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  1. 1st i format my USB Drive 2nd run Disk Maker 3rd drag my USB drive in and press RETURN 4th install clover to USB 5th boot from USB It boots in to clover but no OS to install...... Im am sure the USB I have works fine as I have installed El Capitan too the SSD but it just cant see it on restart.
  2. hhmmm, when I drag my USB flash drive in to the drive maker it just seems to disappear ? Im sorry but I could not get this to work. At what point does it install El capitan to the USB drive ?
  3. Hi guys, I have a HP Probook 4540s with an i5 3380M CPU, 8gb RAM and a 250GB SSD. I have booted to the installer and installed El Capitan to the SSD but after a restart I boot once again via the USB but this time hoping to boot my fresh install from the SSD but it is not there. The UEFI clover boot loader is only showing my USB boot stick and not the SSD with the install of El Capitan on. The SSD was erased and formatted, journaled and GUID. I have made hack's before but never had this issue after installing OS X Any ideas on this please ?