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  1. Enabling GTX 770 + Audio on Gigabyte Z87x-OC

    Hi SyntheticFrost I have the same MB but different video and cpu. The sound works more or less well with voodoohda 2.8.4, make sure to use the installer (I used this one - http://www.osx86.net/view/2746-voodoohda_2.8.4_pkg_installer.html). Sometimes the system does not return from sleep or may crash suddenly but this is rare. I still can't find a working FakeSMC with plugins to read CPU/GPU temp
  2. Gigabyte Haswell Mavericks (GA-Z87X-OC / 4670K)

    I have the same motherboard but I'm using the Core i7 4770K cpu and the XFX 7950 (FX-795A-TDFC) video card. I got DP1 installed using MyHack 3.2 Beta 8 and booted the installer in normal mode using the cpu's onboard graphics connected to the HDMI port on the MB (as there is no DVI ports on the mobo). No issues during install and first boot WITHOUT GraphicsEnabler=No -f -v -x but I can't get my Radeon card to boot. I've updated the bootloader to latest Chameleon (so the system timer become normal), set primary graphics adapter to IGFX but still stucked at boot. In case I boot without GE=No I got Memory allocation error! Addr=0xdeadbeef, Size=0x0, File=ati.c, Line=xxx This is a non recoverable error! System HALTED!!! Using GE=No -v I see system loading files but after some short time my monitor enters sleep mode and I have no clue what happens with OS at that time. Any ideas ?