freeze without really any useful information, any idea why that might be ? Building a usb boot disk with mac pro 5 now to see if it boots, other than that everything is looking ok , app store working etc, just would like for it to not be detected as a hackintosh. Thanks Setting mac pro 5.1 also didn't work, i did it from lionzie and just smbios edit and it froze on startup, here is the error : ACPI: : SMC PLATFORMPLUGIN : : PUSHCPU_CATDATA : CST evaluation failed NVDANV50HAL loaded and registered Apletymcedrive :: start corevidpid = 0xffffffff number of packages = 1 number of cpus = 8 memory monitor through MCA I tried changing it to a iMac and it worked, not showing hackintosh anymore, but i would like to have it set as a mac pro (does it make any difference performance wise even? and not show as hackintosh on geekbench if possible, any idea? Much appreciated