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  1. guys i dint see this post but i connected macbook A1181 module directly to my usb of my hack but it dint connected to my pc.. so i searched and found this thread.. i dint use any regulator do u guys think that my module is okay or dead?? any suggestions guys im going to buy 3.3 converter tomo... what do u think will it work? Additional info: it was cool, no heat and i only connected about a minute , restart connect, restart connect, thats it nothing more...
  2. OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    Tested and success in Motherboard GA-H61M-DS2 rev2.2 with F8 bios i5 3450 ivy bridge cpu Geforce 210 1gb ddr3 6 GB ram at 1333mhz when updated it showed some unknown error at last but after restart everything updated and working fine except audio.. fixed by installing the alc888/887b again.. and everything works awesome ! new browser is cool and not showing stupid stuff (bookmarks) on its top .. and its more fluid now! Happy hack ! Edit: by the way the build is 12D78 !
  3. (HELP) Bluetooth 4.0 and magic trackpad problem

    Help me guys im stuck here pleasee
  4. (HELP) Bluetooth 4.0 and magic trackpad problem

    Nope i cannot get that module 'cuz m from india none of the bluetooth module founds here
  5. Hi guys i'm running mountain lion 10.8.2 even sleep working but when it came to bluetooth i wasted a lot of bucks on stupid dongles and finally bought this (link below) for magic trackpad.. http://shopping.rediff.com/product/bluetooth-4-0-usb-2-0---3-0-adapter-dongle--2-1-edr-compliant--speed-3mb-s/11516583?sc_cid=search_bluetooth%204.0 but for my curiosity its not even detecting the magic trackpad but recognizes as bluetooth in mac. if there are anybody who can mod or give a suggestion about bluetooth much appreciated and i'm from india (stupid ) nothing can be found here but i want it working i even bought magic trackpad and it working fine with bluetooth 2.0 a local branded one but only up to two fingers gestures works but if i accidentally touch my third finger it simply freezes and after sometime it works again...... so please help me.. I've thrown all bluetooth dongles of my frustration... now i have two only.. one is 4.0 mentioned in the link and other is 2.0 without EDR i think so ... please please help me ! Motherboard GA-H61M-DS2 rev2.2 with F8 bios i5 3450 ivy bridge cpu Geforce 210 1gb ddr3 6 GB ram
  6. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    what the hell you done ? you are awesome man thanks a lot working pretty awesome on H61M-DS2 v2.2 bios-F8 with i5 3450 ivy bridge, thanks a lot man you done magic..
  7. Hi guys.. successfully installed ML on my gigabyte h61m-ds2 with ###### method and added null cpu power management , lnx2mac realtek, 888b/887 realtek drivers and everything working fine except sleep .. when i press power button display turns black and harddisk light stops... but wont wakeup when i pressed again.. my configuration is processor- i5 3450 3.1Ghz (3rd gen) Mobo - H61M-DS2 v2.2 (F8 Bios) Graphic card - Geforce210 Ram - 6Gb 1333 mhz .. please help....
  8. Apple Magic Trackpad on Mountain Lion

    which one same here my trackpad crashes often i use more than two finger gustures..
  9. i do got the same error as you and also i got the dmg file.. have you got any solution for that?
  10. Needed DSDT patch for Biostar G41D3C

    ok solved by changing CPUID value limit to disabled....
  11. my hardware is compatible with Lion?

    probably yes. but have to do a lot after installation . patch DSDT, edit Smbios.plist etc get started good luck.
  12. Needed DSDT patch for Biostar G41D3C

    I searched and i could not find any patch for Biostar G41D3c Motherboard can any one help it for me . my problem is my IAtkosl2 is identifying core2duo processor as core2 solo and single core is working so i need a patch guys help me...... my hackitosh is running on single core guys my cpu is straining a lot ..... some times im getting kernel panics also https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=482917265093313&l=bd3bd74e9f
  13. [Solved] Unable to connect internet .

    thanks for your efforts guys really thanks a lot and finally got my internet working its not my card fault and its my internet service provider fault they came and changed the settings from static to DHCP and Hurray i got my net working ... thanking you everyone Got my Hackintosh working fully !!!!!
  14. [Solved] Unable to connect internet .

    hmmm here is that... one more thing i can ping to my DNS-s , and also my device (NANO Station M2) please check this for my device config. its default page is opening ....M_Series_Beginner_Guide.pdf this is my device manual
  15. [Solved] Unable to connect internet .

    Got it and modded for you for clear vision :wink2: